Banjara flare pants - fuschia and indigo purple, Medium

$65. Another pair of modern look tribal pants. Low cut and flare leg with Banjara embroidery all the way from knee down! This pair of pants is also of cotton + linen fabric in a beautiful indigo purple, color in photo looks a bit like eggplant, but actual color tone leans toward the blue. Brilliant fuschia embroidery in the pattern of flowers and plants. So beautiful!

I think this is good for someone up to size 6, but I'm not an expert in sizing, so check out the measurements below just to be sure!

This pair is a little bit shorter than the small pair by 0.5 inch.

Waist to crotch - 7.5 inches. Note how short the zipper is, about 1.5 inches.
Waist: 17 inches
Length: 38.5 inches
Waist to crotch (butt side) - 9.5 inches.
Widest part of thigh: 10.5 inches.
Knee: 8 inches.
Length of embroidery: 19 inches, about half of the pants!

More photos:
Waist to crotch:
posted by Lucie on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - link to this photo

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