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Here's a redirection tribe for fans looking for information and connection.

These are three super-talented young men starting up a career in music by launching a CD and tour straight from college graduation at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA.

In the midst of college study, the three had come together in an informal way, experimenting with the various ways three voices can meld with mandolin, upright base, guitar, singing bowl, sitar, and ...pretty much anything else that makes a sound picked up by human ear.

In a short three months span, the Momentary Prophets (Logan Byrd, Jake Hull and Ted Packard) have made a name for themselves amidst other talented folk such as Coyote Grace, The Ragbirds, George Hertzel, and a variety of other talented musicians on the way to greatness. They snagged a spot on the main stage at the Wisteria Cornstalk Festival, have played every year at the May Moon Beltaine Festival in Newport News, VA, and just recently at the High Land Jam Festival in Elkins, WV. The MoPros have been asked back to countless intimate venues after their performances spread a ripple of love and musical fever through community after community on their travels.

Additionally, they've been featured in several printed articles with glowing reviews:

Check out their website, have a listen to their CD, Sunflower. If you like what you hear, reach out your electronic hand and connect to their event schedule. Seek them out where they play and have a listen to what they do in the flesh. Be prepared for a time suspended in love between music makers and a rapt audience. RSS Feed what is XML?

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