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Anybody messed around with it yet? If so, thoughts? Anything you've found?
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    Sat, September 17, 2011 - 10:03 PM
    i like synastry...although i havent been messing around with it lately cause there's no point. here's some resources:

    to get the synastry:

    to interpret the synastry:

    these days, im fascinated with midpoints...
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      Sun, September 18, 2011 - 8:48 PM
      I found synastry effective in giving a good idea of the blending of personality in intimate relationships.

      In my experience, Pluto indicated compulsive reaction but so did Saturn, acting as an equal attractor to Pluto, maybe because it is called the karmic planet but once Saturn has locked into position, things cool down and the hard grinding work begins while it may remain simply on the compulsive level with Plutonian energies and It is said that there are Saturn contacts in long term relationship.

      There are the Moon/Venus Sun/Mars aspects to check the instant attraction as lovers (Mars and Venus) and as mates (Sun and Moon) and the global interplay to show what you are dealing with.

      You will also be looking for flowing aspects and happiness. Sun/ Moon conjunctions contacts are excellent for giving the feeling of being instantly emotionally at home and Jupiter conjuncting or aspecting anything is good. Moon, Sun or other important aspects to Moon's Nodes, whether head or tail indicates if the person played an important role in your past or is positioned to play one now (Head of Moon's Nodes or Dragon Head) and may explain love at first sight - when you are not dealing with lust at first sight - or when you are luckily dealing with both and just Outta sight!

      It is a very good idea to check Neptune for dream or delusion. It's a good idea because Neptune is hard to pin down and will dissolve things from the unseen or you will suddenly wake-up with something entirely different than what you had thought it was.

      Mercury for mind similarity, complementary or incompatibility. etc

      There is a second type of synastry chart where both charts are melded together. This is very interesting because it shows what this entity that is the couple is all about. This type of synastry, as the first one, is also used for analyzing family interaction or any other interaction. There is one I found interesting that showed the interplay between the charts of Hitler, Churchill and especially Eisenhower and Hitler where the astrologer decreed that Eisenhower had been born, on a soul level, to stop Hitler and showed all the aspects in synastry.

      This said, having a marvellous synastry with another person is not the guarantee of a long term, short-term or even a relationship at all. It simply indicates a potential. It is like the brilliant charts of people who do not live to their potential and achieve little in life while more inauspicious charts coupled with drive will produce results. You are simply getting a reading at potentials and this is how I like to use astrology, potential strong points and downfalls. It informs you.

      There is always a lot going in synastry charts but how you deal with it is finally how much you are ready to invest in it.
      In final analysis, I have used synastry for reading couples, myself involved but have found transits more important. For example, slippery Neptune transits bringing illusions then disillusions on the real nature of who is showing up in your life when it suddenly dissolves, Saturn asking you to be serious and bringing serious people and long-term relationships, Uranus brings surprise while Pluto bringing the rawness and seemingly inescapable in various forms, fated relationships that will turn out to be horrendous or magical whether you have done the work or Jung would say looked at your shadow.

      Make sure that you check your transists.
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        Mon, September 19, 2011 - 4:28 PM
        Thanks. I've just started to dabble in synastry, so I'm still learning. i did do a bi-wheel chart of my girlfriend and I, and looked up the major aspects for translation, i.e venus, mars, sun/moon aspects. It seems we have quite a few good ones in our favor, and theres of corse a few challenging ones as well. But I've often heard of this 7th house business, it just so happens that her moon falls in my 7th house when our charts align so it seems to be a good indicator... curious, you say you read charts... if I sent you over our bi-wheel chart, could you maybe give me a broad translation as the overall picture? And the big things I should be looking out for?
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          Tue, September 20, 2011 - 1:00 AM
          ya, thats possible sometime. i feel bad cause my dog's very sick. i think he's gonna die. sucks, he's the only one who makes me happy these days. il buy another dog someday but he loves me i think. always follows me around, even when he was sick, like he can barely get over it but it sucks.
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            Wed, September 28, 2011 - 3:48 AM
            well, my dog is dead. he died last week. sucks...but i feel better now, its been a week after all. i remember saying you and your gf is much more compatible than i thought. i think i checked it before...but more like a quick eyeball rather than looking at the chart...

            moon virgo trines venus taurus
            pisces sun trine scorpio moon
            moon virgo conjunct virgo ascendant
            venus aquarius trine mars gemini


            venus aquarius square venus taurus/scorpio moon/taurus sun

            PM me birth details for more exact stuff.
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              Wed, September 28, 2011 - 7:24 AM
              I am really sorry to hear about your dog :( I couldn't imagine...

              I have a new gf now :) lol got rid of the virgo moon girl... and i really thought my current girl and I were way better off than virgo moon and I... but apparently I was very wrong :(
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                Thu, September 29, 2011 - 7:26 PM
                hmm....nice....PM me the birth details of your new gf or just post it here....those details were for your old gf, im so excited.....i really enjoy it when 2 compatible people get together (Especially girls). hahaha. im thinking one day, i could probably play matchmaker with my astrology skills. astrologically compatible people are so hot together...(romantic in me. hahaha). im thinking, my youngest sister is very good looking and i dont want any boys with her, il probably play matchmaker someday. hahaha.
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                  Thu, September 29, 2011 - 7:54 PM
                  im glad you ended a bad relationship...i dont know why, but that venus in aquarius is really bothering me...although you have some good points together...but for me, venus and moon is all that matters in relationships. at least in my experience, im totally moon in scorpio, venus in pisces. mars in gemini (they say mars is a factor too), i dont feel very much.....i am not gemini at all, except probably i love surprises and new things, but not gemini in core values. i think the simplest way to see if you're compatible or not, ive said it over and over is if moon/venus (at least one of them) is either in trine, conjunct or sextile (in your case, water or earth). i just cant imagine it any other way, id barf with someone who has an air moon/venus, i guess i like fire (aries/leo) in one of them but not sagittarius. haha. moon-pluto and venus-pluto aspects i find nice too, its like moon in scorpio or venus in scorpio...personally, id stay away from venus in virgo....moon in virgo may not be that bad, i have a friend sun in cancer, moon in virgo, very sweet..but can be a little confusing and cold sometimes. she has mercury in cancer so her thought processes are a bit unclear/inconsistent. it would be nice if you can find a moon in taurus or a venus in taurus, virgo is a little iffy for me (judgemental cause i find virgoes too critical/fussy/neat/obsessive compulsive (think emma pillsbury at glee). capricorn is next when it comes to earth signs, a little bit cold but dependable and stable. taurus is very good since you have 2 tauruses, plus, they're warmer compared to virgo/capricorn. any water sign is good. scorpios we already know that....cancers/pisces in my experience is sweet....although pisces i find too soft, no backbone sometimes. haha....its really funny being a venus in pisces cause i can delineate. the normal part of me is sort of cold/selfish...possibly i can drop anyone, any friend, probably even family. and yes, ive done it many times. opposite of my cancer friend, it bothers her when she has friend problems or something, i can sleep on it. but the pisces-relationship part is totally opposite. hahaha. depends on what you want...

                  i recommend cancer and taurus (best), scorpio, pisces and capricorn next.....virgo is last choice among earth/water signs...with fire i like leo (leo is faithful and fun but too dramatic)..aries, depends on the stay away from air except perhaps libra...
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                    Fri, September 30, 2011 - 12:40 PM
                    Well my new girlfriend and I have a lot of earth between us, which is great. And I think I told you, but the new girl, well shes not so new. I dated her about 3 yrs ago, I met her when I was stationed in another state, and she still lives there. But things were icky then, we clashed a lot, I was in training and was very edgey and she didn't understand so we fought a lot, and ended up going our seperate ways. I wanted to work things out but she was sure it wasnt the right time for us, I was angry and she was very blunt about it and wiped me out of her life. Well she came back randomly out of the blue, and weve had a wonderful connection this time around. Saw each other last month, the sex was incredible (as it always was) but something is different this time around, in a very good way. Shes very supportive of me and understanding. Not so patient, when ever we fight she still gets distant but I'm working on that with her. Anyway she shares my sun in taurus, venus, and mercury. Lots of taurus we share. She has moon in aries tho :/ meh, I love her passion but shes a little quick with decisions, the taurus doesnt seem to even her out there. I will pm you her chart. I always have a bi wheel chart of hers and mine combined if you're interested to see some of our aspects? We have some very favorable ones, but we always have a few icky ones as well :/ I'd like to see what you make of it.
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                      Fri, September 30, 2011 - 9:28 PM
                      oh, i remember. i said the new girl is more compatible with you than the old girl....she's also has almost similar placements with a girl i know, except that girl has mars in cancer, i forgot the mercury though.....thats cool.....moon in aries so i suggest dont try to be too dominant, aries hates to be dominated....but i think they're easier to manipulate than scorpio...ya, i think you're better off with this girl, venus in taurus is much better than venus in aquarius. haha. aquarius is so ewwwww as a venus. i think its the second ickiest next to venus in gemini. haha. i think this is a good pairing. the only potential problem i see is ego clashes but if you can work on that, thats good. here are some descriptions:

                      2-1 Taurus/Aries
                      The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows you to be a strong individual with an even stronger and determined drive to achieve your ends. You can be very dedicated in your efforts to further important personal ambitions. The congenial, peaceable, and placid attributes of the bull (Taurus) are sure to be present, but Aries provides an emotional stimulation that makes you much more assertive that most Taurus natives. You have a sparkling enthusiasm which keeps you on the move asserting your natural leadership traits. While involved in an issue, your mind is actively and restlessly searching for loopholes, weak points, or contradictions. When you find an inconsistency in logic or in the facts, your quickness to judge comes into play and you form a definite opinion on the matter in seconds. If you later discover a contradiction to this argument, you may just as rapidly drop your position and with equal rigidity, hold to the opposite view. There are great inconsistencies in your nature, much more that you may realize or admit. You can be tolerant and broad-minded in your viewpoints one minute, and totally biased and unreasonable the next. Even when you aren't insisting on something, you have a way of making your wishes known by a manner, a gesture, or a lack of enthusiasm that clearly states your position. When you are directly arguing a point, you have a way of being so plausible and apparently reasonable that you wear down resistance. You have a way of eliminating opposition by the shear strength of your will. The traits of this configuration are ones that demand harnessing and controlling. If this is accomplished, there is little that you cannot accomplish. Generally, your ability to interact with people will be difficult, and your greatest achievements will be realized by directing your efforts toward impersonal activities.

                      im so excited for you. haha. this is like watching a romantic girl on girl movie or reading my femslash fanfics. i dont know if its the same, but the girl with the same placements i know, clings to possessions...(not sure if cancer mars is a factor). sort of like she said she hates it when things she own are taken away. also she is sort of possessive/jealous (not with me. haha. with her ex). i think thats why they broke up. the ex is faithful but likes her freedom. her ex is a good friend of mine too actually. funny all the ex of her ex are sort of psycho-possessive. im like thats so cool. haha. pity they're not my type physically, except the taurus/aries girl.
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                        Sun, October 2, 2011 - 8:59 AM
                        Yea well the thing is, we were almost living a fairy tale. the first few months was pure ecstasy, she was soo perfect for me, she understood me, we had this deep intense connection, OMG it was amazing... but now were fighting a lot. And the problem is we can't get past them because she doesnt ever want to communicate with me. She avoids problems like the plague, always making excuses like " i work too much, i dont have time for this shit" or something to that effect. She makes me feel like she doesnt have time for me in her life, which leaves me wondering "why did you pursue a relationship with me if you dont have the time for it" ... idk it was going so well, but i dont know how I am supposed to work my magic, and make things better if she NEVER wants to talk?? Our latest issue arose last night- we were doing well again, gotten over the fights and started talking a lot more again like before, than all the sudden she asks me about last weekend. I went out with a friend of mine of several years, and she inquired about my friend wanting to know her story. She does happen to be my ex gf but that was in high school, we were so young and it was the most ridiculous relationship Ive ever had if you even wanna call it that. We never even kissed, anyway. My girlfriend got mad because she slept in my bed, we both were drinking and she stayed the night with me... NOTHING HAPPENED. I have never ever cheated, never even thought about it. My girlfriend is upset that she slept in my bed, just because she is gay also and her and i do have a "past" together. I explained that her and i have never had a physical relationship ever, but she is still mad... now shes not speaking to me again... i fear she will leave again like last time, before we ever get a chance to be happy :( i am so stressed out with her, but i love her so much.
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                          Mon, October 3, 2011 - 1:02 AM
                          hm.....well, venus in taurus is kinda possessive. like the girl i know, supposed to be aries moon but she's so jealous that her ex left her. anyway, you're also venus in taurus plus moon in scorpio so you should understand that....just dont get involved in situations that will make her jealous.......try to be submissive a little, dont butt heads with an aries moon. haha, not that i would butt heads with a scorpio moon but two stubborn would get nowhere, (easy for me to say, im a venus pisces. haha). i know its hard but seems like the lacking i noticed with your relationships is inflexibility, too much jealousy, suspicion, interrogation.

                          anyway,.....better an overjealous girlfriend than an apathetic girlfriend right! i hate apathetic. i prefer drama than being ignored. haha. im sure you understand her situation as you're over-jealous too. at least you're the same in that regard.
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                            Mon, October 3, 2011 - 1:44 AM
                            but i guess communication problem is an issue too. was she always that way? im just curious, what's her mars cause your mars is in gemini so you find it easy to talk. the taurus/aries girl i was talking about has mars in cancer and communication was an issue before also. sort of when i ask for ultimatums (i love doing this. haha. better black or white than grey. yes or no than maybe. like i was asking, "what do you really want? blah blah blah". she doesnt make excuses like "im too busy or whatever" she just flat out ignores the question. haha. i do my direct questions by text/letters though cause i cant handle face to face confrontations about it, too vulnerable for that. haha. i dont know what i would do if someone rejects me to my face.) i agree communication is important too.
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                              Mon, October 3, 2011 - 3:42 AM

                              im not sure if you've seen this before, but i think it's neat:


                              or go to, go to free horoscropes, then click astroclick partner

                              a composite chart with interpretation.

                              i wonder what's making her avoid communication. taurus is pretty laidback and reasonable...perhaps the moon in aries or the mars (i dont know what that is though). you should check her aspects too. usually, i analyze every aspect to gain perspective on the character of a person. i love psychology. and astrology is a very sneaky way to know the hidden traits of a person.

                              now that im thought about it, its final that venus in taurus is really possessive. i thought they're kind of laid back. i just thought that you have moon in scorpio + venus in taurus thats why you're like that. but turns out almost all venus in taurus is like that. sorry i talk too much. im rather bored. haha. NOTHING is really interesting right now (except work sort of). especially now that my dog is dead. i dont have anyone to play with. haha. like really. i dont go out of the house except to buy shit. but i like it that way for now........i like my uninterested self, no interest in friends or lovers or whatever, just work. its less complicated. i probably dont even love my dog that much cause it doesnt hurt much anymore. its just he keeps me entertained. and he's very sweet. like the night before he died, he can barely walk, its so pitiful but when i opened his cage, he followed me to my room. i put him at my feet but he walked near the side of my face to sleep. now thats sweet. haha. he's really cute to boot too. imagine a 1.5 pound little shitzu. for the time he's alive, he's always with me almost literally. he sleeps with me. sometimes goes to the bathroom with me. and when i use the PC (which is kind of all day), he sits on top of the CPU. i get rather annoyed when i remember how he died. its because they put some rat poison in the house. they said to me to not let the dog in. well, cant keep my hands off my dog. sooner or later, he would have ate the poison. i dont blame myself though. i blame them for putting the poison there. i cant keep my hands off my dogs you know. there was an earlier poison scare with our other dog before (a pomeranian). again my fault, haha, cant keep my hands off my dogs. but now im not interested in the pomeranian anymore. i just want my shitzu and he's dead. i think the only times im not touching him is if im in front of the computer and when im sleeping. anyway, that sucks. il buy another dog next year. haha. il name him pooch too.

                              if you ever get tired of girls, buy a cute little dog. haha.
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    Fri, October 7, 2011 - 10:10 AM
    Well for starters....

    - When someone's venus sits on another persons Sun, it'll be an "I understand your romantic needs" because the Sun person thinks that way, while the Venus person craves that way. So fulfillment. But the aspects are usually conjunction or trine when this happens.

    - Moon/Mars contacts can either boil down to scaring one of the person involved (i.e. - the Moon person) or become a very anger or violent involvement if both people are hiding baggage from their past that they don't want to surface. This is also an aspect of intense passionate sex.

    - Venus/Moon aspects are emotional being that the Venus person flirts it's way into the heart of the Moon person, able to get under their skin and be good at giving some kind of romantic connection. This is more seen in people who have a conjunction.

    - Sun/Moon aspects are strong and usually when the Woman's Moon conjuncts a Man's Sun, she'll be able to offer the "wife" aspects to him easily, by offering to take care of him, being nurturing, understanding, and more. When the Man's Moon aspects the Woman's Sun, he'll instinctively give the "husband" aspects to her. This means he'll be loyal, protective, caring, and other such things for her. One of these aspects is usually found for people with conjunct or trine for most people who end up getting married.

    - Venus/Jupiter aspects can be very good, if it's conjuncting. For love relationships, you can find this more common in those that'll also have friendship on the table as well.

    - Mercury/Venus aspects points to those that romantically can be in the same mind frame together. The Mercury person usually knows how to think like the Venus in regards to love and romance, so when it comes to the Man's Mercury sitting on the Woman's Venus, he can be her ideal romantic interest. For the Mercury Woman, she can be his ideal woman in some cases. The ones that are violent in talking to each other is when the aspects are opposing I've noticed the most. A good example would be someone with a Leo in Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, complete opposite and also dangerous for Mercury/Venus or even Moon/Mars.
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      Sat, October 8, 2011 - 7:08 PM
      We do have some favorable aspects, one of my favs being her mercury in taurus conjunct my mercury in taurus. This should promote great communication, and I felt like at first it did, but now not so much. Granted, since I've last been on here things have gotten better. She is coming around again, and actually taking initiative to talk and work things out. We have another aspect that says "both fear losing each other" I can't remember which one it was, but it shows a lot, because just when I think maybe she wants to break up, and I start giving up she comes right back in for the kill, but its like a see-saw. When one wants to talk, the other doesn't. Very push/pull effect we have with each other. But it is getting better :) I was looking at some of her transits from last week and it explained a lot of her actions so I kind of have to forgive her, being that it wasn't really her fault per se to be acting the way she was. Anyhow, @ Sohryu her mars is in taurus as well... I'm not sure how good they are at communicating, I would think pretty comfortable with it, stable and very able to express feelings and such. Would you like me to mail you her's and my's birth details? You could look up our synastry bi-wheel chart and see what you make of some of our aspects. We do have some icky ones as well, I can't tell what there's more of, the good or bad but it seems to have an even balance in my opinion. I know one said this certain aspect could cause "one to breed anger and hatred toward the partner" (which would be me as I could feel it earlier) because the passion is so intense, that there is never an in between, and that with that aspect we could most likely never be JUST friends because the passion is so deep in both of us. Which explains why after the first break up she removed me completely from her life lol...
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        Tue, October 18, 2011 - 3:00 AM
        Hello I could not help but notice you dicuss Aries moon and you have a scorpio moon. Well I have a SM and my wife has an Aries I can tell you they like run in pressure situations. They would rather not talk about it or leave lol. The other key point Aries likes to chase they do it when they feel your not avaiable anymore. Just have remember both are ruled by mars aries wants to lead scorpio control. If you have an questions feel free to ask me.
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          Wed, October 19, 2011 - 8:29 PM
          oh, justin, you mentioned aries likes to chase when they feel your not available anymore. reminds me of scorpio mars girl (no, not the one on the pics and not the other one, its the 1st and only girl i fell in love with - that was high school then, i just looked up her chart and noticed she's scorpio mars). i remember that little idiot. i ask her if she wants something with me, she says no. so i run away. and then she chases me. and then i ask her again and it goes on and on like that. how annoying really. she said she's drawn to me for some reason but she's straight. haha. (probably the moon conjunct mars thing). just some thoughts. in the future, if im going to be in a relationship, i pray for someone stable, im turbulent enough as it is. what's your wife's venus sign?
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          Thu, October 20, 2011 - 8:31 AM
          by the way justin, how do you cope? i think i havent done anything stupid yet/snapped because i am still hoping to get what i want. as long as i have hope that i will get what i want, i will not do something stupid to ruin it...but the time i lose hope or the time i give it up, i think thats the time i will let it go. P.S. i noticed scorpio moon is the sign highest on mass murderers (not serial killers), and i noticed the victims of the mass murderers on the samples are their families. i think the difference between serial killer and mass murderer is serial killer is blood thirsty, killing excites them.....while mass murderers are people who finally snapped (why else would you murder your family). anyway, i talked to my mom, i will be getting hypnosis...i dont think i will murder my family or something. haha. but i think once i lose it all, im prone to doing something really crazy. sometimes i just want to let it go but what i want is more important to me, its everything to me and i cant lose it. i think it is actually the reason behind my anxiety attacks, the longer i dont get wat i want, the more i get stressed. knowing that, it pressures me more. geez, i really need to learn to relax, i hate the feeling of being paranoid/stressed. i finally opened to my mom, lately we've been getting along, she's very supportive now (probably knowing how screwed up i am. haha). anyway, now that i diagnosed it as something wrong, i thought it was natural, il be working on solving it. i worked myself out of depression so i think i can handle this. the depression was so fucking terrible, worst feeling in the world. but i got throught it. so i am hopeful....

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        Wed, October 19, 2011 - 8:23 PM
        sorry for the late reply, ive been feeling a little crazy lately.............................i hate scorpio moon......its making me go fucking crazy.....good for you....just be patient with each're both tauruses so be patient and dont worry, tauruses dont cheat, so the jealousy thing is kind of misplaced. sure, you can mail me your gf and your birth details, just mail me. i need a distraction. what do you do when you feel like going crazy? i feel so restless. i need to express it but i dont know how.

        hm, i think its the venus opposite pluto right? the push-pull obsessive things. at least you have a girlfriend. haha. i dont know what's worse, isolation or having somebody, both drives me crazy......this sucks.
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          Thu, October 20, 2011 - 7:45 AM
          Sohryu that's interesting my wife has a mars in Scorpio also. For some reason I attrack mars in Scorpio all the time haha would you know why? Funny you said the Scorpio moon in driving you crazy I have found some good outlets of dealing with this moon. Here some of my chart
          Taurus sun Scorpio moon mercury Aries Venus in Aries mars in gemini my wife capicorn sun Aries moon mercury capicorn Venus capicorn mars in scorpio.
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            Thu, October 20, 2011 - 7:59 AM
            hm, i think mars in scorpio gets attracted to us because of moon conjunct mars in synastry....mars chases the moon....usually, im always chasing...but with the mars in scorpio girls, although it ended badly and i fucking hate them, they're the one doing the chasing. except for the 1st girl, im turned off by the 2 scorpio mars girls, i guess they're attractive but screwed up. the 2nd one i dont like because she's self centred, sweet and stuff but doesnt thik beyond things....she's kind to me though but mean to everybody....the 3rd one is a fucking crude. haha. if she doesnt look fucking good, i wouldnt look at her twice...the 1st girl is straight i believe, no, not bi, really straight. i guess kisses girls for fun at parties and stuff but straight. she said she's really drawn to me. and i was drawn to her, not at the start though, she's the one who made moves.

            why, how is your wife like? im really curious.

            check this out:

            Moon/Mars contacts can be very hot, sometimes too hot, because the Mars person’s sexuality penetrates (um…no other word I can use here) the other person’s psyche. The Moon rules the soma, the physical body as it relates to the psyche, so when Mars is interacting with the Moon, there are both physical and psychological stirrings that can be very intense. Mars is being turned on by the Moon person’s entire being. There can be an almost ferocious bonding, and issues surrounding nurturing can come up for both people. Anger, too. Sometimes Mars cuts deep, and the sexual relationship can make the Moon person aware of unconscious issues from the past. The Moon can feel uncomfortable because it feels too exposed. Mars will sense the withdrawal, and either retreat or pursue. This contact is intense, but not easy to live with unless there are other, calming factors between them.

            explains why scorpio mars are attracted to us. i have scorpio ascendant to boot to so i guess that makes me more attractive to them.

            Mars to angles and angle rulers can also be highly sexual. The angles are like antennae, when something hits them, they really feel it. If your Mars hits my angle, I feel your Mars in a very real way all the time I’m with you. I may feel your Mars over and above anything else in your chart, because it’s so easily accessible to me. Now, if the rest of my chart doesn’t jive with your Mars, I’m not going to like it (or maybe you) much, but if there are aspects to your Mars, I will find you exciting and want to be near you, because your Mars is giving my planets and angles a buzz. In turn, Mars feels this and gets turned on by it.
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              Thu, October 20, 2011 - 8:08 AM
              P.S. here's the source to the article:


              moon-mars it says is more intense than venus mars which i believe. i think moon and venus are 2 planets when it comes to love. but moon is sort of your instinct, even when you're not in a relationship, youre still like that, while venus appears more when youre in a relationship. moon is also the most feminine planet, and mars is most masculine planet...

              hmm, synastry says we will find the mars person to be insensitive and rude. im really intrigued by scorpio mars cause it seems hot synastry BUT i think they're insensitive. i cannot stand insensitivity and barbarity in love as a venus in pisces, so il probably settle for venus in scorpio. haha.

              When the Moon conjuncts Mars in synastry, there is a strong attraction that is both physical and emotional. We are combining yin and yang planets here, and these tend to generate much fascination and attraction. Over time, the Moon person might find the Mars person both insensitive to his or her needs and feelings, and overreactive to his or her needs and feelings! The Moon person might find that Mars comes on a little too strong when times call for more sensitivity or moderation. The relationship is sure to be an emotional one, with plenty of hurt feelings now and again, and joyful moments when the two come together again after an argument. The two people are very involved in each other's lives, and have a hard time being objective. Decisions they make as a couple tend to be very subjective and personal. A lot of touchiness from both parties generally characterizes the partnership.
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                Thu, October 20, 2011 - 8:20 PM
                i dont care if i look silly overposting. haha. i just had some thoughts. i want a strong girl like scorpio mars....but they gotta be sweet too. haha. cause venus in pisces is submissive so i want a strong/dominant one. plus, it could be fun, we could do silly things normal people wont do...
                i guess this is the type who likes to do agressive things, taking martial arts, shooting etc. i want someone like that. extremely feminine/slutty looking but strong/dominant/agressive. haha. i want someone strong also because im overprotective and i dont want to get stressed worrying. i want someone who can protect herself. pisces is really sweet but i cant stand another pisces, it disgusts me, the weakness. so anybody who's been in a relationship with these type, pls. let me know more. cause i do believe there are some decent ones out there (the ones ive met are crap). i know im not going in a relationship anytime soon, but its a venus in pisces past time you know, fantasizing about their prince/princess. haha. we make up ideal lovers in our mind and love to think what they are like.
                • Re: Synastry

                  Tue, October 25, 2011 - 3:47 AM
                  That's intresting I read before a little about mars-moon placements. That's funny to when I met my wife she chased me until I would commit to her. You ask what she like well she is very down to earth capicorn. But here Aries moon makes here have a quick temper and impulsive lol. Hers Venus in cap makes here very loyal but hard to forgive when crossed. Last but not least her mars in scorpio makes here a fighter and very sexual lol. She never backs down from a challenge. In the streets or the bedroom lol. She has sun square moon though so she is constanly fighting herself what she wants and what she needs. Any more questions just ask this interesting.
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                    Re: Synastry

                    Tue, October 25, 2011 - 4:48 AM
                    haha. that brute mars in scorpio girl also chased my guy friend, sort of "raped' him.....believe me he didnt liked it, haha....he's very sensitive (Venus in pisces). he said it only happened one time. but if he wants to he could have sex with her as many times because that girl was so hot for him (weird, the girl is hot, the guy is ugly). he used to tell me she visits him in the office like everyday, pushy brat. hahaha. i like being chased so maybe a scorpio mars girl would be fine with me but only if she has moon or venus in a water sign........
                    • Re: Synastry

                      Tue, October 25, 2011 - 4:58 AM
                      justin, she seems like a handful...haha....are you sure she's down to earth? my ideal girl is a combination of sweet and aggressive. i cant stand a purely sweet girl (especially the frail type...ewwwww), i cant stand a brute looks like a common thing that scorpio mars girls are very horny/sexual/cant keep their hands to themselves. haha. the girl in high school also cant keep her hands to herself. im thinking to myself, "we're over right, i thought you dont like me". and then she hugs and kisses me and shit. haha. i remember her asking me to go to the bathroom with her and pulling me in a damned stall to make out. that is kind of hot...i really want an agressive girl. haha...but there is a fine line between being agressive and being a brute.
                      • Re: Synastry

                        Tue, October 25, 2011 - 5:32 AM
                        i just want to talk about this...currently, im talking to a girl with sun/venus in pisces, mars in aquarius, moon in leo or virgo (not sure with birth time). hahaha. she is so sweet, but i dont know what to do, we are both venus in pisces, so we are both princesses. (i think im a brute outside of relationships, but in relationships, i am totally submissive and stuff). she has mars square pluto but she says she doesnt fit the descriptions. i ask her if she has temper problems or a bit pushy....doesnt seem she is soooooo sweet...

                        by the way justin, im curious, are you "whipped" cause your wife seems to be very dominant. i would love to be "whipped" too thats why i dream of a strong girl (but sweet!)
                        • Re: Synastry

                          Tue, October 25, 2011 - 5:15 PM
                          You said the girl your talking to is a pisces I seem to attract them alot. Do they seen to fragile and weak for you? If you she has a Leo moon then prid is the key word lol. Whats your sun,moon,mercury,mars placements interested since you have had the mars in Scorpio chase happen more than once lol.
                          • Re: Synastry

                            Wed, October 26, 2011 - 4:10 AM
                            ya, seems fragile and weak to me.....for pete's sake she's studying to be a nurse cause she likes taking care of people......ewwww.....haha....but she's very sweet/understanding (venus in pisces likey). not sure if moon is in leo or virgo but there's bigger chance of leo. i have sun in aquarius, moon in scorpio, mars in gemini, venus in pisces, scorpio ascendant....probably why they chase me cause mars conjunct my ascendant, trine my venus and conjunct my moon. we are the same with moon in scorpio/mars in gemini, cool, how do you feel about this?

                            my major aspects (orb of less than 3 degrees) include:

                            sun square moon
                            sun square pluto
                            sun square ascendant
                            sun opposite midheaven
                            moon conjunct pluto
                            moon conjunct ascendant
                            moon square midheaven
                            mercury conjunct saturn
                            mars sextile jupiter
                            pluto conjunct ascendant
                            pluto square midheaven

                            moderate aspects, orb of 4-6 degrees

                            mercury trine mars
                            mars trine saturn
                            venus square mars
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                Re: Synastry

                Tue, October 25, 2011 - 1:13 PM
                "Moon/Mars contacts can either boil down to scaring one of the person involved (i.e. - the Moon person) or become a very anger or violent involvement if both people are hiding baggage from their past that they don't want to surface. This is also an aspect of intense passionate sex." so true for me. My most prominent relationships have involved their mars to my moon, opposition and trine.

                About the conjunction, I had a friend sitting on top of my moon and she teared me apart. It was intense, good and bad. It took me a few years(!) to realise it and breake it of, she was very insensitive. others could see it too so it wasn´t all in my head.
                • Re: Synastry

                  Tue, October 25, 2011 - 2:54 PM
                  why yvonne, what did she do to you? intense? i am just curious.....because it is just friendship right, not relationship? friends dont really affect me much since i dont feel much for friends. i could leave them anytime. actually, i have a serial habit of leaving friends. there are of course friends that i keep, but others....i usually disappear because i dont like too many people in my life. you're right, i find people with mars aspects to my moon quite insensitive....
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                    Re: Synastry

                    Tue, October 25, 2011 - 5:10 PM
                    Yeah she can be a handful lol I tell her that all the time it's that Aries moon she can be like a kid at times. But she it do independent that's what I like alot and someone to put me in my place lol major turn on. I have a Venus in Aries so I use to break hearts all the time my wife was different though lol. We are so alike though it's funny I have a cap rising she is a cap we both can be to serious sometimes. Funny we were both just talking about how unapproachable we are in public people always tell us both lightin up or smile funny. She let's me run things outside the house at home she is boss lol I like it though. I got a Scorpio moon so I have to have all the control but with her I can't lol
                    • Re: Synastry

                      Fri, October 28, 2011 - 2:08 AM
                      justin, what do you think of moon in scorpio, mars in gemini combination. i think this has a potential to be a sexual freak. not freak as in sex crazy...but freak as in likes to do crazy/weird things.

                      haha. you know, likes to do fun, different things. i think mars in gemini likes variety and is more open to weird/unusual things like orgy, bestiality, sex with a transexual/gay, far, i enjoy taking pics and vids, ive done orgy, sex with a gay, i used to be a whore for fun....and i like to do more fun stuff.....but i cant do it now yet, im still stuck in my parent's house. i used to live in university. too much scorpio without air/gemini, can be intense but they can be one track only, or rigid, like doesnt like exhibitionism, sex with multiple partners etc. jenna jameson has this placement also, she has 3 of my placements, moon in scorpio, venus in pisces, mars in gemini.
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                    Re: Synastry

                    Wed, October 26, 2011 - 11:58 AM
                    @sohryo I´m usually that way too, I like to keep friendships casual so that I can move around. More so in the past, but I´ve always had a few or at least one special friend. They tend to bring out my jealous side sometimes, mm possesiv might be a better word.

                    Anyways, I did feel that way with her even though I had other friends in class just like she did. Only she denied me partisipation in their group. She excluded me so many times that others took notice of it, like "I don´t want you to come along on this journey" or she would just not invite me to trips or other events. if you´re best friend with someone you make sure you´re still in the same group for an assignement or whatever but she didn´t have my back. At that time I had already burned some bridges to another unhealthy group of friends and wasn´t aware of all the pain I carried or the facade I´d put up but she brought it out of me. In a way I´m greateful for that, but still I did not enjoy school in the end when I didn´t know if she was going look right thru me and give me the silent treantment the entire day. She loved seeing me, and others for that matter, depressed and spent alot of time with me when I was in such a condition. Many have abandoned her after the way she treated them so it wasn´t just me. err, don´t know if I answered your question or not :) But I have other things to attend to so, sudmit.

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