North Node Transiting Houses

topic posted Sun, November 23, 2008 - 8:56 PM by  SleepyOwl
Does anyone here notice the affects of this? From what I've been through in the past year, while the NN was transiting the 7th house, I would definitely say that the North node clears out some karma with some positive emotions during the final degrees of the transit. For instance, I went through many negative experiences with friends and romantic prospects, but ended up with the goal of pursuing positive relationships and seeing people clearly.

In regard to NN transits, Is that how this works (because my 7th house situations could also be attributed to a Neptune transit)? Creating an emotional desire to work toward that house for the year, mistakes or reworked karma until you get to the end of the house and figure it out? I haven't found a lot about the NN online. Does anybody have experiences they would like to share? Thanks!
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    Sun, November 23, 2008 - 9:11 PM
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      Sun, November 23, 2008 - 9:49 PM
      It seems that many of the NN articles offer interpretations on conjunctions/oppositions and cusps. Are squares, sextiles and trines to planets still considered just as important? I know Teal speaks of "contacts"--does that mean all the aspects, and do the same rules apply- squres=internal restlessness, sextiles=possible opportunities, etc.?
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        Mon, November 24, 2008 - 6:32 AM
        Keep in mind that, unlike planets or even asteroids, the Nodes are only points....they are intersections between two lines. Therefore, they do not generate energy like planets do, but rather, focus energy they get when they contact various energy sources.

        So while some astrologers may consider a trine to the Nodes natally, most do not pay any attention when the Nodes transit in trine, or a transit trines the Nodes. When trine to the Nodes, there is no direct contact. Same with the square, sextile, etc.

        The reason to consider a natal trine to natal Nodes, etc, is because when something transits over one's Nodes, it also aspects anything the Nodes aspect. So, say you have Mars square your Nodes natally. Each month, when the Moon crosses your North or South Node, it squares your Mars; each year, when the Sun is on either Node, it squares Mars; etc. This means that your experiences when focusing on your nodes will be colored by the accompanying square to Mars (or whatever aspect you have.)

        To make a long story short.....any aspect other than a conjunction by transit requires an exchange of energies (and I say conjunction, because if a body is opposition the North Node, it conjuncts the South Node, and visa versa.) Since the Nodes do not generate energy in of themselves, they can only really function when in direct contact to an energy source.
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          Tue, November 25, 2008 - 6:03 AM
          Well put, Zane. It was only in the past year or two that someone here (maybe you) convinced me to pay any attention at all to transiting nodes, and now i forget why it almost made sense. It makes me wonder about transiting ascendants or midheavens (a daily cycle of transits with orbs that extend for 10 or 20 minutes vs planetary transits with orbs that span days, months and even years in the case of retrograding outer planets). Not to get sidetracked, the nodes and the angles (or houses) are receptive/perceptive (yin) points (or regions) in the natal chart. They don't emit (yang) a pulse. The question might remain as to whether they "emit" or comprise a pulling force, akin to magnetism --whereby the current n.node would be presenting everyone with a a calling or desire to integrate aquarian principles into their current mix of concerns, regardless of aspects except to the extent that natal planets in aspect may enable a more precise response to the "pull" or challenge(?) of the transiting nodes. Likewise, that's the only way that I can imagine the significance of the transiting nodes making direct contact with natal planets, etc.
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    Tue, November 25, 2008 - 8:00 AM
    What about a nonconjunction to the axis? Last year, I got a great job when NN was trine my midheaven. Currently, its square my Midheaven, but I'm always generally restless about these things, and I'm not sure how its affecting me yet.
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      Tue, November 25, 2008 - 11:55 AM
      I agree with Zane that anything less than conjunction/opposition of natal planets by transiting nodes is insignificant, and I'm sure that you can find more likely influences over any situation. Furthermore, I think that the nodes pertain matters that are more internal and less material than jobs or relationships or fortunes or any of that.
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        Wed, November 26, 2008 - 11:00 AM
        Even when planets which form a conjunction with a node are the strongest combination. I would certainly not ignore the square. When the transiting nodes square a pretty tight natal conjunction or opposition (within 2-3 degrees or something) you'll definitely feel off balance. Tight sextiles/trine within some 1/2 degrees also hold some value for smooth energies, although less intense than angular aspects. Think of Hitler with that good accessable mars while 'harmoniously' imbedded in his nodes despite his further frustration (mars square saturn). I also found that I was more energized when I had this transit.
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          Wed, November 26, 2008 - 1:23 PM
          "you'll definitely feel off balance."

          I'm not sure who you're referring to in particular, but I question the basis of such conclusions about any transiting aspect, particularly when there is no transiting body involved. Personal experience and/or articles read that aren't derived from serious scientific study don't even begin to make a case for definitive assertions pertaining to the collective 'you'. Am I gonna feel off balance if any number of mitigating factors such as transits that involve luminaries and personal planets are in play? For that matter, we may be able to speak with some assurance about the nature of the influence that a transiting 'object' may produce, but it's ridiculously improper (unethical, if you're a pro) for an astrologer to even suggest (much less insist) what the "effect" that of any transit will be on anyone.
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            Thu, November 27, 2008 - 7:48 AM
            Yeah like NN conj. DC = new partnerships? bout just wimpy emotions that need to just go away already? I was so hopeful about it too. It's amazing how much I can't predict even when studying my chart. A couple of months ago i had Jupiter trine Midheaven- right when I quit my job and felt miserable, and ended up at a job that pays much less. What was that about? Maybe I just didn't take advantage of the good luck since i was exhausted. And now all I can say about NN conj. DC is that I can't wait till mid-December when it'll be gone, which feels sooooo far away since maybe then I can finally ignore somebody back like he deserves...arg!

            But I have to agree withyou on the squares. Emotionally the NN square MC transit is definitely affecting me at work. I'm just so afraid I'll lose this job any second for some reason, or that I need to get a new one. It's just adding this restless energy, although there's no cause for any events. And they are closely aspected. Coming up I have NN square Mars, Square Saturn, sextile Uranus, sextile moon,.trine NN, trine's a NN kind of year- I wonder if all this might affect my mood-I think I heard from Stevo somewhere here that the NN affects mood or something.
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      Thu, November 27, 2008 - 9:14 PM
      We are all complex individuals. At any given time, one can often find two, three, or even more close or exact transits going on.

      Everytime something special has happened in my life while there was a Node trine something, there was some other transit also going on, or transits (plural), that explained the events.

      Let me put it another way.
      If you got a major promotion, and the first thing that jumped out at you was the Moon trining your MC, you probably wouldn't stop and say, "That's it! That's why I got promoted!" You'd realize that, since the Moon reaches that exact trine 13 times a year, every year, it couldn't be the major factor in this special promotion, and you would look further.

      True, the Moon's Nodes takes almost two decades to return to a trine to your MC. But I suggest, like you would automatically do with the Moon, you look elsewhere for the 'great job'.

      Look, of course, to transits around that time. But don't forget other things. I once got a great job when a transit touched off the degree in my tenth house that had been transited a few months earlier by an eclipse. I've seen a progressed aspect coming to fruition being set off by a transit even though there were no transits to natal positions at that time.
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        Fri, November 28, 2008 - 11:43 AM
        I personally don’t use moon-transits a lot, except for conjunctions with sun/moon/nodes/angles and I don’t deny that a node conjunct the mc or going through the 10th house will give more pronounced events in the career than a node trine the mc.

        Off balance can better be read as extreme, pulls away from the nodal axis, but it always comes back of course, planets square the nodes can give very pronounced characterististics.
        So you don’t seem to experience the squares as I do. Well, I shouldn’t call a astrologer who ignores dwarf planet pluto now, a bad astrologer, it’s just how much information you want to filtrate through the chart. I trust my instinct that my ’scientific study’ is well carried out. But I usually don’t use transits to find out this.
        Except for the most intense aspect, the conjunction, I use the rule that at least there must be major aspects be made to both nodes when dealing with nodal aspects. All planets angular on the nodes are important to consider. And what is for transits, can also be applied to the natal chart aspects on themselves.
        Sextile/trine to nodes can be ignored if you want as they flow quite well and don’t really stir things up, so they won’t affect your mood so deliberately. I reduce the orb to 1 or 2 for them. These planets are well-integrated with the nodal axis and therefore quite meaningful in our fate and basic foundation, so they increase the understanding of the person’s ’nodal picture’. (Transit or natal for that matter is not important, just that separating aspects with transits on the natal have smaller orbs.)
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          Sun, November 30, 2008 - 11:59 AM
          there's a difference between transits to a node (aha!) and transits by a node (snore)
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            Thu, December 4, 2008 - 10:53 AM
            Should there be a difference between them? A transiting body on a point or reversed, should that matter?
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              Fri, December 5, 2008 - 11:45 AM
              Dave, you hit (or missed) the exaxct point. The nodes aren't bodies, they're EMPTY points in space that indicate where the moon crosses the apparent ecliptic of the sun. There's noTHING there to produce any force or effect. Astrologically, they're interpreted as points of perspective, if you will.
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                Fri, December 5, 2008 - 12:43 PM
                I agree with your point on the one hand about it not being a body, and the conjunction thing does ring true, but man, I feel so GOOD this week, and NN is squaring Mars on my chart this month. I know Mars also trined my asc this week, but that has passed and mars entered the 5th way before this, even though will tell you differently (I beleive I wrote a post about it- I felt the 5th house transition so much I was confused about my birth time!). SO, anywho, i wonder if they do affect moods a lot? I'm very sensitive to Mars with an Aries moon, and the square is quite close. But I don't see much danger happening, as someone warned about with NN square Mars- just that I feel unreasonably good considering many things are screwed up. Maybe it's just those NN 7th house issues workign out- turned out there was no reason to ingnore anyone back...but to just find someone new to obsess over! That usually does it!

                But anywho, in terms of figuring this NN thing out for myself, I will have to wait a couple of months and see how I feel and what I experience since I have a plethora of NN conjunctions happening until March.

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