node square node..

topic posted Fri, October 19, 2007 - 10:43 AM by  Isaiah
anyone have experience with this beastie?

could this be a triggerlike mechanism setting off a major shift...
and how do you evaluate/weight the sign this happens in?
(never mind the house! just how /where do you get that info?)

I shall now sleep and wait for my cluelessness to drift away....
love especially to all those who are not my friends yet...
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    Mon, October 22, 2007 - 7:53 AM
    Whenever the nodes are active this shows a key time in life. Do what you can to make the most of it. Nodes square nodes can show being at a crossroad of some type at first. When the transiting nodes square the natal nodes, this can dramatize issues related to both nodes and help to bring resolution. This is good energy to use to bring about change, to bring about what you crave in life. What do you want out of life that is missing? The nodes when active will bring key people into our lives who can help us achieve what we need to accomplish or perhaps support us in some way during this time, give advice or just showing interest in our lives, so we'll feel very close to these people at this intense time. More than likely these key people will be going through nodal transits themselves. If your nodes are in Gem/Sag, you might be on the phone more or travel more, intensely sharing information. With the square coming from Virgo/Pisces, something to do with work/health/spirituality could be the focus, or Virgo/Pisces people could be in your life now. Saturn is conjunct the transiting South Node, so this will flavor it, as will the house and sign the nodes are in, both natal and transiting, and any aspects made to other planets in your chart, other transits going on in the sky. It all works together. I'm going through this as well. To give examples, the transiting nodes are in my H3/9, and I'm doing a lot of travel to visit someone who the transiting nodes have crossed his Asc/Dsc. A friend with H1 Pisces Moon conjunct NN and Neptune in Scorpio conjunct MC visited me who is going through her nodal return, and her career as a screenwriter is starting to take off. Another friend, a Pisces rising with tr Neptune about to conjunct his SN and tr Jupiter conjunct his Moon and MC, a producer wants to make a t.v. show about his career, and he's negotiating that. Basically, there are exciting things happening in my circle.
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      Mon, October 22, 2007 - 8:07 AM
      thanks :)
      spot on. crossroads it is! add to that major pluto and uranus transits, and we┬┤ve got some major change happenin...
      (sagnorth, gemsouth pisces sun....)

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