North Node conjunct MC

topic posted Wed, November 25, 2009 - 1:45 AM by  Molly
Hello, I have been analyzing my birth chart for quite some time now, and I just cant seem to interpret the message of the nodes axis being conjunct the MC/IC axis, but I know that the Nodes must be greatly reinforced by this. My North Node/MC is in Pisces, conjunct Ceres, and my South Node/IC is in Virgo conjunct Black Moon (very tight conjunction) and Venus.

The North node/MC forms a grand trine with my Ascendant in Cancer (conjunct fixed star Sirius) conjunct Chiron and with Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th house (Sun also in Scorpio).

I have my chart uploaded as my main pic for a closer look. I feel as though there is a direct spiritual message here, and if anyone knows or has a good idea, it would be greatly appreciated!!
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  • I have this same NN conj MC aspect in my chart, but my NN is in Taurus. My SN is conjunct my cuspy Pluto in Scorpio. For me, the energies play out as a struggle to balance the transformation of a dark and emotional family environment with an intense drive to find my "calling" or "destiny", which I feel is a spiritual one but also has something to do with reputation and simplicity. Sometimes I go back and forth between the two, as though there's only enough energy and strength to do one or the other. Your NN in Pisces sounds like an evolving sea of dreams, maybe some association with the divine feminine. How does the Ceres Conj play out? It's interesting that it's opposite your Virgo stellium. How do you feel like your Pluto placement works into this? It seems like it's 5H placement might add some warmth to the depth and emotion of the process of healing and transformation.

    I'll take some time to really look at it and be back, those are just my first thoughts.

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