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I have South node conjunct neptune in my natal chart. I have been studying, or more flirting with astrology on and off now for about 5 years, i know a few things, though as I have found out through other threads, Im not so good at interpreting astrology. I have read a fair amount about the nodes, and interpretations through books and online about south node conjunct neptune. but i feel it is much more personal to me, being a pisces, having Nadir in pisces, having sun square neptune, including mercury into that mix, looking back over my life, especially through childhood, i can definately feel a kinship with what neptune embodies. but I am really very interested in past lives. So, from looking at my chart over and over, it would seem i have a very tight entaglement with all things neptunian, or perhapse all negative things neptunaian? though im not a drug user, or alcoholic, but I am a terrible escapist from reality sufferer.

I also wonder, having an outer planet conjunct the south node, is this indicative of some kind of generational karma lumbered onto those individual born with that aspect? my mother has uranus conjunct south node, seems she has attracted some crazy situations throughout her life. as a child she was highly intuitive and psychic (she has neptune conjunct midheaven, and moon pisces) but I know uranus gives sudden unexpeted flashes of insight, breaking out of normailty, and she was certainly the abnormal one growing up in her family, as I was the complete day dreamer growing up in mine.

Any theories or opinions on my chart plaicement and past life possibilites? I am very interested in pin pointing what karma seems to be needed to work out in my lifetime. I have always felt a heavy responsibility in my life. Im also interested in anyone elses south node postions if they wish to talk about them.

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  • In some ways, you source in a Neptunian reality. I share this, as I have Pisces SN. I am also Pisces Sun and Mercury, and with my SN those two planets form a stellium. Whereas I need to draw my light and mind out of the past haze, you in some ways need to do the same thing, particularly with Pisces nadir as well. Where I am drawing forth my spirit and mind by engaging with North Node energies, you are needing to extricate your entire being from that shifty, confusing, perhaps sometimes frightening reality of formlessness and fuzziness.

    Engaging with North Node energies can help, but this will continue to be triggering and not as obviously easy and intuitive as it sounds because your Sun also squares your NN. The way I read astrology you have a Grand Cross going with your nodal path and Earth opposite your Sun, Earth representing our physical body in the chart. This lends some stability but depending on the signs those forces are in, it may be more or less volatile.

    I give Chiron the rulership of Virgo. This is the balancing planet to Neptune because of the signs they rule in tropical astrology. Though Chiron represents our core wound, engaging in Chirotic energy can help to balance out all that Piscean pull. Being of service, volunteering, engaging in self-healing or a healing modality where you are helping others can perhaps serve you as well.

    If you have planets in Virgo, engaging in the aspects of life that those planets reflect can also help. It sounds like that would be your career point/midheaven or "outer world/3D" stuff. Again, volunteer work or service-oriented careers may serve you as well as those you assist.

    Hope this helps at all.

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      I have south node conjunct saturn - all in scorpio in the 8H.

      It's been really hard to find information on
      • Whatever Saturn touches becomes more vivid and real, more manifest, moving slowly through time. Saturn is also the solidification of fear into structures and patterns, and Scorpio is a style that reflects the maximum intensity of fear. What are the structures of your fear? What forms have they taken? Do you know what you have to do to soften those forms, or move back from them, or to work with them in ways that neither deny nor build those structures stronger? It's hard to get enough "purchase" to move on from your past, and neither can you leave yourself trapped back there, lifting out into some "spiritual reality" that can be anything more than bypassing the stuck parts of your being.

        Prior to our Saturn returns, Saturn is not a friend, it is a reflection of our guilt in large part, and this is delivered very intensively in Scorpio, and cj the SN it's so old and so beentheredonethat for you that I imagine you're just sick to death of it.

        In some ways Saturn is like a lead weight on your ability to quicken your North Node energies in 2nd House won't be welcome news but Saturn's return in a few years will help more than most things right now to lighten your load.

        What to do now? If I were to give you the same recommendation I gave the author of this thread I would say get into your Moon self to balance out Saturn, since it rules the sign opposite Capricorn....but for you I know that means diving into the emotional depths of your past (Moon being the repository of all memory and all trauma), and I sense that won't be welcome advice either. You know where I stand on the benefits of emotional expression, so I wont' rehash that, but I still believe you could benefit greatly were you to get into it in a major way.

        2nd House activity can help balance you too...lying on the ground, digging in the earth, handling gemstones (buying some for your altar?), stretching your body, moving sloooooowwwwwly and feeling your breath in your hips and legs, making an inventory of where your true values lie and participating with/embodying those values as much as possible every day, every moment.

        I don't know if this tells you anything at all that you don't already know, but hey, let's keep talking, there's got to be a key in here somewhere.
      • "I have south node conjunct saturn - all in scorpio in the 8H. "


        I have south node conjunction saturn in scorpio in the 1H. Our houses are different my SN is in your NN's house and vice versa, but other than, pretty similar!

        I'm loving coming into my NN Taurus, from what I can make out, we need to lie in bed a little longer in the morning, eat more cakes and throw in the odd bit of gardening at the weekends! That will make us better more spiritual people, you gotta love astrology!
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        jen - Your emotionally at odds with your own progression in this life. North node is trying to swim to shore to rest and feel a sense of solidarity beneath your feet, but your emotionally pulled to stay in the deep end, heart set on a squall of sexual addictions and desires. Basically your self harming through sex, the indugence will only cause pain, because you know deep inside, it is a waste of energy, it holds no value thus your soul is weakened. Ground yourself with a stable partner.
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      tanks a bunch....I felt that was the way..just sucks I cant live in my dream world anymore
      • Of course you can live in your dream-world, just have to bring some of those dreams to earth! :-) And that takes earthy skills!

        The South Node isn't something to be discarded. It is simply what you've brought to this life. Sometimes we fall back on those South Node habits, though, and forget to go forward and develop ourselves. The North Node will ease your way.....

        Virgo can be a very Wise and Witchy sign! ;-D If you study the original meaning of the word "Virgin," you will find that it originally meant a person who was WHOLE in themselves and didn't need anyone to "complete" them. Of course, that doesn't mean that they couldn't have good relationships with equally WHOLE people! ;-D

        North Node in Virgo is beckoning you on Gaia's path......fall in love with the Planet!!! :-)

        Eventually, you'll transcend the opposites of Pisces and Virgo and feel them BOTH inside of you, rhythmically moving from one perspective to the other, drumming a rhythm, dancing through life......
        • >>Virgo can be a very Wise and Witchy sign!

          Hear, hear! Virgo is the sign of quantum physics, particles blipping in and out of reality with behavior dependent upon expectations. It's hidden gift is magic. Energize your earthly Virgo magic and you will help balance your Pisces out. As Maggie points out, we are not to abandon our SN but engage with the NN to find the balance between the polarities.
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            Hey Pea! Always good to hear from you :)

            I've got so much scorpio in me that I know, it will be practically impossible for me to balance the nodes. I will try though - but in this lifetime, I still have much work to do.

            I would love to mesh into my moon more, but my moon is in scorpio 8H conjunct pluto - wouldn't that make my life more volitile? I know I have MUCH to address in my subconcious - and oh how it's all rearing its head now. And even more, I'm going through a Uranus transit in my first house (uranus conjunct asc) so it's a crazy crazy time! (Everything is happening at once)

            Taurus is so abstract to me. Can you tell me about some Taurean ideals to help lead the way? I do like to lounge and listen to the wind in the trees, smell flowers and dance around on the grass barefoot. But, hell, even I have to come indoors sometimes.
            • >>
              I would love to mesh into my moon more, but my moon is in scorpio 8H conjunct pluto - wouldn't that make my life more volitile?<<

              Yes, I recalled where your Moon is when I said what I said, so I know what I was suggesting, and I dont' suggest it lightly...I've got Pluto-Moon too as you may remember. Once I made the commitment to my emotional healing, there was no turning back, some part of me knew I had to engage fully in order to get out of my various ruts...cuz there's soooooo much. And that's just in Virgo. I can barely imagine contemplating such a plunge with Pluto-Moon in 8H Scorpio...asking for lots of help along the way would be a must for you.

              One of my favorite sayings is "the water runs dirty while the well is being cleaned"...this is very true in Scorpio for sure. Yeah, it might make your life more volatile in the short run, but eventually, the voluntary nature of going into your backlog would switch over to involuntary, which is always harder because we are then overcome with triggers so big they overwhelm our resistance to proactively going into stuff with intent to feel, deal and heal.

              In the long run, considering your chart, going into Moon issues proactively can help you organically move toward the Scorpio-Taurus balance point, I believe.

              Taurus loves to play you play? Are you actively engaged with an instrument now? Do you like to sing? Do you play a hand drum? How about a drumming group, or drumming with a friend who's a drummer? Taurus engages when lost in the moment of playing music.

              Where do you find your stability, your sense of security? Not that you can hide there or lodge in, but knowing where you can find safe, stable respite is great for integrating volatile sections of life.

              Taurus loooooooooves touch, to engage in the physicality of being alive via sensuality. Do you get massage? Does your lover (or a close friend) stroke your body just to help you feel good, w/o a sexual agenda? Taurus will smell the flowers, the food, and gorge on that. Any sensual pleasure is under the domain of Taurus, anything to do with the five earthly senses.

              Taurus loves appreciation. Imagine daring to ask someone you trust to let you know what they appreciate about you. Or make a list of what you value about yourself, or what you did today. Like a self-appreciation journal.

              Taurus can be abstract to me too....I've got it on my 7H cusp (I'm Scorpio rising) but I do love Taurean energies (Part of Fortune there). I need another close one in my life to reflect my Taurus to me.
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                It's soo funny you mention drumming- I used to be on a marching band drum line. So very fulfilling!

                I love to song and dance, most notably in the shower because I "can't"sing, lol
                • My Virgo south node is tightly conjunct Dark Moon Lilith, conjunct Mars/ Moon (Leo)

                  Does 1degree Virgo mean it is on the cusp? I dont understand cusp.
                  How could these aspects come into play?
                  Particularly DM Lilith tight conj SN?
                  Life has been pretty intense....which in itself has forced me to grasp concepts
                  such as surrender and service. Anything? Intuit away...
                  (nb...12H stellium influence and Moon apexs T Square opp Nept in 2 and Saturn 8)
                  but, yeah, Lilith interests me in all this right now....?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Mars moon leo conjunction, highly volatile emotions, fixed pride, south node virgo, need to learn to serve the subconcious yearning of sacrifice of the ego, dissolve away into lifes stream, no need to analise any longer, all details should be let go of in place of truting intuition, but the learned sceptic within you should along with feeling out the sides of your inner walls to see clearly what is nessacary inward journeys and what is not.

                    I'd say in this incarnation you have been given the power to chisel away at what is not really needed within the ego. Study taoism perhapse?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    from what i have learnt, when it comes to signs, the cusp is irrelevant. it either is or it isnt in the sign. It only really counts for house positions.

                    Also, I dont know anything about dark moon lilith. sounds spooky though....maybe you have travelled on an underground ghost train for most of your past....mars conjunct moon, maybe it crashed along the way?
                    • <<Also, I dont know anything about dark moon lilith. sounds spooky though....maybe you have travelled on an underground ghost train for most of your past....mars conjunct moon, maybe it crashed along the way? >>

                      so, if you don't know, is that a guess? intuition? what?
                      actually I didn't derail until my Saturn return and up until
                      My soul needed to appreciate scarcity.
                      And being alone, isolated (12H?) I learnt a lot
                      by losing everything. In fact my only saving grace at
                      one point was knowing that at least my memories
                      were mine the ones I chose to keep.
                      so, yeah, getting to that point was a gift
                      which out of sheer desperation bore a faith
                      in "God" as there was nothing else "secure"
                      I remember staying in a squat for a while in
                      Melbourne...there was no front door TO lock!
                      not that I had any posessions to lose...but
                      yeah, felt very vulnerable, and prayed very hard
                      for protection...I have been blessed I believe with
                      divine protection. Thank God I became so vulnerable,
                      Id otherwise have had no need for faith....yet it is so
                      much more, thats my experience of initial real
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          Maggie.. My south node is only conjunct neptune, its in the sign Sagitarius in the second house, north node is in Gemini 8th house. Past life of wondering dream scapes, sleep travel, spiritual journeys. In this life i need to leanr how to walk without leaving any imprints on the ground behind me. *th house, constant daily (gemini) rebirths, I am constantly destroying myself inturnally, hatred, perfection, its hard to deal with my Mars in aries position. All the while my scorpio ascendant intensifyes the 8th house pull towards death of outdated habbits and rebirth of them into more refined avenues of expression. My older brother was supposed to be the concrete crutches fro me to be grounded in this life, but I rebelled against him, with his intense scorpio moon energy, and venus saturn mercury stellium in taurus in 8th house, I was supposed to esponge (sun pisces square neptune, moon gemini - the radio frequencey aware moon) allot of his sheer grit and determination to survive and just get on with things, to become grounded in purpose. my las name is Mclean. I researched this and basically it means "servant of John", as well as the battle axe clan of northern scotland. my brothers name is John, i'd say a warrior due to the fact he has been in many fights but never been toppled over due to his fierce determination. I know I was suppose to take that energy without the violence, as Ive never been in a fight in my life, and couple it with my mothers extremely compassionate and sensitivite nature (moon pisces, Neptune in libra conjunct her MC, sun taurus, Moon sextile venus), she is a healer and therapist. But like i say, i rebelled against my brothers authourity and my mothers help earlier in my life, and im kinda paying for it all now in my life.
          • Ah....Gemini is also ruled by Mercury (same as Virgo). When I think of the spiritual lesson of Gemini, it is to know all the different instruments in the orchestra, but to bring them all together in one symphony and to BE THE CONDUCTOR. That is, look at all the different facets of your life and bring them together, uniting them under one Theme.

            It is about music, art, writing.....seeing the world through a Creative lens. TRANSLATING the energy. Riding the Rainbow.

            And the translation is bringing that "cosmic energy" (the Sagittarius SN conj. Neptune) into the everyday life of the Neighborhood. It's about truly loving your brothers and sisters and strengthening the connections between us all.

            :-) Gemini is about using your mind and your thoughts focus on creative, positive thoughts (for example, Louise Hay's "affirmations," or positive meditations). It's about being truly Human (in the best sense) and caring for your "brothers and sisters," whatever that might mean to you. It's about community, planting trees, making sure the water and air are clean. It's about "choosing the right ideas upon which the soul of Man will develop and grow." (Alan Oken)

            Gemini can also be seen as the Scientist who is precise and focused in his pursuit of knowledge, and also the Educator who connects people with ideas, ideas with ideas, and people with people, according to free will, for the good of all.

            "In order for Gemini to make the most use of his great gift, he must transcend the mind, make a servant of it, and not be possessed by it." (Oken)

            Gemini Affirmation:

            I am a dancing rainbow spirit.
            I let go easily and quickly.
            I communicate well and teach others to do so.

            (F. Morgan)

            One can ALWAYS learn to be a better communicator......
  • I actually have my North Node conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 11th

    I have my own insight ,but would anyone else like to chime in and give their take on it. Fresh perspectives are always welcome. The conjunction opposes a South Node-Venus conjunction in Pisces. Neptune squares the Nodes,but not Venus and Saturn. Uranus in Scorpio touches the nodes oh,so softly
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      Zayne, Im definately no guru astrologer par excellence, but from loooking at your profile, and pictures, I would say you have lingered too long in the abstract venusian realm within, and your north node is basically asking you to take your deep softness and actually do something useful with it, a little like my chart. Virgo being the sign of service, Saturn would cater a dynamic responsibility in that area of life, and the neptune square to the nodes is also saying, you have challenged yourself with a delusional perspective of life, and the Saturn north node conjunctionin Virgo is saying, "wake up! time to take off the rose coloured spectacles, stop serving the self and start serving others, serve in this time, not in memories of grand delusion"

      Hope im not all negative but hope ive gotten to some kind of root and watered well. Like that "Partners of Heaven" page says, its about extracting what is nessacary from your south node and transmuting it into a useful north node outlet. Your north node is saying, you seriosuly have to serve this time round, your south node is saying, you have the compassion and senstitivity to understand and comfort all suffering.

      Hope this chimes well for you
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        forgot to mention about the 11th and 5th houses involved.

        To me it only strengthens that, you obviously have a creative gift, but north node is saying you cant be self serving with that gift anymore.
        • Thats a pretty good take machine. Kudos.

          I lived in my own little bubble for a long time. I've always felt a pull towards a greater purpose. An inner responsibility to something useful for the greater good that had nothing to do with my own well-being. Since I was little. Kind of like a reminding voice throughout the years. The past few years have been that turning point you speak of. I've ignored the signs in utter defiance until recently (I am incredibly stubborn) and it felt good to finally understand what was going on.

          I can't predict the future,but I know for certain that my life will end on unselfish terms
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            I am similar Zayne, but becoming humble is quite difficult for anyone with a strong aries placement (Mars Aries here). Carving away to the raw essentials is essential to refine war of self (aries) to law of the universe (Libra). We'll get there, nowhere, everywhere, at some point, between the heavens
            • I have Mars on the cusp of Aries as well as a Sun-Moon-Pluto T-square

              Yea, humble is a constant struggle and I slip quite a bit. Trust me
              • My Mars is Rising, and quite near my South Node. I have a saying that helps me, "Humility is endless." Believe me, the older you get, the easier the humility will come. ;-) Especially if you begin DOING things. Once you start DOING things, you naturally make mistakes. And that is a learning experience. ;-)

                Love to you!

                • JEN

                  ---I would love to mesh into my moon more, but my moon is in scorpio 8H conjunct pluto - wouldn't that make my life more volitile?---

                  That with Saturn conjunct in the SN in the 8th....

                  I will use the 8th house as the house of the Relationship with everything...its the house you hold in joint responsibility with a partner either marriage or business. Its the Bond that must be made. Scorpio has the qualities of total bonding with Scorpio creates these bonds because it reinvents the message that scorpio has in your must conform to a relationship.... and even thou scorpio is a fixed sign, once the bond is created, it stays....but one thing you must know Jen is that Scorpio does come with some irratation...big cannot bond without all 3 events, Body, mind and soul...if one aspect is missing for that much scorpio then nothing will work out...its commitment you have and its commitment you want. Is that not the best way in this case to create your 2nd house source of values...the need to share them with the partner. And in Taurus where ethics are so important to you...but mind is the ultimate source of knowledge for it should be the last event you use to see if the commitment is there...its thru the act of sex that you come to the realization that the bond is there...but sex is the glue of a relationship and you know that there is more to it...Saturn is showing you what you have as a tool that you use, its not your enemy. It focuses, compartmenatlizes, cardinal so its progressive and saturn is your relationship to the earth plane of existence, intense and powerful, Deep. The biggest problem is depression, if things don't turn out the way you future in the past...thats what you got to understand...move on...remember Scorpio is fixed...solid but watery...emotional deep emotions...the moon is the reflection of the emotions, its the personality so when your in this mood, it can be vulnerable....pluto in Scorpio shows that your intensity is profound and when depression hits it hits hard...real hard...but there is not future in the reinvent yourself and move on. The vulneralbilty comes from remaining in the state of depression. Its as if you give in. You might go looking for what ever seems to lift your spirits instantly. That leaves you wide open...there is no future in the past is the best that a Scorpio with that much intensity has to not dwell on things or events that don't work out....your power lies in being seem powerless when your not. With this pluto placement there is no grey zone, its black and white. Because of this, the prime event in your life is to pick without uncertainty the proper partnership....that is major. Without that, you lose your power to the wrong elements within yourself. So...again..there is no future in the past...
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    - - - I will use the 8th house as the house of the Relationship with everything...its the house you hold in joint responsibility with a partner either marriage or business. Its the Bond that must be made. - - -

                    Hi Brian, you made my head really spin with this statement of yours. I have the opposite situation here, Saturn cj SN in 2nd H Scorpio, which put's my NN in 8th Taurus, and if i read it right, my NN issue would be the mind/body/soul emacipation from and within the Bonds i commit myself to. What do you think, is that the bottomline concept ? Did i get it right ?

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