Transits to and of the North Node

topic posted Wed, December 10, 2008 - 7:36 PM by  Lori Marie
I have been able to find much information on what one would go through if there was a planet transiting their north node or if the transiting north node makes a aspect to a natal planet.
I personally just had venus conjunct my north node and I assume that maybe one reason I went through a particular hard time in certain heartfelt areas for a few days...and now my Jupiter is getting ready to hit directly on my north node so I am curious how this is playing. I am thinking it clearly explains my giant leap of faith and optimism. Also the transiting north node is currently conjunct my IC. I am thinking this means I am turning inward and working on my private self...and since my south node would be conjunct my MC I am assuming it means I need to let go of the ego and worrying about what other people think. Basically with the two transits I mentioned happening at the same time I am thinking it is a time of growing spiritually and looking at life for more than the ego perspective.
Anyone have any insight on how North node tranists work?
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Lori Marie
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    Thu, December 11, 2008 - 12:51 PM
    Jupiter is about optimism but in capricorn it also deals with authority, maturing and confidence in self-discipline and achieving your goals. Jupiter in capricorn on the Nnode may indicate you meet a ‘wise’ person, new career possibilities or an promotion, so it contradicts a little bit the transiting south node going through your 10th house.
    North node transits show new and overwhelming experiences with the planet. It’s not always easy to welcome those experiences, whether the planet on the North Node is a ‘malefic’ saturn or ‘benefic’ jupiter or whatever is in that respect not important.
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      Thu, December 11, 2008 - 1:09 PM
      Thank you for the insight!
      I hear what you are also saying about the north node tranist to planets...what would you say when it hits an angle? I have it on my IC right now. I am thinking it means I am moving inward and will learn from my maturity because it is happening at the same time as the jupiter on natal north node.
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        Thu, December 11, 2008 - 6:16 PM
        i think that you start by asking what the significance of the north node is, in any sign. Does it GIVE anything at all, or does it only ASK for things. Likewise, look at the South Node. Does it represent the a creative force, or an inherited memory. IMO, the nodes don't DO anything at all. They represent understandings and ideals, but not a single ounce of activity or force. Do your karma and dharma spin in circles throughout the course of your life? Does your "life" lesson change every 1.5 years? If you're convinced that your life is going nowhere but round and round in 19 year circles, follow the transiting nodes.
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      Sun, December 28, 2008 - 5:26 PM
      Dave you said:
      Jupiter in capricorn on the Nnode may indicate you meet a ‘wise’ person, new career possibilities or an promotion, so it contradicts a little bit the transiting south node going through your 10th house.

      Well on Christmas I volunteered for a org and helped with the less fortunate and I knew then and there I wanted to find a way to eventually make this what I do in life if I get paid for it or not. So through the orgs website I began putting together a volunteer team and was gung ho....and when I went on the site today I saw an opportunity to take a training session to be a project leader for volunteer events! I was beyond excited. I will not be getting paid for it but its what I want to do! I am more than sure this is a step on a path to a future career.
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    Thu, January 1, 2009 - 9:34 AM
    Here are some things I wrote on the Nodes in another tribe:

    Dane Rudhyar wrote a bit on nodal transits. You may wish to read part 2 of his article here:
    (Although Part 1 is also good, about the nodes in the natal chart.)

    I always note the transit of the N. Node to two places, it's own position, and the S. Node. These are milestones that everyone goes through on a regular basis (just as everyone goes through a Saturn return at around the same age.)

    The North Node conjunct North Node, in my experience, focuses on new relationships, or taking a relationship to a different level, or meeting a connection that may be quite important to you. And, whether it is connected with relationships or not, it brings about a change in outlook...rethinking, reorientation, readjusting focus and how you respond to the immediate world around you.

    When the North Node conjunct the South Node, I often see relationships ending, or winding down, although sometimes I see a relationship start that tends to be a rather unfortunate one for the person, either a bad experience, or a contact that the person might be better off not knowing. And, whether it is connected with relationships or not, it brings a stop of some kind, and usually a housecleaning on some level (mental, emotional, spiritual, or all three), a catharsis of sorts.

    Life would be simpler if only one major transit happened at a time. We could say, "OK, now I'm getting ready for my Uranus square Uranus" and nothing else would be coming to major transit at the same time. But 'tain't so.

    When we go through a Passage (thank you, Gail Sheehy, for a wonderful book on life's transitions without using astrology!), there are many levels of changes going on at the same time. But just because there are several transits coinciding does not mean they cannot be distinguished. They do work on different levels.

    It may be more difficult to separate the Nodal transits from the matrix because astrology itself is less clear about the nature of these points than about a planet, like Saturn. With a planet, you have an energy source, rich with symbolism and imagry. But the nodal points are just that...intersecting points. Trying to understand them can't be done by contemplating a myth (like Mars/Ares or Mercury/Hermes), or trying to get a feel for them by summing up a series of keywords (for Mars, for, iron, spicy, knives, etc.)

    That the Moon's Nodes carry with them something of the essence of the Moon itself. Or rather, the Moon's journey.

    The Moon, of course, goes around the Sun in a little less than one calendar month....13 lunar months a year, if you will. And we all know that the Moon's influence is transitory....a fleeting mood, an impulse, a brief hunger. A lunar transit conjunct your Mars happens again and again and again, month after month, year after year.

    But each month, the lunar transit does not produce a carbon copy impulse, an identical mood. It's a little different, each month.
    And if you were to keep a journal of all the lunar transits to your Mars, month after month, for 18.6 years, you would have an evolving story. We tend to think of all the little Moon transits as isolated incidents...or perhaps as part of one cycle. Likewise, every transit to Venus, the Sun, and other planets. But in actuality, they are all part of the Moon's journey....and this journey is an 18.6 year cycle as the point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic gradually shifts through the 12 signs.

    And when we bring the Sun into it, we have a series of eclipses, which coincide with the lunations that are in close proximity to the Nodes. Eclipses are changes, old things passing out of our life, intense focuses on things we MUST focus upon. Eclipses, too, are not isolated....but part of an evolutionary journey lasting 18.6 years.

    So the Nodal cycle carries the flavor of the Moon's evolutionary story, and the even more powerful soli-lunar evolutionary story. The
    transits of the Nodes carry the flavor of the evolution of our emotions, moods and hungers, and the changes we go through as things pass out of our life, and we are forced to focus our attention where there is something we really, really need to look at.

    Uranus transits, of course, show a break with the past, the shattering of things that have outlived their usefulness, and we can't help but look where Uranus wants us to look! But the Uranus cycle is the cycle of individuality, and it's transits carry that longterm flavor. The Uranus transit does not carry with it the changes in moods, feelings, etc. over time that the Nodal cycle does.

    And so it is with every planet. You may see events occur due to one planet around the same time as those of another planet, and/or the Moon's Nodes....but each one will have a flavor that is unique, an essence of its own cycle. A Pluto transit can bring an end to something....but the way it ends, and the reason it ends, are a Plutonian flavor. Looking at all the levels going on at any one time, you can see where the Pluto flavor was, where the Uranus flavor was, etc. And...where the node flavor was."
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    Sat, May 5, 2012 - 8:07 PM
    I have Pluto transiting my natal NN now in Capricorn my 5th house. Between it going from direct to retrograde to direct again it will have gone over my NN 3 times. It's been difficult and scary but strangely rewarding. Pluto has been changing me into something better. It has shown me that I have to walk away from my typical Cancerian traits and act more like a Capricorn. With both my Sun and Mercury in Cancer as well, I take that to mean putting on the logic, thick skin and less moodiness of a Capricorn yet still have both the warmth and empathy of a Cancer. It also means taking better care of myself even if it means saying "no" to others.

    I never knew what my desiny in life was until know. Pluto hit my NN just in time for my mid-life crisis :-). I'll be 39 in July.

    Changes that have happened to me during this transit:

    1) I am no longer afraid of opposition if I say "no". I am creating boundaries for my own well-being. This is the first time that I remember having a self-esteem in decades.
    2) I listen to my intuition instead of automatically doing what others say.
    3) I had a son that the doctors said that I would never have. He is very Plutonian in nature. He has a Scorpio stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter) in you guessed it, the 5th house along with a Cancer ASC.
    4) Both my husband, Father and Grandfather all became ill at around the same time. My Grandfather has since passed and there is a strong possibility that I will lose the other two by the time this transit ends.
    5) People at large seem more aggressive to me than usual but it is not bothering me like it used to.
    6) My career seems to be finally picking up and people are finally starting to notice my abilities.
    7) I'm starting to sing in public and paint again for the first time in over 20 years.
    8) I walked away from most of my disfunctional family and no longer feel guilty about it. If a person does not treat me the way that deserve, I now walk away.

    But that's been my expenience with Pluto and the NN,

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