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topic posted Tue, May 13, 2008 - 9:15 PM by  Lori Marie
I posted a relationship chart I was having trouble interpreting in a myspace forum and the problem had to do with a stellium in scorpio....part of this stellium was the moons mean node...and someone responded with the below response to what he noticed about the relationship charts node being direct....can anyone further elaborate or help me understand this....It sort of makes me a little nervous being this relationship feels completely fated but this is making me feel like it will be utterly disasterous.

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The motion of the Moon’s Mean Node is retrograde through the zodiac at the rate of roughly one degree every 19 days (compare the 19 year cycle of lunation). I should clarify here that the Moon’s Mean Node is always retrograde, but the True Node oscillates according to the Moon’s "wobble". This is caused by the gravitational effects of the Earth/Moon interaction, so the True Node sometimes has periods of direct motion. These periods of direct motion are considered unfortunate, as they go against the "natural motion" of the nodes. The Mean Node averages this "wobble" out, so giving a clearer picture.

I have experienced my share of unfortunate times when the TrueNode was in direct motion.. Just something to consider here since you mention you are having difficulty interpreting the Scorpio Stellium.

The first step towards easing the difficult would be to learn more about direct motion of the nodes as TrueNode in direct motion is in 3* Scorpio here.
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