Tiger Army

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Awesome! A posted a pic of them.

So what do you guys think about them, besides being dreamy as fuck? I've seen them twice in person and have two of their albums.
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    Defintly one of my favorites. They have a new album coming out soon and they will be heading warped tour this year.
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      I love them..aside from the fact that Nick 13 is my baby's daddy, the've got a great sound. The only thing that sucks is that Warped Tour is playing NYC while I'm in Vegas at RollerCon :-(
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        Have you heard the new single?

        Personally, I think it's a horrible move in the wrong direction. Where is the sound of the stand up base? It sounds like AFI or Alkaline Trio... both crap bands. Where the F. is the psychobilly!?
        • Alkaline Trio? Shitty?
          Thems fightin words.....

          But yeah.... Tiger Army has gone further and further downhill for me with every new album.
          They're not bad to look at that. That's for sure.
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            Ehh i enjoy the new sound. Granted we are missing the upright but you know they choose the most pop like song to be the single
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              My worry is it's going to sound like everything else out there (Screamo, Emo, or WTF they are calling it this week). In the end it all comes out sounding like stuff I want to turn off. I'm skippin' the album when it comes out.
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                Have you heard anything about Bad Religons new EP
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                  *grits teeth* never been a fan of them.
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                    Haha swing and a miss. Honestly ive been listening to alotta Ruth Brown it keeps me from going apeshit on people
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                      She's pretty sassy. Maybe we should start a thread to see what other rockabilly/psychobilly people are listening to?
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                        I'm listening to the new Nekromantix album "Life is a Grave,,,and I Dig it" They played here in NYC last month, but I missed it because I was at a derby event (event=night of heavy drinking, lol)
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                          The new Tiger Army album is streaming on their MySpace profile for the next few days:

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                            OK, so I'm listening to it now, and for the most part, if it wasn't Tiger Army, I'd really like it. There's a lot of Hardcore and New Wave sounds on the album.

                            But since I'm not going to Vegas now, I'll go see them on Warped Tour, hopefully they'll play some old stuff
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                              OKAY OKAY so it doesnt have the good ole tiger army edge that im used too but i still enjoy it and as always nick 13s vocals make me all swoony like a fuckin school girl

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