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The Muse Guild is a theme camp at KiwiBurn that strives to assist creative chaos.

We are here to support music and arts in the Burner community and potential Burner community, in any way possible.

We are willing to help musicians and artists that need help....
-in the planning stages of their projects (before KB)
-in the creation stage of their projects (before & during KB)
-if more funding is needed to enhance the projects (through fundraising prior to KB)
-setting up stuff

While the Muse Guild follows all ten principles of Burning Man, we focus heavily on...

-Communal Effort, through being involved with the community both inside and outside of KiwiBurn. We want to keep the fun and friendship aspects of the community alive.

-Radical Self Expression, through assisting the community that might have set backs or difficulties. We attempt to maximise the potential.

-Participation, through encouraging new musicians and artists to the "Burner world". Assisting in any way we can in other musicians and artists project where needed.

-Gifting, which will enhance experiences at KiwiBurn and beyond.

The Muse Guild was formed a few months prior to KiwiBurn 2008, so the group is still in its infancy stage. We would like to provide a tent and PA system this year but may not be able to given the time restrictions. If we can not this year we will next year. The Muse Guild is primarily based in Auckland so fundraisers would probably take place up here. We are open to any other viable options.

If you need any help, want to get involved, or just want to join the party give us a shout! RSS Feed what is XML?

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