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Exchange tips on making instruments.
Invent new instruments.
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kalimba keys?  topic
easy instruments to make by kids  topic
Robotic Milling  topic
The Greek Aulos and the like  topic
Finding the sweet spot with a piezo pickup?  topic
Membrane pipe  topic
link to interesting post about tiny sax like wo...  topic
Looking for an experienced Foley Artist  topic
Schoenhut Toy Piano Rods  topic
hurdy-gurdy making?  topic
and a smaller Bali-Phone (Paul Shearsmith inven...  photo flag
Paul Shearsmith's Bass Bali-Phone (membrane pipe)  photo flag
The fujara  topic
camp in Tuva  topic
Materials for musical instruments from entheoge...  topic
WEIRD INSTRUMENTS group created to share SOUND ...  topic
WEIRD ZITHERS tribe formed: Come Join Us!  topic  topic
Squidpipes, it's a squid, it's a bagpipe?  photo flag
Baltimore International Rhythm Festival Communi...  topic
Brook-eo-sarus  photo flag
Wall O' Drums  photo flag
Eliza'Bell Tree  photo flag
World RHYTHM Drum CIRCUS to be held at Port Dis...  topic

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