New ideas

topic posted Tue, October 9, 2007 - 1:43 AM by  Mongrel
How open are we, as individuals and groups of people, to new ideas?
I have been reading through the reviews for the book Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas:
As I understand it, in this book Tarnas applies astrological theory to explain past human history and point towards what might happen in the future.
One of the reviewers quoted inside the front cover to the book says this: "Breathtaking in its scope and scale of vision, this extraordinary book shatters our cosmological assumptions as it awakens us to a living universe and its creative intelligence," (Christopher Bache).
That is an amazingly big thing to have achieved if it's true. The other reviews quoted there are equally as flattering.
Of course, this "new" idea isn't really so new, in some respects. Many aboriginal peoples have always believed that the world is alive and imbued by a creative intelligence. And it is not uncommon to find philosophies that interpret the world we live in, and our lives, as reflecting similar patterns. Taoism does this, (see e.g. the I Ching).
What Tarnas is doing that is new, I think, is that he is exploring human history in a Western way, and then comparing it to astrological data about the same periods, and showing a correlation. The implication is that Western thought is taking a new turn, not by jumping over into Chinese thought or aboriginal thought, but by using its own methods of observation and theorizing.
Can people change their way of thinking, though?
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