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Does any else really enjoy watching someone masturbate. I have always wanted to catch a girl masturbating. I also love the thought of someone watching or catching me masturbate.. Tell me your stories or fantasy's.
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    Steve my wife walked in on me one time....I was taking a shower and I forgot to lock the door and was jacking it pretty good when she walked in body soap is an awesome lubricant for jerking off but any way she just stood there like a deer caught in head lights and said what the hell are you doing and I said whats it look like and she turned around like she was going to leave but instead she closed and locked the door and said keep going and sat there and watched me.......after a while she could see I was getting ready to blow and she asked where do you want that to go and jokingly I said I want to blow my load in your mouth but she said fine and came over knelt down and let me shoot it in her mouth and she swallowed every drop just like when she gives me head it was pretty hot and has never happened a second time
    • Steve,
      That was hot. I rember the first time I watched my man jerk off. I came into his office and he had his dick out and was stroking it. He tried putting away as fast as he could. I said dont stop keep going. I asked what he was watching on his PC it was a video of me masturbating. I caught my husband masturbating to a video of me masturbating. What a turn on. I started fingering myself with him. We both had huge orgasims. No we masturbate for each other often. xoxo Janae
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        I have a video of my wife using a dildo and her fingers on herself I maturate to all the time, maybe I should accidentally on purpose get caught jacking to it because that was hot too. I didn't mention that it was about a week ago that happened and I have asked her to make this part of our fore play and she agreed, I love watching her play with herself I just think a woman masturbating is a sexy sight and I can't wait till she wants to do it again...this time we can watch each other
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          Not exactly the same subject, but I was in a club with a group of friends standing at two of the round high bar tables and one of the girls in our group was feeling frisky. She was playing with my cock through my pants until it was hard. She pulled it out and began jerking me off while I was standing at the table. Most of the group was dancing and only myself, another girl and I were at the table. Soon enough the other girl caught what was going on and wanted to watch while Nina jerked my cock. Every once and a while the other girl Janice would touch and play with the head of my cock while Nina kept pumping. It didn't take long for me to announce that I was about ready to cum. So Janice placed her hands at the end of my cock while I pumped what felt like a ton of cum in her hands. She held them up to her lips and started licking the cum from her palms, just as our waitress stopped at the table. If you could have seen the look on her face as she took in what she was seeing, you would have laughed for a month. She knew what Janice was licking from her hands and then she looked at my cock in Nina's hand and stood there for what seemed like forever and asked Janice if she needed a mixer for that. Then she litteraly broght the three of us a round on her, because she said that was a first for her and she would remember it forever.

          • that would be a GOOD trip! makes me want in on it.
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              I can tell you it was fun to be a participant. Nina practically had my pants off, but because it was a public place I had to hold them up as best as I could to keep it as private as I could. I feel sure that others were watching and knew what was up, (so to speak). Nina was very adventurous... However Janice was a shock, naturally prudish and a bit of a snob. She must have been drunk enough to not give a damn, or just turned on enough to play the game.
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                I dated a girl in high school that was freaking crazy. Sex all the time.. one day she started playing with my cock very softly through my pants.
                Of course I got a major hard on. She slowly started rubbing her hand back and forth. The only problem was we were sitting next to her parents and ... sorry if this offends we were in her church!! She had her jacket in her lap and had it over my lap too. I didn't fully get off, but there was a small spot of precum.. I was so freakin turned on she gave me a blowjob on the way back home. I felt bad,, and good.. weird.
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                  Thats too funny... Gotta love those good ole Christian girls... Nina still claims to be a good Christian girl, but you wouldn't know it from her actions. I have had many encounters with her and she too is a freak... Must be the escape from having to be the "good girl" all the time.
    • I was laying out nude catching some sun at a remote beach and thought i was totally alone as i jerked off. Took my time and enjoyed every teasing stroke leading up to the end. One of the pleasures of an out doors masturbation session is not worrying about the mess of my cum spraying. Anyway, I stroked my cock to the point of no return and let go a few seconds before it started unloading. It throbbed a few times and then i came and it shot in the air, landing on the top of my chest and throat. I let it rip and it was great. Then i heard a guys voice say "Nice! " I had been caught masturbating. Well nobody asked him to watch, and he did not ask me to stop.
  • My wife and I always watch each other masturbate as part of foreplay. We watch a porno DVD as we masturbate together. I love to watch a realistic, vibrating dildo go in and out of her pussy. I usually cum from oral or from fucking, but sometimes I will cum on her boobs. She goes wild as she talks about hot cum.

    My wife likes seeing multiple dicks and men masturbating on the DVD.
  • I'm 27 years woman , and I can hardly get more pleasure than to show myself while I masturbate and vice versa. It makes me really horny. Several years ago I noticed that the hotel maid in my apartment was staring at me while I was having pleasure with my favorite dildo ( )in my bathroom. I left the door open, and I'm sure that she liked watching me. And frankly speaking, I've never missed the chance to look at someone masturbating, because it's really arousing.
  • Back when yahoo chat rooms were not so well monitored , I would go in one of the gay male rooms, set my webcam to anyone could view and masturbate on my webcam. Pretty soon I would have a lot of guys and some girls watching me. The most erotic part was not knowing who was watching and exposing myself to. I would always cum with a heavy load. That was such an erotic experience.
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      Hey NitePagan, I used to do that on Yahoo all the time. Maybe we watched each other at some point.

      My story, however is of someone watching me:

      I was getting ready to leave for a road trip to Vegas. I wanted to leave early in the morning so I can get there at a decent time. I climb out of the shower at about 6am and i am drying myself off when I hear the front door open. I am single at this time so I was living alone. I peek out the bathroom and see that it is my friend D who I asked to take care of the cats for me. I guess she misunderstood what day I was leaving. so there i was naked with D standing there watching me. I didn't care what she saw and i went to the bedroom to get dressed and she followed me. well I figures she liked what she is seeing so i got on the bed and started to jack off. "care to join me? i asked. she said no, but i went ahead and continued anyway. When I shot my load she just smiled and said "my husband never lets me watch him". I cleaned up, got dressed and gave her a kiss on the cheek thanking her for taking care of the cats (and for letting me jack off for her) and then left for Vegas.
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    when i was 16 i walked in on my aunt giving my uncle a hand-job. they laughed it off & i j/o to the image til i was 20.
    the years in between i always hoped to get a glimpse of that again. instead i became an exhibitionist... id j/o on trains, buses, driving in car....even now in my 30's i love to show off on web cam. part of the reason is watching a couple or individuals making themselves feel good.
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    I really get hot while watching someone masturbate. There's something very erotic about masturbation; a person zones everything and everyone out and gets lost in their own sexual world. I find that extremely intoxicating at a sexual level.
  • watching some one I know masturbate is a turn on for me.. I have watched my brothers when we were 12 or so and my sisters... then my wife and a few men on Skype that I made friends with..

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