topic posted Wed, August 19, 2009 - 2:26 PM by  Lana
It so turns us on. Particularly at our Friday night wine gatherings where we play a widescreen slideshow of the latest hot pics and videos. No one is supposed to fuck their partner or touch anyone else....just get off ..solo.... but as close to another cock or wet cunt as possible.

We have some very very hot nights. Watching a guy stroking his cock and seeing his eyes focused on my dildo shoving itself into my creamedup slit, is just about the ultimate.
Of course when I cum, I gush everywhere and Katy and Lance love the look on the faces of
the newbys when I shower and squirt everywhere.
Squirting cocks erupting makes Katy,The Bitch, break the no touch rule, as she crawls to the pool of cum in the guys hand and licks it up and then tongues it into my mouth. Masterbation in groups is something to be tried,before you die XX
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    OH MY!! Welcome to the group! I"m hot now. Lana, are you in Wichita or around the area?
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    I participated in a group masturbation session a few years ago in so. NJ...very hot....three guy and three women....sitting on chairs in a circle...the man who held off the longest got to take his pick of the woman he wanted to fuck....the women were at a very high state of arousal....two of the guys shot their load, one woman squirted about three feet....Like I said, very hot. I'd do it again anytime, anywhere.
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      thanks for that story... love to see a woman squirt like that!!!! I have always had fantasy's about doing what you did.... just always get scared to act!!!
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    I so wish I lived in Wichita! I will have to let a friend of mine know about this site as she lives in Wichita.
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      sounds good! love to chat or meet her.. thumper!! that was my nickname playing the drums!!
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    I wanna masterbate in public, and squirt and everything...
    Heck...I wanna be Lana when I grow up. <grin>

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