Shaving a man and watching his expressions and feelings change.

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I love shaving a man’s body. It's an erotic turn on for me while I watch them have an erotic turn on as well.
As a guy shaving a guy I find it erotic. It's just such an enjoyment to be able to help guys shave places they can't, or perhaps would rather someone else do and feeling them tense up, and relax, and tense up just goes right through me. Watching their expressions on their faces while you shave around their balls, penis or their ass hole is assume.
They go from watching you shave it, to seeing it look bigger, feel smoother and of course in some cases it's such a turn on they just loose it and shoot all over the place. Kind of like a prostate exam only this is just a hot towel, razor and hair conditioner, oh plus a sensation of being hairless for some is an erotic fantasy coming true for them. Funny when that happens as it’s normally the last thing they expect. Oh well that’s what the hot towel is for anyway along with a good shower and hair conditioner afterwards any ways.
Even shaving a guy’s chest, legs, toes, or their back is such a great thing. I enjoy watching how much pleasure it gives them and how it even builds a man’s confidence in all sorts of ways.
I always remind them though that hair conditioner is their best friend so when it grows back if they don't keep it shaved it keeps the itch away.
I think shaving a man is an assume adventure and one I enjoy doing just as much as the client enjoys having it done too.
Hey need a shave look me up, I'm game if you are. Got to charge a bit of money though as razors these days aren’t cheap and trust me in some areas the last thing you want is a cheap razor. If you’re around or I’m around and you want a clean shave send me an email.
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  • There is no sexer way of getting to know someone then to shave there whole body,or to be shaved by someone else. To take your time and slowly shave all the hair off a man and to see how much they like it and how hard they get, its very satisfing for both.I'm always ready to shave or be shaved and if you are let me know

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