Hairfree Hunk or a Smoothie Admirer

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I'm just curious about the guys in the group. Do you possess a smooth body or are you hairy and an admirer of smooth men? For me, I'm pretty hairy by nature but have been shaved smooth for some time and am pursuing laser hair removal for everything south of the neck.
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    I'd say I have a "average" amount of body hair. For over two years now I am completely shaved from nose-to-toes (Braun Silk-├ępil epilator, Phillip's Body Groomer, & regular razor [wet & dry shaving]). At 52yrs I am about 20lbs overweight. Likes/dislikes? Hairy turns me off, not just back & chest, but even arms. Short to smooth is my preference.
  • I'm naturally hairy but like my body smooth from nose down as they say. I prefer smooth guys by far. Regardless, people are individuals so I admire all kinds of men, depends on the person. Doing laser on my chest and abs, from my collar bone down to most of my pubes. Can't afford more laser, so am trying an epilator after years of shaving.
  • I LOVE hairless guys (you can guess from my photos!) and I like to stay hairless myself. I can tolerate guys with body hair but it needs to be managed. I really wish everyone would shave. I don't go down on a guy with a big full-grown bush. Not into hair in the mouth, and I don't touch hairy asses. I particularly like guys who are supposed to be hairy genetically but remove it. A thick, beautiful head of hair paired up with a toned, shaved or waxed/epilated body is a big turn-on. I like a real, grown man who is not afraid to make himself beautiful and hairless and show it off, and likes to have it touched. And to feel my smooth body against another smooth body. . . that's as good as it gets!
  • I am an admirer of smooth men, but I also shave my cock and balls and trim my pubes. I also use my Phillips Bodygroomer to shape the hair on my chest, get rid of some of the back hair, and I've just started shaving my pits. I've never liked hair on my body, but just can't bring myself to keeping my whole body smooth.
  • New member here. I'm moderately hairy and have hairy legs and a moderately hairy chest. I like guys who are smooth chested especially. Although I shave myself periodically, it's usually when I'm single. My hirsuteness gets complimented, but I do sometimes envy / check out naturally smooth / shaved guys.
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    I have been shaving my entire pubic area for years (and my breast, but there is almost no growth) and I like smoothies a lot. But hairy men can also attract me, as long as they keep there body clean and trimmed if needed). A few months ago I started to use sugarwax to remove my bodyhair, and I am very satisfied with the results: hair stays away much longer, comes back less and the hairs are thinner and softer. And I like the waxing...
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    i'm not very hairy... but love to be completelly hairless.
    After trying almost everything i decide to take diode-laser. Humm !
    the results are spectacular. In only two sessions my body likes almost hair free.
  • I was a hairy bear, now smooth from head to toe, including brows. Working on making it permanent and telling family/friends I have Alopecia Universalis.

    I simply hate body hair. I love gliding my hands over smooth skin (including my own).

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