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How "public" do you go with your hairless body, and especially your hairless pubic area? Here in the S.F. Bay area, exhibitionism is a very common activity, and I've noticed that a lot of guys who are nudies on the warm weekends or at street fairs, etc. are also smoothies. I stick to the beaches, bath houses and public gym showers to show off my smoothness, but even there I like to make sure it will be appreciated and not judged. A shaved crotch always gets looks, and you can tell when guys are into it. On the beach it's particularly thrilling to show off my hairless beauty in the broad sunshine. I get hard when I take my suit off, looking at the hairless perfection and knowing other people can see it.

I'm headed to the bath house today, where I intend to display myself glisteing and wet in the showers which are in full view of everyone, then oil myself up and walk around and show off my smoothness and my swollen cock. I'm going to sit in the steam room and caress my silky body and jerk my freshly shaved cock. I have so much fun just by myself, getting guys as turned on as I am.
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    The gym I go to is incredibly straight, but the majority of guys probably 40 and younger keep their body hair either trimmed close or completely shaved, so I'm not so much of a stand out. There are quite a few serious body builders, etc. The nude beach I go to probably 50% of the guys are shaved as well. Seems more the norm now. I always enjoy showing my smooth crotch and seeing completely shaved crotches on other men, esp brawny, masculine guys!
    • That's interesting you find such a large percentage of younger guys shaved. It's great to hear! I hope it is more the "norm". It's so much cleaner and nicer for sex; I think a lot of women agree on that.

      Here's to "taking it all off!"
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      Hey Scotty, how often do you see smooth guys in some of the more hyper-masculine groups like leather bears, etc? My observation is that there is a strong association of hairiness with masculinity.
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        There is for many....though in those environments, esp the leather scene, there are also the Daddy/boy and sub/slave relationships and people who are often fully shaved too.....
  • I've never been that much of an exhibitionist, but I've done just at beaches that are clothes optional through the years. It was just so natural and I loved it. It makes it easier when other people are doing it. I don't go to them anymore), but I've also happily taken my clothes of in the woods or other areas when men meet, cruising areas (also restrooms sometimes, lol.), if the time was right. That's a bit too risky for me today. I feel it is so wonderful and natural, "like its supposed to be" when we are naked in nature, or anyplace where people are comfortable. When I was at a gym that had a lot of guys who would shower and walk around naked, I sure did. Loved it. I think they appreciated it, too. lol. The gyms I go to now, more locally, are rather closeted. Most guys change their underwear under a towel or face away from people, which I think is a negative message about themselves and to others. The senior citizens don't seem to care mostly. I wish more guys felt comfortable like they do. Good topic!
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    I don't really "show off" per se, but I shower at the gym after a workout. I'm completely smooth and no one has ever stared or said anything about it. And the funny thing is I went from being pretty hairy to being completely smooth in about a month's time. So regulars at the gym surely had to notice. I just don't think it's taboo or an issue anymore.

    The gym I attend that is downtown has a broader demographic and I often see more men completely shaved there, older and younger. Also it would seem that it would be more of a gay thing but I actually see more straight and married guys that are fully shaved. The other two gyms I attend are more hit and miss with the smooth bodies, but I do see it, mostly with younger guys.
  • I have no issues with being hairless. So much so I had my pubes and pits and ass area lasered a few years ago. I am a member of a gay nudists group and most of the guys are trimmed or smooth. Just a few older guys have regular groin hair. In the past couple of years I have had some broken bones and other problems which have put me in the hospital or rehab for days. In those situations the nurse aids would bathe me. it didn't bother me in the least that I had no body hair and I noticed no expression on the aids faces. It obviously wasn't something that surprised them. One aid even asked me who I used for the laser treatment because she wanted her legs done.
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    I shaved my body (arms, legs, chest, pubes) in the locker room showers of the gym on base at Fort Meade, MD during my active duty army days. There's nothing about that specifically that would have gotten me in trouble. The tricky part was making sure I didn't get hard in the process. :) But it was an intense high for me to proudly walk though the locker room in my hairless state.
  • Hi John. I am in MD and I don't get much opportunity to go nude in a crowd. But based on what I have ben told and read about, I get positive feedback from guys who know I have a 100% smooth body. I find many guys look at it as boyish and some do look at it as fem. But I am both of those and I am naturally submissive, so it fits me well. I also know that many younger women(under 30) also love a smooth guy as well. I also find it very hot to find a dominant guy who is smooth. FInally, most guys I know who like to build muscle, tend to have smooth bodies. Good luck! jessie
  • my gym has "converted" from gay to straight, in new york city of all things, and I am one of the few hairless guys there. I was even stared at for having hairless legs by a guy at the next locker the other day. Seems hairy is in now, but I don't mind being different. I think being hairless in public is way hot, maybe even more so when everyone else is hairy.

    Not much chance at being nude and hairless in public these days, east coast is very down on skin display except at a few gay places. I was on vacation recently at non gay places wearing swim trunks that were mid thigh and most men and boys were wearing knee length board shorts (which i fucking hate).

    Being shaved is in a great expression "more naked than naked " , so being more naked in public like a beach, a forest, a park would be sexy.

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