My Wifes Date Just Just Picked Her Up

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Follow Up; My Wifes Date Just Just Picked Her Up For Their Date!

Posted February 24th, 2011 at 10:28AM
I barely finished the introduction to this story when their car pulled up in the driveway. I went and opened the front door so my wife would not need to use her keys. They came in and we all three went into the kitchen. We all made drinks and my wife began to tell me that none of the bars we use to go to were open and some were even out of business. She stood over by him which always excited me. Whenever she sat or stood next to someone she was interested in, instead of near me, it always gave me a since of jealousy with a hint of excitement. I knew that she was showing someone else attention and it would most likely end in sex. She suggested that we move the party out to the hot tub so we all went and changed from our clothes into bath robes and towels.

I went out to the back porch where my wife was already in the tub and Mike was removing the cover. I removed my robe and entered the tub after him so they could both choose their seats first. We sat there for a few minutes chatting when my wife reached over and began stroking Mike’s cock. After a few minutes he sat up on the edge of the hot tub and she moved over under him taking his big thick cock into her mouth. She sucked him deep throating his shaft and holding his balls with her fingers. He slid back down into the water and she straddled him pushing her tongue into his mouth. My wife raised up and looked over her shoulder at me as Mike began positioning his cock for penetration. I could tell by the look on her face that somewhere under the water a cock was finding its way from between my wife’s thighs, to her inner most intimate regions.

She started rotating her hips and grinding on his cock, which turned the hot tub into a wave pool. She then stoop up and turned around gripping the side of the tub with her ass out of the water. He came up behind her and entered her again pumping her doggy style, the wetness of their skin making loud smacking noises. Her arms began to tire so she side, “lets take this to the bed room”. She told me to bring in her things. I put the hot tub cover back on and picked up our robes and towels. My wife and Mike had strolled into the house necked.

When I entered the bedroom she was already on her hands and knees on the bed and he was standing behind her. They were already in mid fuck when I came in and it was to dark to get a good view of the show. I lit some candles and organized the bed pillows the way I know she wants them for the different positions she is going to be taking him in. I sat down beside her and reached up under her cupping her pubic mound with the palm of my hand. I could feel her as she pulsated with each thrust, her pussy expanding and contracting as she struggled to receive his enormous cock. I felt up her vagina only to find it occupied by her lover, her crotch spread wide by his thickness and a large sack of balls smacking underneath her smacking her pussy.

She turned over on her back and put her legs up on his shoulders. He grabbed her thighs and lifted her up in the air as he plowed into her hungry vagina. His thrusting becoming more and more purposeful as her pubic mound rose and fell from the pounding it was taking. My wife moaned with each thrust, which listening to, made my dick rock hard.

I have watched her with other men before and it has never failed to excite me. Seeing her completely overcome with the ecstasy of sexual intercourse with another man can be a little embarrassing and somewhat emasculating. Sometimes seeing her fully involved with a larger equipped man can leave me feeling a little inadequate too. But the closeness we feel when we reclaim each other is unlike any feeling I have ever had. Its just like having her for the first time all over again.

Mike pulled out of her and she turned around and knelt next to me. Mike laid on his back and my wife climbed on top of him impaling herself on his shaft. I laid with my head at the foot of the bed looking directly at her from behind. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was stretched around what she later described as “mounting a coke bottle”. She appeared to be sitting atop a beach ball as she bounced up and down, her huge D size tits undulating as she rode. She belted out loud sighs each time she bottomed out on his cock. Her pussy hidden by his huge sack of balls at the bottom of each stroke would only show her stretched pussy as she bounced up. She rode him like this for about ten minutes cumming several times before changing to another position.

My wife then dismounted her date grabbing me and sucking my cock. Mike came up behind her and spooned with her as she lay on her side sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. She then lay back lifting her leg over his and reaching down between her legs searching for his still hard dick. She pulled it out from behind her, laying it on her thighs and draping his ball sack over her leg in front of her. She then began stroking him as she pulled him closer with her leg and his cock sticking out from her pubes as if it were her own. Turning her head around to the side she then started tongue kissing him as he reached around in front of her squeezing her huge tits. Facing me with her legs spread she then guided his cock back into her pussy as she arched her back. Her labia’s, now in plain view, were now stretched around his thick member, her one hand massaging his balls and the other around her back gripping his ass.

She probed their penetration with her finger tips, feeling her labia’s and his shaft taking in all of the nuances of love making. Her polished finger nails glistened as she felt her clit and tracing a line around the contact point of her vagina to her lovers cock, she moaned. This is the part of her encounter where she is now performing for my pleasure. Showing me the secrets of a cuckolding wife. Giving me a show of sex that no one can see, even if they’re the one having it. A close up view of my wife the way she looks at her most intimate moment, when another man organisms inside her.

Her mouth opened as Mike thrust deeper and deeper into her twat. Her pubic mound pulsated as she came closer to cumming and the sound of his cock pumping in her wetness grew louder. I could see her tense up as she griped his shaft tightly with her vagina, it squirting out the wet lube needed by her lovers thrusting cock. Her insides already full of his penis, left little room for the torrents of spew that it was about to receive. Her labia’s, unable to contain his precious load, allowed ribbons of his seed to spray past making a rushing noise and turning her tan skin white. He continued to pump her for several minutes making our bed look as though someone had spilled a milk shake between my wife’s legs.

She turned toward him and lay on her side, her head on his chest and arm across his body. He was still on his back and they both looked exhausted. I counted over a dozen different penetrations and positions performed by them that night. I turned with my feet to the head of the bed and my head right behind my wife’s bottom. I lifted her leg up over my neck and lay with my head between her legs. Her crotch was swollen and purple the labia’s formed something that closer resembled a babies butt more then it did a vagina. She smelled sour like sex, perfume, lemon juice, her cum and his semen. I ran my tongue up and down her slit licking it the full length flicking her clit with each pass making her whence.

I parted her pussy only to find more swollen and sore pussy parts as I plunged my tongue inside of her tasting her flavor and textures, both of which were now different than usual. It was three thirty in the morning and Mike had just left when she rolled on to her back. I took my rock hard cock and placed it against her swollen pussy. She was tight and difficult to enter her pussy swollen shut after having been relentlessly fucked for the past four hours. Pushed my 9 inch cock into her forcing her swollen lips apart and plunging deep inside of her making her moan. Her insides were loose and sloppy as I explored her used and stretched out vagina. I pumped her feeling her now wet and feverish pussy resisting my thrusts as my balls gently bounced against her butt where her dates sack had rested. It only took me a few minutes to climax filling my wife with her final load for the night.

Later that day after, we had slept, she showed me her swollen and sore pussy, which was several shades of pink and purple, making it hurt for her to pee. She also had dime size scabs on her elbows and knees from being ravaged dogie style multiple times by her date. We fucked several times that day and will be ramped up over this encounter for some time. as we are going to Hedo in two weeks this is a nice warm up to my enjoying her and sharing her as I am sure she will have lots of suitors.

My sharing my wife is an act of love that we both understand and it peaks our desire for each other. Its something that we enjoy and it makes our bond and connection to each other stronger. The times I am the most aware of my love and desire for my wife is when I see her spread her legs for another man, and see him entering her. And she feels closest to me when she sees me watching her receive one of her lovers cock. RSS Feed what is XML?

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