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We talked to one of the disturbers a few days ago. Wake n Bake is going to be helping out, so get with him if you are up for helping with disgusting things. Burners got to represent!
don't know if they have or will do the web stuff. if you don't know where it is held, find one of us that do to go with.
wear something washable!
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alabama slamma
SF Bay Area
  • yo yo yo partners! Me + Disturbathon?!? OMG. hells yeah, you know i'm game. and i just happen to have that weekend off too. : D woop.

    cubes of urine would be supa cool and distubring! unfortunately, one of the primary containers used to make "solid blocks of urine" got cracked/broken at Myschievia. alas, pee documents # 8,9,10 of 13 wont be ready to go until flipside or beyond.


    • I think the best way to do the blocks of urine would be to have a tank of liquid nitrogen, then use "live" pee. only about $150-200 to rent a full tank.

      and yes I have looked into liquid nitrogen rental, i haven't tried to get one yet, so I don't know any other hurdles, but we could have an interactive part of volunteers peeing into block molds and then freeze them.

      for disturbathon, I only have a quick idea of something involving the cruicifiction of modern society, not disturbing for the crowd really, but interesting, 3 major crosses with santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy and other smaller installations involving the pornographic concepts that disturb me on a daily basis like our addiction to consumption, oil, war, fucking each other over, I know a little tame, but something rolling around in my head after having the flu for the last week watching tv, which I never do.

      actually it might be a good Apocalypse Village installation for cold or whisky

      sorry about slipping on info wrangling, I am going to talk to john tonight and have the throw down info by tonight, will post after talking to cold.agents

      cold.agent.wnb out
  • Here's an official-ish posting with all needed info -reposted:

    <a href=" ">Disturbathon</a>

    I know everyone and there grandmother is having a party on Saturday. However, please keep in mind that there are two types of parties:

    1) Halloween house parties
    * skoal vodka
    * some crackers
    * normal people
    * card board decorations

    2) Disturbathon.

    * a goat
    * abnormal people in costumes
    * squid
    * stage for demonstrations
    * dungeon
    * cream corn pit for swimming
    * contests involving meat
    * carnival booth
    * marry go round' <------------------"a fucking merry go round!!! how many parties do you go to with a fucking merry go round!!!!"
    * modicum amount of blood & seaman
    * fisting
    * a foggy maze with slather & lube.
    * a duck
    * warm showers.
    * people who use their butts as candle holders
    * only a miniscule amount of doo doo (we promise)

    The 17th annual Disturbathon is this Saturday October 28 near downtown Dallas starting at 10pm and ending when you can't take it any more.

    go <a href=" ">here</a> for the costume policy.

    And the address is....

    1837 Corinth
    Dallas, TX

    Do not bring glass containers.
    Do not mess with the farm animals.

    But, at will please feel free to mess with the humans.

    Order of the Diabolicrats

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