Naughty Story for a Naughty Girl; Man Seeks Girl in SF Bay Area

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Hi there! I'm going out on a limb here... maybe I'll stumble into a young lady. Chk out my profile... In th meantime here's a little something I wrote....

On The Flight from Charlotte
Copyright 2010

I’m not much of a flyer these days, too many people and the security has gotten a bit much, to say the least.
Flying in from Jacksonville, NC to SFO required a plane change in Charlotte, oh fun.
Walking to the gate for Flt 210 for SFO I spied a pretty blonde sitting waiting. Nearing her I noticed she was looking me, and I her. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her as I went by, clad in a pretty button-up white blouse and a very short tan skirt and dark stockings… yum!

Finally it was time to board, looks like a full flight this evening and I’ll no doubt get stuck sitting next to someone I surely don’t want to be next to. “I’ll bet you a dollar it’s not the pretty blonde I just caught eyes with,” I said to myself.

17C is my seat, as I make my way through the cabin, this alone seems to take forever. “I made it!” I thought… then the pretty blonde comes towards me, I can’t help but look at her, she’s now wearing a dark brown overcoat -it is December 2009 you know. Suddenly I hear a voice, “Excuse me, is this 17B?” I looked up, I couldn’t believe my luck, the pretty blonde stood there taking her coat off! Didn’t have to ask me twice to move, up I got and she slid her way into the center seat. After a few quiet moments I said “Hi” to her, she replied with her name, Kat.

“Hi Kat, I’m Mike” I said. With in minutes the crew was closing up doors and securing overheads in order to push back from the gate. As they were doing so a Flight Attendant stopped and spoke to the man in 17A (window) and asked if he’d like to move to a bulkhead seat –he was a bit on the tall side. Lucky me he moved, so now it was just Kat and I in that row.

No sooner were we pushed back that the Captain came on the PA to tell us we’d be delayed while the shuffled some baggage around in the cargo hold, seems we were too heavy in the rear. That done we’d missed out place and line and thus delayed again while they found us a spot to taxi out. I stuck up meaningless chit-chat with Kat about the delays, she’d mentioned she’d been held up in NY trying to get out only a few hours earlier and thought she might miss her flight home.

Finally we’re off and rolling… up uP UP and AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Kat breaks out a magazine and starts reading, I can’t help but not peak at her, and she’s hot! He white button-up blouse is open and she has a pretty white lace bra on (yum!). She catches me looking and smiles, but continues to read. Soon the Attendants start serving drinks, when they stop at us Kat asks for a blanket, which she soon gets. We begin chatting about this and that, she opens the magazine and asks, “What do you think of that? Does it make you hot?” She was showing a brunette hottie in black lace panties & bra, a VS advertisement I think. “Sure does! She’s gorgeous in that get-up.” Again Kat smiled. We chatted for about 45 minutes, at which time to Captain dimmed the lights, and Kat said, “Do you like to kiss?” Followed by, “Are you a good kisser?” I turned to look into her pretty blue eyes and said, “Yes to both! Why?” She smiled again, telling me I was handsome and thought I was a nice guy, then leaned over and kissed me! Her lips were so soft and moist, I just wanted to suck them into my mouth. At first the kisses were gentle, and then after a few moments became more heated, our tongues began to explore each other, darting in and out and around… it was good hot fun to say the least. The temperature began to rise, I could feel her breathing changing, at which point as our tongues were intertwined I sucked her tongue into my mouth, she could let go, and began to suck it in and out… she loved it, telling me, “That’s a very naughty kiss!” I smiled and did it again. Wouldn’t you know, here comes the Flight Attendants with food for sale (no peanuts though!). We settled down to have a snack and drink, acting like high school kids.

Sitting there eating and talking Kat said, “Come here…” I leaned over and she kissed me with a mouth full of Jell-O! “Oh that was nasty!” and I said laughing. She grinned. While she was handing off the garbage to the girl her I noticed her skirt very hiked up and her pretty while lacy panties, if you could call them that. That looks lovely… I thought, she caught me and smiled, but didn’t adjust her skirt. “I’m cold! Are you cold? Would you like to share my blanket?” Kat said. Didn’t have to ask me twice, I nodded Yes! “So you liked the Jell-O did you?” I smiled back and reached over and about sucked her tongue out of her head! “Oh wow, you sure can kiss!” She exclaimed, “And you’ve got me so worked up too!” Kat moved the center armrest up and slid a bit closer, as we were making out again the lights once again dimmed, no in flight movie sadly, but to give people the opportunity to rest. Kat reached up and flipped our overhead lights off too, it wasn’t total darkness, but it was good enough for the moment.

Going at it hot and heavy, she reached for my hand and guided it to the blouse, I instantly felt shapely breast, probably a 34C and hard as nails! I caressed her over her blouse for a few minutes then ventured inside her blouse – she reached back and unclipped her bra letting them both go free. I reached and grabbed her nipple, at the same time as I squeezed I sucked her tongue into my mouth again… In and out, In and out it went. The passion and intensity in which she was kissed soon increased and I kept play with her lovely tits… she reached for my jeans and began rubbing me. I was already hard as nails too and she noticed right off, saying, “Are you a big boy?” “Big enough” I replied.

I couldn’t get the image of those panties out of my head and reached for them, they were soaked! I began rubbing her panties up & down the length of her, she moaned quietly while still kissing me. I found her little magic button and began rubbing it in circles, the moans and heart-rate both increased… I could stand it no longer, feeling her spear her legs I slid her panties aside and slid in a finger under them, rubbing her clit first then began to bang her. She was just melting, rubbing my cock harder and harder, she began undoing my jeans and pulled out my 8+” cock and began stroking me. I whispered into her ear, “Be careful with that thing, it could go off.” She leaned back and ginned at me. She slid under the blanket and took me into her mouth, it was heaven, those moist awesome lips caressed my throbbing cock, I thought I would explode into her mouth… until she stopped. She whispered in my ear, “I’m horny as hell and I want that cock inside me, now!” I looked left and noticed a pretty brunette smiling and watching us...

“I’m going to the rear bathroom, give me a minute then come in there with me, ok?” “OK!” I replied and put myself away while she got up and headed aft. I wasn’t waiting a minute, I headed back as fast as I could and she opened the door. She faced me, slid her panties off and sat on the lid legs spread… I saw that and had to put my tongue in there! Damn was she wet and yummy tasting! I licked her lips, darted it inside her and then sucked her clit into my mouth like I did her tongue earlier. She was doing all she could to keep quiet, but he ass was moving around and she pushed her pussy into my tongue. Without warning she stood, spun about and bent over, holding the grab-handle, I unzipped my pants and slid my cock inside her, was awesome, wet and warm… it cradled my cock like only one other pussy ever did. I had little room to move so she began rocking back & forth, pumping my cock a little on some strokes and fully on others… I was doing all I could to not explode. I finally said to her, “I can’t hold it in any longer gorgeous!” With out a word she pumped me even harder and as she felt me cum she pushed back up against me, WOW! I thought, this was heaven to cum like that, it had been some time since a women had turned me on like that! She had cum, here’s and mine, running down her legs, she reached down to wipe it off with her fingers and licked them clean!

Sliding her wet panties back on she vanished out the door, I gave it a few then followed her back to our seats. She had a shit eating grin on her face, then said, “I’ve never done that on an airplane. Here I am coming home from an interview for a Nanny job in NY and getting laid on the way home!”
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