Naughty Nudists

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REAL PEOPLE ~ NOT MODELS! No "global fight" "only real guys" or other bullshit pics like that!
READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN! This tribe is for ADULT Men and Women, Straight, Gay, and Bi that like to be Naughty and Nude. Or......Just Nude! Spammers are deleted as quick as rude commenters! Just because you are naked in the shower does not mean you are a nudist! I'm pretty sure everyone is naked in the shower!
* If you are a straight Man or straight Woman, and don't want to see two other Men or Women being naughty together.......Leave now!
* If you are Gay, and don't want to see straight people being naughty together.....Buh-Bye!
* If you are Bi or curious.......You're Gay!
* I don't expect to see pics of children on this site. In fact, don't post them! Plain and simple!
* Post only real pics! Not models or porn stars! This tribe is for real nudist pics, not fantasy pics!
* No cartoons, drawings, jokes, photo-shopped or pics the size of a postage stamp!
* If you are posting a series of a scene, post them in order! Nobody likes to see the end of anything before the beginning!
* You must have a pic on your profile to join! If you look through all of the members on every tribe I moderate, you will not find a ? over a silhouette! The majority of them had the balls (Some lips) to post a pic of their face. However, I don't care if it's a pic of a paper bag, as long as you have a pic.

~ Most importantly........Enjoy! RSS Feed what is XML?

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