negs4poz guys

public - created 03/14/11
this site is for all you hiv neg guys that want to have hiv poz guys impregnate you and give you either full blown aids or hiv and also tell any of your stories here about your fisrt pozzing or ask for your first pozzing what ever it it then tell us all RSS Feed what is XML?

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Unmedicated POZ stealther and gifter  topic
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Twink Chicago Chaser  topic
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Poz Philly  topic
saskatchewan Submissive Bottom from England see...  topic
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Aussie guy  topic
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Willing gifter in London  topic
fuck me  topic
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Neg hole wanting a good Poz Load  topic
Any giftgiving Tops in Maine or planning a visit  topic
Any Poz Tops coming to Austin for X Games. I n...  topic
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Looking for charged loads in Phoenix!  topic
24 yr old neg in Connecticut needs giftgivers I...  topic
March 21-28 asking for poz /toxic poz loads  topic
I have syphilis and AIDS - I do not hide it!  photo flag
are there anyone with herpes? maybe you or your...  topic
looking for gay master/slave  topic

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