Astrogenetics of Novelty-seeking,DRD4 7R,ADHD

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Uranus is said to be the planet of novelty seeking which is said to be connected to the DRD4 7R gene that is found present in approximately half of ADHDers.
I am looking at Uranus aspecting the personal planets/points in the charts of novelty seekers that might have the DRD4 7R gene and could end up labeled ADHD.

The human gene study, which appears in the Jan. 8 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, suggests that behavior now considered inappropriate in a classroom may be related to behavior that once helped humans overcome their environment.

Robert Moyzis, professor of biological chemistry, and his colleagues studied genes from 600 individuals worldwide. Among numerous new genetic variations of the receptor for the dopamine neurotransmitter, they found one linked strongly to both ADHD and a behavior trait called "novelty seeking," a condition often underlying addiction. Their analysis of the genetic variations also suggests that this variation occurred recently in human evolution between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago.

Between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago, anthropologists concur that humans were developing the first signs of complex societies, replete with agriculture, rudimentary governments and the creation of cities for the first time. Humans also were rapidly expanding and exploring the planet. These revolutionary changes in human societies may have changed the forces that selected for certain genetic traits.

"Our data show that the creation of the 7R allele was an unusual, spontaneous mutation, which became an advantage for humans," Moyzis said. "Because it was an advantage, the gene became increasingly prevalent. This is very different from other genes that predispose to genetic disorders, where the mutations are detrimental. We believe this helps explain why a disorder with such a strong genetic association is so common today."

I want to point out that even though DRD4 7R gene is strongly connected to ADHD with approximately half of ADHDers having DRD4 7R gene, it doesn't mean that all nor most DRD4 7R gene people have ADHD. Many DRD4 7R gene people aren't diagnosed as having ADHD, and it could be for a variety of reasons like not dealing with the public school system and were in schools like Montessori,Waldorf,and Sudsbury. They could have been homeschooled. They could have learned a lot of discipline,especially if they got spanked by their parents a lot. Some might have been viewed as troublemakers,delinquents. Some might even be misdiagnosed Bipolar. Some might even been thought of as "he's just one of those Tom Sawyer-like boys,Huckleberry Finn-like boys"
Some might have found outlets to channel their DRD4 7R traits. Some of those could be sports like football,track n' field,swimming,hockey,and basketball. They could also have been involved in creative,artistic outlets. There are numerous reasons that DRD4 7R gene types aren't diagnosed as having ADHD. Even neurodivergent conditions that tend to be comorbid with ADHD could mask the DRD4 7R gene traits like Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. The more severe the Dyslexia,Dyspraxia (especially if having both), the more likely they will be viewed as having disordered and placed in special education classes which tend to have negative stigma attached to them, being known by many as "retard classes".

page 4 - 5 THE EDISON GENE ADHD And The Gift Of The Hunter Child by Thom Hartmann

What exactly defines those bearing this genetic makeup? Edison-gene children and adults are by nature

Non-linear in their thinking (they leap to new conclusions or observations)
Easily distracted (or,to put it differently, easily attracted to new stimuli)
Capable of extraordinary hyperfous
Understanding of what it means to be an "outsider"
Easily Bored

All of these qualities lead them to be natural:


ADD - The Hunter Trait

History of the Grading System,Lecture Teaching

I also considered the 11th harmonic
According to Adze, 11th harmonic is Uranus/Aquarius/11th like.
According to Zane Stein, the 11th harmonic has to do with social consciousness. David Cochrane says that 11th harmonic is rebellious,strong need for fulfillment, and Uranian, dynamic and unstable energy that is in constant motion. I considered the 11th harmonic if involved in aspect configurations.

I only looked at the direct Uranus-personal planet/angle midpoints (conjunction,opposition) for they can show strong themes. I only looked at midpoints involving
I am keeping the orbs within 1 degree.

I am using declinations and right ascension which are the equatorial latitude coordinates that astronomers use to locate celestial objects.

Ebertin used declination midpoints, and I am going to use those too. looking at Uranus-personal planet/angle midpoints.
I am keeping the orbs within 10 minutes of arc

I am looking at the Uranus Nodes. Heliocentric Planetary Nodes move very slowly. Heliocentric Uranus Nodes can be about collective novelty. Heliocentric Uranus Nodes,Geocentric Uranus Nodes would be more about collective novelty-seeking than Uranus itself.

aspects,midpoints involving Sun,Moon,Ascendant,Midheaven are more significant
Sun is the planet of ego,self expression
Moon is the planet of emotional nature,feelings
Ascendant is the planet of persona,....some astrologers that it has to do with the environment,relationships
Midheaven is the planet of career,social status.....some astrologers believe that Midheaven is the soul, the "I"
Mercury is also significant because it is the planet of mental processing
Venus is also significant because it is the planet of relating,valuing things
Mars is also significant because it is the planet of passion,assertion

I seem to come from a family with strong ADHD-D4RD4 7R gene traits. Every one of us are novelty seekers. My mother and all 4 of her paternal half-siblings dropped out of high school ,and found their own niches,doing well in their careers. My mom didn't even complete the 9th grade. My grandfather never even went to high school. I barely graduated from high school,and I ran into a brick wall academically in 10th grade but started with my problems in Algebra in 9th grade. Of course,I was in the special education system for 3 years in early elementary school years,and I had unconventional behavior in early childhood. I am very quick,was a very fast runner. I even even ran track briefly,but I had to stop because of bad grades. Swimming was a longtime childhood hobby of mine. I was diagnosed inattentive type ADHD at 32 years old after being misdiagnosed Bipolar when I was almost 28 years old.
My Uncle Eddie was recommended to be medicated for his hyperactivity when he was a child,and he was born in 1961. He was once expelled from his junior high school. He also spent some time in special education. His son,Joey is very hyperactive like him. Hyperactivity,Restleness seems to run in the family. Alcoholism,drug use (including especially smoking pot) is very common in my family.
My maternal grandfather's father didn't want to stay and do farming with the family. He went to San Francisco, a city known for its novelty and ended up being a bartender as well as drifting. My Uncle Dino had major job instability with over 10 jobs within 10 years including jobs as bartender. My Aunt Dede was restless when it came to men as well as had romantic relationships with women. Her daughter,Shavon was diagnosed as having ADHD at the age of 7 years old,got involved with gang activity,selling drugs,and even got shot(drug-related),and her other daughter Gina got into trouble too,even ran away from home with her boyfriend,and she smokes pot.
Both of my uncles had a tendency to drive fast. They also had a history of selling marijuana as teenagers.
I was born in San Francisco where my parents met. My mom had my halfbrother at 15 years old. She ran away to San Francisco,and met my father there. Had me when she was 17 years old. She was friends with unconventional people including my own father. My maternal grandmother was born and raised in San Francisco. She left my mother when she was a baby because she never wanted her. She might have been a novelty-seeker too.

A lot of instability,dysfunction on my mom's side.

these are just some examples of my family being a strong ADHD/DRD4 7R gene type family.

It seems that there could be a lot of DRD4 7R gene types in San Francisco compared to other cities with its reputation to attract people who are liberal,progressive,openminded,unconventional,and involved in alternative life styles.

I did the charts of my family. I didn't do my father's chart because I don't have his birthtime,but I suspect that he had a strong Uranus influence too.

I think that it's possible that the more Uranian a person is, the more novelty-seeking they are, the more likely they have strong DRD4 7R gene composition. It could be possible that people with DRD4 7R gene composition that is very strong could be the restless and unconventional types that they get singled out and diagnosed ADHD,Bipolar,Oppositional Defiant Disorder,and/or Condunct Disorder and get put on psychiatric medications. Personally, I think the last 2 are bullcrap labels.

I have an alternative label for ADHD
Attention Divergent Hyperactivity Difference

My Chart:
October 29, 1971
San Francisco,CA
3:20 AM

Uranus is my oriental planet (the first planet clockwise from the Sun) is said to be important for vocation
Uranus is unaspected (Noel Tyl says "peregrine",runs away with the horoscope)
Uranus trine Midheaven - 4'04
Uranus conjunct Mercury/Ascendant - '36
Uranus oppose Mars/Saturn - '13
RA Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus - '18
11th harmonic Isosceles trapezoid of Mercury,Saturn,Uranus,and Sedna (all aspects within 30 minutes of arc)
Sun parallel Jupiter/Uranus - '01
Uranus parallel Ascendant/Node - '07
Geo South Uranus oppose Midheaven - '50
Heliocentric Uranus Nodes square Ascendant - '24

My Mom's Chart:
June 13, 1954
6:26 AM

Moon trine Uranus - 2'33
Moon contraparallel Uranus - '35
Mercury parallel Uranus - 55
Venus conjunct Uranus - 3'39
Venus parallel Uranus - '45
Mars oppose Sun/Uranus - '53
Uranus parallel Moon/Node - '06
Venus parallel Uranus/Ascendant - '08
Node parallel Sun/Uranus - '05
Node parallel Mercury/Uranus - '03
Node parallel Venus/Uranus - '02

My Biological Grandmother's Chart:
March 29, 1934
San Francisco,CA
8:04 AM

Mercury semisquare Uranus - '26
Venus sextile Uranus - 2'53
Moon oppose Uranus/Node - '40
Jupiter oppose Mars/Uranus - '39
Sun parallel Uranus/Node - '06
Moon parallel Venus/Uranus - '05
Uranus parallel Moon/Ascendant - '07
Mars trine Helio South Uranus Node - 1'51

My Grandpa's Chart:
June 22, 1935
2:58 PM

Uranus oppose Ascendant - '10
Uranus contraparallel Ascendant - '31
Uranus conjunct Sun/Saturn - '51
Uranus conjunct Mercury/Saturn - '03
Mars oppose Moon/Uranus - '11
Uranus oppose Venus/Node - '33
Moon parallel Jupiter/Uranus - '09
Venus parallel Uranus/Pluto - '04
Jupiter parallel Uranus/Midheaven - '07
Venus sextile Geo North Uranus Node - 1'17
Mars trine Geo North Uranus Node - 1'22
Mars sextile Geo South Uranus Node - '22
Midheaven trine Geo South Uranus Node - 2'02 (borderline,2 minutes past the orb)
Mars trine Helio North Uranus Node - '32

My Uncle Eddie:
September 3, 1960
5:15 AM

Moon contraparallel Uranus - '43
Mars sextile Uranus - 2'33
Uranus conjunct Ascendant - '51
Uranus parallel Ascendant - '55
Sun conjunct Venus/Uranus - '46
Mercury parallel Venus/Uranus - '01
Sun square Geo South Uranus Node - '12
Moon trine Helio North Uranus Node - '39
Mercury square Helio Uranus Nodes - '29

My Aunt Dede:
November 9, 1961
7:44 AM

Moon square Uranus - 1'56 (RA 1'28)
Mars square Uranus - 3'15
Mercury sextile Uranus - 1'51
Venus sextile Uranus - 2'11
Uranus square Ascendant - 1'54
Moon parallel Uranus/Pluto - '10
Geo South Uranus Node square Midheaven - 1'09

My Uncle Dino:
October 24, 1959
10:15 AM

Moon parallel Uranus - '20
Mercury square Uranus - 1'40
Uranus trine Ascendant - 4'33
Uranus semisquare Midheaven - '47
Midheaven contraparallel Sun/Uranus - '06
Geo North Uranus Node oppose Ascendant - '06
Geo North Uranus Node square Venus - '31
Venus square Helio Uranus Nodes - 1'34

My Aunt Isabel:
December 26, 1958
6:03 AM

Mercury trine Uranus - 3'34
Mars square Uranus - '59
Venus quincunx Uranus - '39
Jupiter contraparallel Moon/Uranus - '08
Jupiter contraparallel Mars/Uranus - '04
Node contraparallel Uranus/Midheaven - '07
Midheaven parallel Mercury/Uranus - '03
Mercury oppose Geo North Uranus Node - '27
Mercury conjunct Helio South Uranus Node - 1'31

I am also a believe that just because a person has a brain difference doesn't mean that they have a disorder. Just because a person has a chemical difference doesn't mean that it's a chemical imbalance. These seem like perceptions in regards to people that don't fit what is termed as "normal" which is actually determined by what the majority of society believes is right and acceptable. Norms can change over time. What's a disorder today can be a difference that is tolerated tomorrow. Homosexuality was once viewed as disorder and listed in the Diagnostic Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders, and it is not now. People of different races have been viewed as disordered,but they aren't now. 100 years from now, ADHD will not be viewed as a disorder. I believe that as we advance more and more into a high tech society to the point that schools will be high tech to the point of virtuality reality equipment being used in hand-on education environment, the brains of ADHDers will be more appreciated for their ability to think outside the box. Schools will nurture independent minds. There will be Thomas Edison-types that won't be sent home,labeled "stupid" to the point they don't want to go school and so have to be homeschooled. Schools will have teaching methods that will reach all types of learners and not just the auditory sequential learners which will cut down on learning disability diagnoses,boredom in the classroom,and high school drop-out rate. Education will be interesting,fun,appealing to the novelty-seeking student. People that are made to be explorers,entrepreneurs,leaders,pioneers will not be trained to be factory working types. No more drugging the hell out of them to make their minds conform to what "normal" minds are supposed to be.

That's what I envision for the DRD4 7R gene type as well as everybody that doesn't fit the neurological norms of society.

Different,divergent doesn't mean deficient,disordered,deficient

Diversity can be a good thing.

DRD4 7R gene is found in half of ADHDers and 20 per

DRD4 7R gene figured strongly in migration

The gene that wouldn't sit still
Classroom fidgets and epic migrations may share a common genetic root

DRD4 R7 Gene is also found strong in nomadic societies

A propensity for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might be beneficial to a group of Kenyan nomads, according to new research published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. Scientists have shown that an ADHD-associated version of the gene DRD4 is associated with better health in nomadic tribesmen, and yet may cause malnourishment in their settled cousins. A study led by Dan Eisenberg, an anthropology graduate student from Northwestern University in the US, analyzed the correlates of body mass index (BMI) and height with two genetic polymorphisms in dopamine receptor genes, in particular the 48 base pair (bp) repeat polymorphism in the dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) gene.

Whether DRD4 7R gene people are "disordered" or not seem to depend on the environment that they are in.
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  • Hi Raymond!!!

    I'm absolutely shocked with your posts.
    genetics + astrology, man, thats quite interesting!!!!

    I've just read: "Uranus conjunction ASC people are like mobile antennas who can "catch" different waves, specially mental waves..."

    I want to know how Uranus can connect with electricity and/or invisible waves...
    I'm intrigued about your genetics theme.

    By the way:
    Uranus conjunction ASC
    Uranus trine Mars
    Uranus trine Jupiter
    Uranus sextile Sun
    uranus square Venus
    thats me ;)

    I hope to learn more with your posts.

    My best regards....


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    Re: Astrogenetics of Novelty-seeking,DRD4 7R,ADHD

    Sun, February 7, 2010 - 4:41 PM
    Whoa!! man!! I am intrigued! astro-genetics!! its the future man....i mean i thought as tro-psychology was something but this is something else!! i always knew about this idea just couldn't term it....amazing stuff!! Where can i learn more about this and find out more about myself??

    While i'm at it:

    Uranus exact conjunct AC (sagittarius)
    Uranus square jupiter in pisces in the 4th
    Uranus square MC virgo
    Uranus opp. chiron in the 6th in gemini
    Sun in cancer conjunct mercury in leo in the 8th square pluto
    Jupoter exact conjunct IC and opp. MC virgo

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