Never Say Never...

topic posted Fri, November 25, 2005 - 10:00 PM by  klg
For the newbies, note that I did *not* say I'd *never* call someone "Daddy" in the age play thread.

One of the things you will probably learn very quickly on this journey is to never say never. Sure as shootin' the moment you say you will never do such-and-such, something will happen, and you will find yourself doing a complete 180 on the topic.

Odds are very high that in your first year of exploration alone, you will blow a number of things you thought were hard limits completely out of the water, and either find you are actually crazy about that activity, or at least come to understand it well enough that you at least get to neutral on the idea.

I can't even count how many "I could *never* see myself doing *that*" kinds of comments I had to eat just by the time I got to my first serious playdate a couple of months into my explorations, and it is interesting how many other hard limits are now becoming things I'm at least starting to get curious about, nearly five years on.

You might find it very enlightening to complete a play checklist now, and tuck it away somewhere, then come back and review it in six months, then a year. Odds are it will tell a very interesting tale of how far you have come.

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