What about Mommy-little boy?

topic posted Thu, May 3, 2007 - 9:41 AM by  Ann
Why is Daddy-little girl ok but I don't hear anyone talk about Mommy-little boy play?

Even some lesbians call themselves "Daddy".

I assume there is less desire for this type of play or more of it would be happening.

I wasn't interested but i met a very nice young man who wants to do this because I resemble his mother who he finds to be attractive and sexy.

I asked him about his history with his Mom. He does like older women.

He wants to call me Mom. He did ask me if I had kids before telling me this and I do not.

I'm curious what the more experienced players have to say about Mommy play.


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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Thu, May 3, 2007 - 9:56 AM
    "Why is Daddy-little girl ok but I don't hear anyone talk about Mommy-little boy play?"

    I don't think that mommy-little boy play is not ok, it's jst not as commonly talked about. I imagine there are lots of reasons for that, social expectations of what constitutes a 'real' man and so on. but in my experience, Mommy/little boy play is not all that uncommon. just ask any Pro Domme in the area and she will tell you that there are PLENTY of men out there looking to do that kind pof play. It's a whole different dynamic than what i am familiar with in D/lg play and so I can't speak on the subject with any kind of authority, but from my limited understanding, M/lb play seems to be much more sexual and role play oriented at least among het folks. I've known as many Adult/little relationships as there are sexual orientations and gendered folks to practice them and there are slightly different feels to each kind of dynamic, and of course, each couple is different.

    You may consider bringing this question to one of the age play froums as well. I know there are a couple of adult little boys lurking in at least one of the tribes I'm in, but they generally do not participate much in spite of mch coaxing to come out and play.
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      Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

      Thu, May 3, 2007 - 10:03 AM
      I agree with bethie--maybe because the femme domme/male sub dynamic often has matriarchal overtones, its not as explicit in discussions? I have done a lot of older woman/younger man role play (and real life stuff as well), but generally as a boss or teacher or babysitter. A request to act out a real mom/son incest scenario is rare, but not outside my experience.
      • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

        Thu, May 3, 2007 - 1:23 PM
        Thanks for your responses.

        I guess that I could have used better words, I did not mean to say that it is not ok, I just do not hear anyone talk abou tit like I do Daddy-little girl.
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Thu, May 3, 2007 - 1:58 PM
    I think that sadly, it is a cultural thing. Women are given permission to be little and vulnerable more so than men. I play with a bottom who enjoys that type of play. Although it's more of a Big Sister/Babysitter dynamic. I have a lot of fun with it and so does he...
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Thu, May 3, 2007 - 2:07 PM
    I definitely have done mommy/girl play both as the girl and as the Mommy. I don't play with boys so can't comment there. I do know femme dykes who ID as mommy and play with bois. It's not as common as daddy/girl, but it can be very hot :) There's nurturing, taboo breaking, hot role play.... Yay! If it gets you hot, go for it :D
  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Thu, May 3, 2007 - 4:50 PM
    As someone already mentioned, Mommy-little boy play certainly takes place in the pro domme world as well as in private play. In personal play, I've been a mom for over a dozen years to a girl who is sometimes a mom herself. She calls me mom all the time which has been a little confusing when we've actually been around real family members although no one has done more than looking at us askance. I'm definitely more often considered the Auntie...both for males and females. There are several age play tribes which you might want to check out if it seems like energy you might enjoy.
  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Thu, May 3, 2007 - 9:47 PM
    I find there isn't much talk about Mommy and little girl play, either. In fact, I think there IS a stigma against being "mommy". There used to be a contest in the women's community that was best Dyke Mommy, Dyke Daddy, Dyke girl and dyke boy, but over the years they phased out the "mommy" part in favor of best "Dyke diva", which is so a different thing.

    I have a mommy and I'm super thrilled with her. It took quite a bit of searching to find the right person and it ended up being someone where neither of us were expecting to go there. I'm her Daddy some of the time and she's my mommy some of the time.

    I don't id as either a girl or a boy for most of the time, though. If anything I am an ungendered toddler or little messy monster.
    • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

      Fri, May 4, 2007 - 5:07 AM
      I have noticed that a lot of dominant women have no desire to play mommy. The comment usually goes something like this. I already have kids and I don't need another one. Maybe this has something to do with this dynamic not being out in public a lot.
      When I lived in Seattle in the early 90's there were a lot of public adult baby boys and mommies. I don't know if it was a fad for that time frame or if it's just more popular up there but there were a lot of them.
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        Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

        Fri, May 4, 2007 - 9:20 AM
        It certainly carries the most emotional baggage of any role play I've done.

        There is a subtle difference between "be a mommy" and "be my Mommy." If someone is very deeply into the scene, issues from the person's real relationship with his/her mother can come up, which gets really heavy really fast, so it takes more pre-negotiation for me to go there.
    • I'd say the boi and I are silently negotiating this - I don't think of myself as maternal - I can be an Auntie but age play is not something on the top of my list. We did a wee bit of a scene the other day which was very much me talking to `the littlest one'. I could pulll a whole feminist analysis on why Mommy/boi is undervalued and there is so much power assumed to Daddy/girl - but I don't need to go there....nor want to....My question remains - when a Daddy and a Mommy meet in a public bathroom after fucking/beating the piss out of their particular boi/girl is the conversation on equal grounds. Does the bio gender or gender identity of the person under the title matter....

      I am (a)musing out loud.....

      • when a Daddy and a Mommy meet in a public bathroom after fucking/beating the piss out of their particular boi/girl is the conversation on equal grounds. Does the bio gender or gender identity of the person under the title matter....

        I would think that would depend on the two people in question. For me everyone is on equal ground. Mommies, daddies, boys, bois, girls, gurls and a equal.
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          If a Daddy and Mommy meet in a public bathroom... is it a non-gendered bathroom?

          Gender politics doesn't go away just because someone is involved in role plays or kink. Its highly person-specific, IMO.
          • Gender politics totally doesn't go away whether its a non-gendered bathroom or not...sure there's lots to take into consideration about people, what they project, personal power etc but on the surface...or just below.... That;s a whole other topic - I really just wanted acknowledge Darkly's post...
        • I agree with the equality thing - that is the thread in all I do - I'm only interested in topping an equal, Negotiating with an equal.
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            Interesting point, about the issue of equality in the context of power exchange play.

            Parent/child and Older/younger interactions are inherently unequal. It is the inherent inequality that makes the opportunity for abuse so... whats the right word... ripe?

            Negotiation occurs when the players are equals (hopefully), but the scene gets its power from the power INequality... I think...

            anybody else have any thoughts on that?
            • Sounds like the difference in how I would define "energy exchange" and "power dynamic". I would like to think that in my interactions the energy exchange would be equal in terms of having needs met, by giving power over my actions to the person I'm playing with (in this case, the Daddy/Mommy figure), or playing aikido with me, or dancing tango.
              I do all of these activities for exactly the same reason.I give up control and I get energy, and energetic connection with my partner. In aikido, I switch...
            • I think Darkly we are on about the same thing - I like smart subs, those who can live in the world and function really well but in our play space well = ) .

              I think my post was too brief....

              Yes I agree the scene is powerful because of the negotiated inequality - and that;s made even more safe for me and interesting because my sub can clearly articulate hys understanding of inequality in the real world.

              My sub has a clear understanding of the power parents have over their kids. He's very articulate about ensuring within the negotiated inequality that we don't trigger history for hym or myself.
            • "Parent/child and Older/younger interactions are inherently unequal. It is the inherent inequality that makes the opportunity for abuse so... whats the right word... ripe?"

              Disconcerting. But remember, that abuse is even more present in the real world.

              "Negotiation occurs when the players are equals (hopefully), but the scene gets its power from the power INequality... I think...

              anybody else have any thoughts on that?"


              Posting under a separate title.
      • "My question remains - when a Daddy and a Mommy meet in a public bathroom after fucking/beating the piss out of their particular boi/girl is the conversation on equal grounds. Does the bio gender or gender identity of the person under the title matter.... "

        For the people I've known, it has not mattered. And the relationship between them may be contextual.

        I've know people who were mutually each other's parents or mommies. Or triads which were daisy chained with A doms B doms C doms A. Simalarly, "familial" relationships aren't necessarily consistent with bio relationships either.
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      Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

      Fri, May 4, 2007 - 10:46 AM
      I love Mommies! If I meet a woman and am attracted to her, there is a chance that she is a Mommy...I love the energy...Although I have never done M/lg play...just D/lg...
      • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

        Fri, May 4, 2007 - 11:02 AM
        I played Daddy/little girl with my ex, who also wanted to play Mommy/little boy. At the time I was very uncomfortable about it but in retrospect it could have turned into little girl Mommy playing that Daddy was a little boy but I still have no desire to be a Mommy in any definition!
        I miss having a Daddy all my own...
        • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

          Mon, May 14, 2007 - 5:58 AM
          During one of Master and I's more recent sessions She whalloped me pretty good a few times and actually broke me down a good little bit. I ended up sort of mini-sobbing in her arms and falling off into little space. I'm not a little by deffinition, but She's speculated that I might actually be one. But She called me Her 'little boy' and asked if I wanted Her to by my Mommy. Something deffinietly clicked into place in that moment. It was gone just as fleetingly, five or ten minutes at most, but it was present.

          So, I guess to answer your question, at least in my case you may be looking at a fledgling case of M/lb. I'm not sure, but i think that there aren't many males (or masculine gender identifying) out there who are either little, or at least playful. To get a male into little space takes a lot of wall tearing, you have to avoid the pot hole of "sissy play" along the way, and when you get there you may find that he can only be broken down to it.

          Just my opinion on it, but I think basically the conditions for M/lb play are a lot rarer simply because you need a male little identifier who's also into some form of D/s (even just a bit) and who hasn't gone into sissy play *and* who's willing to let their little out. Then you need to find a Female identifying top who want's a little boy. *Then!* you need to get them into the same room.

          I'm sure there are lots of other conditions and ways, but the above posters are right. Het world and Het politics just don't breed genuine male littles nearly as often they do females.
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            Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

            Fri, November 28, 2008 - 12:29 PM

            I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of baby sissy boys choose it because it FORCES them to accept the regression. Not only are they humiliated into it, but they are being told to be female, which, as others have pointed out, "means" that nurturing is ok to give and accept. There is practically no middle ground for boys because of the walls society has forced them to build up; if they want to be little, someone has to tear them down demolition style. It seems to me that most want to be "put" into another mindset (be it into the mindset of a girl, when it's ok to be nurtured, or a baby in the extreme, when it's ok to be nurtured) because their own minds can't wrap around the implications their desires make. I know it's a bit controversial of me to say, but I've thought about this lots for personal reasons. From my experience, sissy boys/ infant boys (which are truly more OPENLY prevalent than little boys "my" age) are incredibly aggressive in seeking out a Mommy, often under a variety of different pretenses. I personally believe that's not only because of the reasons outlined by others, but because their need to be little (which I understand can be a strong one) is prevented by their own built in inhibitions, so that they NEED someone to tear down the walls and force them to be themselves. Their desire to be little is completely wrapped up in complex fantasies they've built up over time to excuse themselves from their feelings, to the point that they're at a fevered pitch of desire for someone to step into a pre-written script. It feels like a reverse power play, with the bottom forcing their often detailed fantasies onto the top under the pretext that it's what the top wants (so, topping from the bottom). It works out that they'd need a fluffy top willing to indulge in the written script (if the baby/sissy was willing to impart such details, as their fantasies often mean the top just "has to know and want it, too,") while also finding their personal enjoyment in the rather particular "wall tearing" the sissy/baby wants. The fun cycle is that the longer it takes to find someone, the more the baby/sissy needs to be made to be themselves, the more desperate they get, and the more convoluted the fantasy becomes.

            In short, I imagine quite a few more Mommies would come forward if there were more little boys who were relaxed about their ageplaying needs.
            • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

              Fri, December 5, 2008 - 8:39 PM
              I agree Autumn, some of the diaper aged little boys or sissies I've met have just had the worst manners and have been so passive when actually playing that I can't imagine how anyone would play with them besides a professional. Another thing I find when talking about baby sissies with many women (even professionals) is that they don't really like the way sissies want feminitity to look. Some women might want a baby boy or even a crossdressing baby but they really don't want someone who wants to be as sacharine, all dolled up in lace and doilies.
              • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

                Fri, December 5, 2008 - 8:44 PM
                I don't mean to say all little boys (male or female) or all sissies are annoying. Lots are lots of fun. I just remember clearly several who were a huge pain in the ass for everyone around them. For one reason, cause they seemed to refuse to come out of scene and/or wanted all the women around to baby them - ug, i'm not playing with you so stop pretending I am.
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                  Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

                  Sat, December 6, 2008 - 11:13 AM
                  lol. I hear you. It's not quite what I was trying to say, but I hear you.

                  I feel I need to put it out there, though, that one of my best friends is a little boy. I'm not prejudiced against the concept by any means, I've just.... noticed some things... and more so the longer I've been in "the scene."
  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Thu, May 10, 2007 - 6:56 PM
    Mommy play with bio women is less common. But so are fem dom scenes in general. I could hypothesize why, but basically, that's just the way it is in the het world.

    I've known several gay men who played "mommy", though. And I don't think the ratio of mommies to daddies is particularly different from the ratio of fem doms to male doms.
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Mon, May 14, 2007 - 9:16 AM
    Hehehee--I'm laughing only because of my experience with Mother's Day yesterday.

    I went out to dinner with my Daddy and my little boy. My daddy is old enough to be my grandfather and my little boy is my age. The waitress was thoroughly confused with all of the 'Daddy' and 'Mommy' comments throughout! We came home and I put Daddy in a shower and then to bed and then I beat on my little boy, showered, and put him to bed!

    What a wonderfully twisted lifestyle this is!
  • What does your studies say in the cases of homosexual male relationships?
    Among gay men there has always been the young guy and older man relationship, and in some there are some areas of dad and son aspects. I actually moderate a tribe for men who are interested in these forms of relationships in the more nurturing loving aspects. As to the other domination and discipline forms.
    • I'm not a moderator but howzabout starting your own post or invite people to your tribe? I think the thing that I read into this interesting thread is:

      There is not that much visibility for age play around Mommies- we see so much Daddy/boy or Daddy/girl stuff out there even within the non-straight, non-het world. I don't often hear about the Mommy perspective so this was refreshing. Also, part of the heat in it to me is one does not have to have an actual age gap to make it hot and interesting as the Mother's Day family outing post so humorously showed.

      Although I haven't commented much on this thread I have read it with interest and appreciate the original poster for asking it. I think it brought out some good discussion and deserves to be a posting in its own right.

      Just my opinion tho'.

  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Sun, June 17, 2007 - 3:46 AM
    Take into consideration that being called a "Momma's boy" in a vanilla context is generally considered an insult, while being "Daddy's little girl" isn't (or at least it depends on how you use it). Note that you see "Daddy's little girl" tee shirts for daughters, but not "Mommy's little boy" shirts for sons. That may affect how willing people are to talk about or act out a Mommy/little boy scenario in a BDSM context.

    I have to admit that when I co-owned a female slave, I did do Mommy/little girl. With my current (male) sub, however, I don't Mommy/little boy. At least I don't do it overtly. I tend to be quite maternal in general, although I don't have any biological children of my own, so there is some of the Mommy/little boy vibe going on, especially when he's having a rough time. Part of the reason we don't do Mommy/little boy overtly may be because he's a rank beginner. Part of it is probably because he has issues with his bio mother and so doing Mommy/little boy could have some real negative repercussions. Part of it is simply that the "little girl" indicated that she wanted that sort of dynamic while my boy hasn't.

    I'm also wondering if it's less "socially acceptable" for heterosexual men to role play. I know quite a few female human "kitty cats", one puppy and a few pony girls. Most of the male "animals" I know are gay though (puppies generally), with two bisexual pony boys. My boy wants to be a kitty cat, but in a Zentai suit. Consequently he'll be "anonymous" (although anyone who knows us will know who it is). For reference, he is heterosexual and male. ;-)
    • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

      Sun, June 17, 2007 - 5:36 AM
      While to some extent I would agree with you that it being a social stigma could be why there is not a lot of Mommy/lb talk, but then I would think this would also extend to submissive men in general.

      While today men are taught to respect women and treat them as our equals, there is still a part of our culture that says men are the ones in control; we are the bread winners for our families.

      I might also think that part of it might be that men are less concerned with getting older then women. While I am still young and only turn thirty a week from today, I am greatly looking forward to it. In contrast to most women that I know do not look forward to getting older in general.

      You say that there might be negative repercussions with doing Mommy/lb with your current submissive because he has issues with his bio mom. I would say that it could be the opposite and might even encourage grow. Showing him that Mommies are not all the same and some can be loving and healthy

      As a side note as well, a couple months ago I attended my first age play party. And I have to say that it seemed pretty balanced between little girls and little boys. I would also say that the youngest acting ones were also male.

      Well this is my rambling on the subject.

      • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

        Mon, June 18, 2007 - 8:46 PM
        While I will grant your point about the possible social stigma of male submission in general, I guess part of the point I was trying to make is that most heterosexual male subs I see aren't doing role play of any type. That is unless you consider submission in itself role play, in that they might act differently than they do with vanilla friends and family (although one might be able to argue which situation is really role playing ;-) ).

        As far as my sub and his bio mom, I might be able to show that different mommies are different eventually. Unfortunately, his life has left him with a lot of trust issues. I'm one of only 2 people he really trusts in his life, and that's largely because I'm very careful about going into things slowly and carefully with him. I have other things to work on before I worry about Mommy/lb. BTW, I have done that sort of thing before with someone else, but more working through with someone that not all WOMEN are alike after he had a series of bad relationships.
        • Just an other option

          Wed, June 20, 2007 - 11:57 AM
          I am a dominant by nature. However I have never had a younger girlfriend for any amount of time. Currently I am just getting involved with a girl that is 30yo (I am 20). I have no sexual attraction to this, I will note, yet some how I simply have found that I connect with older females much easier. Despite my natural tendency to dominate my partner and my desire for a M/s relation I almost find that I dream of a situation in which I may have a slave whom I am able to curl up next to and feel protected/safe. I guess the idea I am getting at is {slave-mommy/Master-little boy} just an Idea I would love to watch you all kick around.
          • Re: Just an other option

            Wed, June 20, 2007 - 12:14 PM
            I know of other people who have submissive "parents". The dynamic does not always have to be that the "parent" or "elder" is the dominant one. I know of an adult baby who likes to spank his mommy sometimes in scene.
  • Pj
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Wed, August 20, 2008 - 11:11 PM
    Well for me its not sexaul thing i do love the role play the Mommy/son
    its a connetion that i did not have when i was growing up.
    i was rasied in foster care
    so i did not have that matternal figuer in my life witch i really needed
    some to to tame down. and have that connetion

    i did see and hear my freinds get spanked by there moms
    did i get excited alittle bit but not in a sexual way .
    it was neet to see and hear and i wish i had that in my life
    having my pants taken down and pulled over her knee for a good
    spanking and thjen sent to the corner after or made to do some
    chores or wrting lines its a dicspline thing
    for me and some other pepole we just need that connetion
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Fri, August 22, 2008 - 4:03 PM
    spinoff:I often tell my girlfriend (shes older) that I wish we'd met when I was in high school and I would have been her jail bait...
  • ben
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Fri, August 29, 2008 - 5:08 PM
    i have read and re-read all the comments started by this question and finally i decided to post a comment of my own.
    I am a switch by nature,I prefer to be sub but I do Dom as well.I also age play,I play as a five year old who is exploring and I try to be as realistic as I can imagine a five year old to be. I knew of age play chat rooms where three year olds were climbing and jumping off the roof which to me is so non realistic and somewhat silly but all they were interested in was some sure fire cyber spanking .

    During the time as a male age player I found there aren't that many women willing to take the responsibility of looking after a little boy unless they want an incestuous relationship.
    That's not to say all women are the same I'm sure there are lots who would relish the love of their little boy who will give them hugs and snuggle and draw pictures,and will take the time to provide loving discipline as required,they need to make themselves known.Maybe there should be a tribe with Mommies looking for little boys ......... that would be a tribe I'd join straight away
  • ben
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Wed, October 22, 2008 - 4:41 AM
    i set up a mommy boy tribe a while ago and have had no interest in it perhaps i am alone in the ageplay area of a boy wanting a mommy??
    • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

      Wed, October 22, 2008 - 3:12 PM
      I could not find your tribe in a search. I suggest you put the actual link up for the tribe on this thread. I had to go to your profile to find the tribe. It might help.
      • ben
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        Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

        Thu, October 23, 2008 - 6:05 PM
        • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

          Mon, November 24, 2008 - 8:49 PM
          You know ben, what may have turned lots of folx off is the judgemental way you seem to express what you think is rubbish and put down what some people like that you don't. Just thinking that when I read your first intro post in your tribe. Your negativity towards other people's fantasies made me not want anything to do with your tribe, even if I didn't share those fantasies.
          • ben
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            Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

            Wed, November 26, 2008 - 5:01 PM
            actually i didnt say anyones taste was rubbish if you read it properly it says "incest and rubbish" as a statement i am open to most things but have limits aswell as anyone else
            • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

              Wed, November 26, 2008 - 5:30 PM
              Perhaps I didn't understand. Are you saying that you think that people who actually fantasize about their relatives or are you saying people who actually are having sex with their relatives?
              • ben
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                Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

                Thu, November 27, 2008 - 3:15 PM
                im on about when a "mommy" has sex with her 5yr old so real life when mothers sleep with their sons and fathers their daughters etc at the end of the day a fantasy is just that a fantasy no-one gets hurt by it (unless that's the fantasy lol)
                • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

                  Mon, December 1, 2008 - 4:53 PM
                  My starz and garterz! What a tremendous amount of dicussion about Age Play from the Mommy/boy perspective!

                  I specialize in this type of play in my Professional Surrogate practice and have done many types of roles from sexully erotiuc to the
                  non-sexual. Some folks such as my dear friend Mistress Cybelle do complete nurturing even to infant play. This type of play often has nothing to do with eroticism and everything to do with a level of attention that creates complete and total regression to a time of non involvement in the world of adult responsibility. It can go from total nurturing to unbelieveable play with spankings and Flying as the ultimate goal.
                  As an older Domme I find more and more folx ask for this type of experience. I love Age Play!

                  Someone stated that this is a social issue and there are several dynamics discussed about why we don't share much in the Scene in general about this... Beats the heck outta me LOL!
                  No really sometimes as a Professional I don't tend to discuss session experiences publically. However.... I find that as more Dominas emerge the topics and experiences have varied more and more.
                  Sooo stay tuned *WEG*

                  I absolutely insist on having a sense of Humor.
                  (It gets boring being an Olde Guarde High Domina and having to be so protocol oriented! nose in ayerrr!!!)

                  PS I agree that this must of course be complete fantasy. I always do an emotional health history when I Scene pro or social if Age Play is involved.
  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Wed, December 31, 2008 - 10:46 AM
    hi all. i am new hear. I have always been atracted to this type of play. I think that it is really nice to be taken back to a time where you had no real cairs and no worries and stuff like that. I have had a fanticey of beaing a little boy to a kind and loving ladey who is also in to beaing a mommy. I am happy that i found this group and that i can talk so oapindley about this subject with out fear of beaing judged. if any ladies want to chatt about this then feel free to add me on yahoo or msn take care all and happy newyear!!!!
  • ben
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    Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Wed, January 21, 2009 - 8:21 PM
    i see alot of people sayinga bout sissy boys etc i love to play a 5 year old boy how explores thing and has fun has a great time in the bath with his "Mommy" caring for him its a regressive state i know but one i like i dont want to be a girl or anything i just have the need to be cared for and yes while i play five i will do naughty thins and get my bottom smacked but like a five year old would

    its all about the realism

  • Yeah

    Tue, December 8, 2009 - 8:51 AM
    In all honesty I love this type of roleplay. I tried to get my girlfriend to do it but I was too embarrassed to ask her straight up. I tried to hint at it during sex but she didn't respond. Yeah I think it's weird that Daddy is acceptable but not the other way around. Dunno.
  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Tue, December 8, 2009 - 3:00 PM
    In my opinion, it's not about what is or isn't acceptable, it's about what is more common.

    Daddy-daughter just happens to be more common.

    Have fun in whatever you do, and if it's acceptable to you, that's all that matters.
  • Re: What about Mommy-little boy?

    Mon, January 20, 2014 - 8:09 AM
    This is an area I have been interested in for a long time. My Femdom Mommy wanted to find a way to explore this role play but felt uncomfortable with hard core sissy or baby play. So she began to experiment with preteen age play with me as her little boy. This is a very incestuous role play. Yes, it is highly sexual play.

    I think it is not as commonly known as this type of play would not be found in the professional Femdom community due to the sex. Most of the sites that describe role plays are disproportunatly represented by professional dominants here on the web. I do think Bdsm has evolved as a practice to the point that more out of the closet private non-professional relationships are being explored in forums like this. That being said, we have a long way to go.

    Her thoughts about the actual practice were to not create a sissy boy but a boy completly dependant on her for nuturing . Our regression is based on a preteen boy. She has made outfits for me such as childish print jammies cut so that my special parts are exposed and available. To me that is plenty humiliating. There are certain elements of baby play involved including breast feedings and bottle play . Diapers and such were too much of a regression for her. Those practices did not appeal to her. Of course domestic discipline is a part of our play as well.

    This is our take on the play. Certainly there are all kinds of variations. It is not always about feminization. Although all safe, sane and consentual play is interesting.


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