Need to find more techniques for my Dom to use on me

topic posted Sat, July 21, 2012 - 8:03 PM by  Lisa
I am a very new sub and am fortuntate enough to have found an experienced and humane Dom. He has instructed me to find out more about the things I enjoy, and says that I should identify the things that I enjoy and find the proper names for them, so that I might be able to express it properly to him and/or to find additional activities that I might enjoy.

So I am hoping that the people on this forum can help me. I am hoping I can list the things I like and if any of you can think of similar things, I would love to hear about it.

I enjoy being choked, but cant stand the thought of any other breathplay (like suffocation or hanging or any vinyl masks). I like the one hand hitting both the carotid arteries more than the "crook of the elbow" or "one hand for each artery" choke. And of course, I love when he looks into my eyes as he is doing it. I also likes when he puts the belt aound my neck but he doesn't really squeeze my neck hard.

I thoroughly enjoy when I am lying on my stomach and he lies on top of me and kinda squishes me, especially pressing into my arms and stretching them. He sort of sat on me once too and was careful about my lungs, but it felt good. I could literally be in this position for HOURS, I love it so much.

I also like when he pushes me up against a wall and stretches my arms. He almost pushes me up and there ends up being marks on my arms, but I don't feel like it is bad at the time. :-) He thinks I might like suspension, but I think it is more like I like him showing how powerful he is, so I think I want his hands on me. If some sort of device is used, I kinda think that might take some of the fun out of it.

I love my hair pulled, love spanking, don't at all mind being slapped. But I sort of think the things I like are "overpowering" kinds of things. But maybe I am misunderstanding?

Anyway, I would appreciate any insight anyone might have for me!! Thank you.
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  • Hey girlfriend - you really need to let yourself go and get over some of your hangups, which obviously you are over reacting too. Part of a DOMS professional structure is to take you up and "TEST" your limits. The choking game is dangerously wrong! A suffocation mask or hood serves a much better/safer technique when used properly to achieve the same or at least similar results.

    How old is your new DOM anyway? Does he have any experience at all? He certainly lacks imagination all of which are necessary to be a good Dom! Let go a little !

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