Are those Nipples or Cocks on my chest? I am creating both!

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Transforming my nipples into a pair of cocks jutting out of my chest!

My Nipple modding tools: Supple Nipps, Nipple Boosters, Twist and Suck and more...

My favorite: Supple Nips, they are available in various sizes and colors from Nipple Fun Wear, they are my current favorite nipple enhancer. They hold up quite well under daily use. They feel good to both you and your play partner, like an extension of your nipples, they can be squeezed and pinched during play and stay on all the while. My nipples are getting quite large and I can leave these on for hours. I use the largest size #5 XL (clear only) and produce a nice fat and long cylindrical nipple. It might not feel like they are pulling hard enough but be patient, they work great!

I also use the Nipple Boosters from BoyzShop, Fort Troff, 665Leather, and others, these bell shaped black rubber suckers pull out a nice cone shaped nipple.

Also, the "Twist Up" or "Twist and Suck" nipple suckers are available at many sources, one of the best deals is at BoyzShop. These generally feel good for play, but pull too much underlying tissue to produce a long lasting larger nipple.

Then the tried and true nipple pump cylinders available at many sources which attach to the typical cock pump set up, this tends to be among the most expensive but not necessarily most effective method. Yes, I use them too.

FINALLY after getting them pumped I like to tie mine off or wrap them with handy devices available from Nipple Wraps. If you're crafty you can reverse engineer these and make them yourself, but they are rather inexpensive so why bother:

Or, use the Elastrator Kit, veterinary castration/tail docking bands, which can be put on after pumping and left on for quite some time, often the bands must be cut off with surgical scissors so be sure you have a set, they are blunted for safety. The best deals are on Ebay,com and this is the set I bought:

I hope this info helps, you can see my nipple modding pics on my profile page. I frequently use each of the above methods, but use the Supple Nips and Nipple Wraps most of the time to get my desired result.

I am contemplating silicone in the future, but for now, I am pleased with my efforts.
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