Castration - Orchiectomy

moderated - created 09/24/10
A tribe for the discussion of male castration be it for medical or other reasons. A place for people of like mind to get together to discuss the impacts of the removal of the males testicles and to provide support for those have had this done for a medical need, accident, or other reasons.

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West Virginia
I eunuch and my dick is always looking down  photo flag
Zip Tie  topic
castration or more?  topic
transplanting a third testicle  topic
aftr banding  photo flag
banding  photo flag
urinal problems after castration  topic
it's time  topic
Orchiectomy Day  topic
help  topic
Eunuch Punishment  photo flag
So How is everyone today  topic
seeking cutter  topic
Movie - Elastrated 66 minutes  photo flag
Elastrated 66 minutes  photo flag
Elastrated 66 minutes  photo flag
Elastrated 66 minutes  photo flag
Movie - Icing my balls  photo flag
Burdizzo  topic
Eunuch  photo flag
Need help with explaination  topic
Balls for free, just remove them  photo flag
Hi All  topic
Hi all  topic
saline infusion france  topic

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