Who knows about your castration or vasectomy?

topic posted Mon, April 15, 2013 - 10:21 AM by  Ryby
It is over 2,5 month since my castration and vasectomy was performed. Because castration and vasectomy are generally not accepted by society, I put a lot of attention keep it in secrete and reduce as much as possible the number of peoples that may guess what I have done with my genitals. In this moment only two persons that i meet or met personally knows about it and I’m not going to inform any other about this. They are: my close friend (woman), and cutter who performed my surgery. My question is aimed to castrated/vasectomised men or those who are decided to do this in a close future. I wonder how it is in your case. Can you estimate how many peoples that you meet personally know about your modification and who are they i.e. your lover (woman or man), wife, family, children, close friend, other friend, colleagues, doctor, other peoples. What is your opinion and approach to keep it in secrete.
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    Fri, April 26, 2013 - 12:54 PM
    Dear Ryby,

    Poland must be a lot different than California as about 1/3 of the married men with children here have vasectomies, and they talk about it with other men. Regarding castration, it is as you describe - no body wants to talk about it. Usually castration is done because of Cancer so there is more to discuss than loosing ones balls.
    • Yes Poland is different to California because this is quite conservative country. The vasectomy is not accepted by church and polish law. This operation is performed on request in neighboring countries such Germany, Czech Republic. The Polish law treats a doctors who remove fertility on patient’s request as criminalists.
      • I have come to a point I do not hide my status from family,friends,or coworkers and have had no issues. I believe most ov the issues were with my own insecurity. It has been a relief actually and no longer care who sees me in the locker room anymore as I feel if they have a problem not mine! I love this new freedom!

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