Living in fear and acting out of fear

topic posted Thu, April 5, 2007 - 2:55 AM by  John
I've spent much of my life in my unique version of living in fear and acting out of fear. I was fortunate to have a wise therapist for ten years, and some very transformative experiences. Once you know what is like to NOT live in fear and to not act out of FEAR — a very powerful epiphany — it becomes second nature, and unimaginable to go back to that way of living. It is as if you had lived in a prison cell for most of your life, finally chose to break out, and unbelievably discovered the cell door had been open the whole time. While you were in fear and acting from it, that locked door seemed so real, and the discovery of it being open is astounding.

It is not quite being fearless, because it is natural to fear, but realizing there is nothing to truly fear. I'm not saying that I have reached the ultimate version of this, but I've stepped out of the cell, and it feels good.
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    Hooray John!! Thanks for being COURAGEOUS and letting us know you're here. I do think this Tribe is misnamed because fear will always exist. Maybe we could change it to Courageous Lover, Courageous Living since courage acknowledges that fear exists, but we act in the face of it!
    • Those are very beautiful terms, "courageous lover" and "courageous living". Courage is a very good thing. I'm glad you found my act courageous. In this case it wasn't. But when you stop acting and living out of fear, courageous things seem natural.
  • Awesome John! Thanks for sharing your testimony. We must face our fear, that's the only way it diminishes.

    I teach stiltwalking, and my students are always very nervous in their first lesson, they shake and stammer and don't want to move. But then we get to the lesson about *how to fall*. I force them to fall in the way I show them, a couple of times, so they know how not to hurt themselves. Once they experience that controlled falling, their entire attitude about stiltwalking changes. They are confident and it is no longer a Big Scary Thing, and their grace begins to emerge. I think there's some kind of life metaphor there....

    The Magician knows there are only two sources of manifestation in life; fear and desire. These two forces are at odds but both will make things happen. Thus the Magician knows that in order to be a good Magician and not make fearful things happen, he must first get rid of his fear. A crucial first step in personal power.

    Dood, you rule. Rock on! :oD

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