Flooring made of log-ends or wood "pavers"

topic posted Mon, January 19, 2009 - 8:21 PM by  transfag1
Been exploring flooring options, looking for a cheap alternative to a costly concrete slab floor.
It's been tough to find info on using wood "log ends" or rounds or slices, laid like tile, for floors.
Key word seems to be calling them "pavers", to find info.
See log end floor by Utah pro builder

Here's a link with info about using these log slices, timber slices, log rounds, circular log "tiles" or pavers etc, outside. Obviously it can be adapted for inside use.

This page has one photo of what looks like a "tile" they created for use in a countertop. It's log slices mounted in a frame, with crushed bark as fill-in (polyurethane sealing the bark? Not sure)
Page is good refernce if you want to see the color and grain of various types of wood as well---- very detailed photos.

Brief forum discussion of using wood pavers for gazebo floor.

And here's a company that makes square/rectangular wooden blocks for flooring.
(Most info I see talks about using this block shape vs round....but of course that cutting drastically increases labor & cost)

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