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Share/Save/Bookmark what is the difference between a 240, a 270, a 265, and a 26O (that “O” not “0”).

Of course leave it to to NOT explain ANYWHERE on the website what the difference is between these machines.

Does anyone know?
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Vortex Triturator
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    Thu, March 6, 2008 - 8:55 PM
    JaneO posted that she wants to find a used Norwalk - maybe at GoodWill Industries: Hey you never know!! I think it's a great idea to look for used Norwalks, if only because the new ones are so ridiculously expensive. They cost more than a new car!! But where to find them?

    Hmmm. Think think think...

    I'll bet there's tons of old Norwalks in attics and garages, gathering dust after the purchaser finally had-it-up-to-here-with-the-damn-thing and switched to a Jack LaLanne...So let's see...AH! I've got it!: You could train a dog to smell a Norwalk and then just walk up and down streets past garages until the dog barks. Yeah! That would work!

    OK, let's see what else we can come up with to find JaneO a used Norwalk Juicer... Well the evil Norwalk company themselves sells used machines -- see the original post in this thread but there is something wrong with the link there, so here it is again:
    By visiting that page you get to laugh again at the worst website in the entire world. What a shameful thing that website is. The Norwalks should be, well, ashamed of it. It is so, so bad. But good for a laugh.

    Then there's a Norwalk Juicing Community website that has a 'used norwalks' page at
    Warning: That website's a real snoozer after tribe! But if they've got used Norwalks, that'd keep me awake!

    Also there is a cancer clinic in California called THE GERSON INSTITUTE that recommends high quality juices for its cancer patients and actually goes so far as to say that if you use a centrifugal juicer instead of a Norwalk, you will not be cured!! Wow! They are believers!

    Or maybe they get big $$ kickbacks from Norwalk for every juicer they sell.... !! Hmmm... Maybe that's why the machines cost so much: They're a healthcare expense!! Oh I just made all that up so don't get mad at me Gerson Institute. I think you're right about the quality of the juice being higher and making a difference - i certainly feel a difference and I don't even have cancer. But let's get to the crux of the matter: Does you got any used Norwalk juicers?
    Click on this page and scroll way down to the part about juicers.
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      Thu, May 19, 2011 - 2:27 PM
      I know this is a little late, but I have to respond to Vortex's asinine remarks about the Norwalk Juicer in general and the Gerson Therapy in particular.

      First off the Norwalk Juicer is a superior juicer to any other though it may not be as convenient to use as a centrifugal juicer or a Champion like juicer because it extracts ALL the nutrients available in the vegetables or fruits processed, and it does so with minimal exposure to oxygen or the centrifugal forces that oxidize and destroy the structure of the enzymes and nutrients that the other juicers do, rendering their juice virtually useless.

      Dr. Max Gerson, a true scientist and healer of men, examined all types of juicers for use in his therapy and he found that grinding and then pressing the pulp to extract the juice provided the most nutrition and least damage to the nutrients and that it was the only method that would give the necessary nutrition and desired immune system response in his cancer patients that had been written off my traditional orthodox medicine. The Gerson Institute recommends the Norwalk because it is virtually the only juicer available that extracts juice through this process. The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization created by the daughter of Max Gerson to keep the practice of the therapy alive and help those cancer patients looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, that only offers surgical mutilation, radiation and chemical poisons to treat cancer with no cure. The Gerson's Institute has documented case histories of people cured by the Gerson Therapy but is continually dogged as Quackery by the Medical Establishment, mainly because they can not make tonnes of money off of it.

      I know the therapy works first hand because it cured my brother of squamous cell carcinoma and my cousin of leukemia.

      So, Vortex, you should not make snide comments about something that you obviously know nothing about and apparently do not care to know anything about and are apparently happy in your ignorance. If you have nothing good to say about something you don't understand or otherwise know anything about you should just keep your mouth shut and not try to discourage someone from seeking a piece of equipment that will improve their health.


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      Wed, July 20, 2011 - 10:51 PM
      Dear Vortex,

      I totally agree with Lewis. If you don't care to the take the time to really research the difference between a Norwak Juicer and other centrifugal juicers, then of course you will never know, and therefore will never be able to value the Norwalk Juicer. Is the Norwalk Juicer overpriced? Yes, possibly. Is it the best and possibly only juicer that retains the most nutrients and enzymes? (which are required for healing/strengthening the immune system) absolutely yes. You may want to take the extra time to talk to an experienced chemical laboratory researcher, who can confirm this easily. Just as easily as knowing that, when a fresh Norwalk juice is not consumed within 10 minutes after juicing, the enzymes will have dissolved and evaporated and therefore you only have vitamin enriched juice, but the important enzymes are gone. The same thing happens by the way when the juice is poured and kept in a plastic container rather than a glass container, due to the microscopic pores in the plastic, the enzymes also are no longer present. The producing of the juice by pressing the pulp through a “cloth method” may seem antiquated to you, but this is the only way to retain the enzymes. Retaining the enzymes is the single goal of the Norwalk Juicer, because the enzymes have the power to heal, not the juice. If the Gerson Institute claims that; “If a “Non Norwalk Juicer is used for the Gerson Therapy, the Therapy cannot be successful” then rest assured that this is correct.

      Most commercial juicing places serve the drinks in plastic containers, which is more an entertainment for the taste buds and one’s believe that they are doing something good for their body, which is partly true, but they could do much better.
      If you line up glasses of freshly produced juice by any juicer that’s out there on the market today, juice that was produced with the Norwalk Juicer will by far have the most enzymes and nutrients.

      A friend of mine cured himself of cancer over the course of two years, with the extremely strict diet designed by Dr. Max Gerson. I could tell the difference from a Norwalk juicer compared to other juicers with blindfolds on.
      I would not be surprised if you, Vortex, are employed by the Pharmaceutical Industry, if not, you may want to consider joining them. They may have some good use for people like yourself.
      All the best of luck to you, and I sincerely hope that you will never get sick or have a sick friend that is very close to you, otherwise you may be in store for quite some wake up call.



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      Sun, August 7, 2011 - 12:40 PM
      I have MS, I started juicing with a cheap juicer, and switched to Champion juicer. The difference is like day and night. I feel a lot more energy now. My wife is an MD, who told me that it was not useful to go on an organic diet when I went on it.

      My Mom is diabetic who started to drinking juice when she saw the difference in me. She is not taking her medication for over a month now. Before starting juicing I would not been able to post this message because of the lack of energy.

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