Cut my penis!

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I am looking for extreme torture and finally total cut of my genitals with the guillotine! Will somebody please help me? Who wants to finish? I don't have courage! I really want my penis and testicles cut off !!! I would like to keep everything after cutting in jar or plasticizers erect penis in a museum! I think it would be a good show!
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    Thu, January 10, 2013 - 5:44 AM
    how do you do with my balls and penis? I have two varicocele, one for each testicle .. and my penis? is always hard .. My balls are always full of cum .. by sprare out .. I betray the hearts of many boys and girls to have sex with others and if someone castrate me and my penis size grossoe long and hard and my big testicles makes me her slave and makes revenge for horned boys and girls .. I think that takes reward horned put on my balls and penis hahaha
    tells how you cut my balls and my penis .. in public?
      here .. now I'm ready to cum hard penis haha
    over to tell me how to messagigio operate on my genitals, if you want to comment on my photos of my body ..

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