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Hey guys, now...I've somehow screwed up my right-shouldar and upper arm as I slept last week, so I'm in a lot of pain (especially when typing), so I'll try and keep this brief. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Gods and Goddesses especially associated with employment? I ask because I've squirrelled away some money in order to create a potion and spell to these ends-- I'm simply sick of being unemployed! But, for the last two years, I simply lost the Will to even continue looking, due to the unyielding rejection I kept recieving (especially when that damned three-tiered interview-process makes it so inconvenient!). Hel, one large company wouldn't give me a chance due to an instance of miscommunication [the denotation I was taught in college, that signified an "open ended question", was not what she viewed as an "open ended question"; and she could not give me a second chance nor did she bother to explain her connotation at the onset]; another large company I applied to wouldn't give me a chance because I was not "hot" enough-- the guy I would have been replacing, the "face" of the Co. when you walk into the front door, could have been an underware model[!]; while, I have also encountered a sexist stigma that closes many doors to me-- receptionist or desk-type "jobs" are viewed as "women's work", while, for men, unless you have some sort of degree in business or computers, etc. you are relegated to the most harsh and physically demanding jobs. Jeeze, I couldn't even get Target to hire me to work on the floor! So, because of my experiences, I had fallen into absolute despair for a long time (almost 2 years, in fact)! It was this that lead me to think that maybe I have been cosmically black-balled-- after all, I couldn't even get a job when I was applying all across town during and shortly after college (and this was a college-town). And, that thought constantly eats away at my resolve. What's worse is when the hiring managers look at you with a blank, careless expression, as if they've never been without a job a day in their lives! I've even had my lack of experience with a certain form of software held against me, despite the fact that knowledge in it was not requested in the initial advertisement-- they just blind-sided me, that way. (Okay Wade, catch a breath....)

Anyway, some of the thoughts I jotted down this morning were:

* Mysore sandalwood oil [I seem to recall that Ganesha-- to whom this is sacred-- is regarded as a God of the lower class people and their prosperity or employment]
* Bay (Laurel) oil [For "winning" or "out shining" the others, because this it what was used to crown the winners of the ancient Olympic Games]
* pinch of sea salt [our word "salary" comes from a Roman expression for salt; and salt was once extensively used as a foprm of currancy, particularly by the Celts at the Halstatt region]
* Venusian, Mercurial, and Solar influences [the latter for the "All Seing" attribute of the Sun, 'cause I happen to believe that the Gods almost certainly can see what I cannot; hence, They may be able to find a job that I would be entirely unaware of-- as a result, I was seriously thinking about using a yellow candle in the spell]. And, perhaps something small relating the the Earth for pragmatism, oir something also for success.
* Tonka Bean oil [??? Just a random thought, because I hear it's unparalleled in drawing prosperity and wealth...and it's supposed to smell a bit like honey!]
* Bayberry [of course, there's an old addage that, "A bayberry candle burnt down to the socket puts plenty of money in the pocket!"]

Oh, it looks like I almost forgot to interject the statement about what role researching Gods and Goddesses of Employment might play in the Employment Potion I want to make. Well, I would like to discern what fragrant herbs and oils were (and are) dedicated to Them, and if these same substances can be said to draw wealth and prosperity, good fortune, and particularly employment! ;o)

Y'know, thinking about this topic, I have never seen any Witch devulge a list of what they deem to be, in their experience, the best herbs and EOs for gleaning employment-- and why! (Hey, "Why?" is my favourite question!) This seems to be an aspect of Magick often over-looked in modern Pagan literature...

Take Care,
Wade MacMorrighan
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    Tue, July 17, 2007 - 11:54 AM
    I don't think there are any gods or goddesses specifically dedicated to employment. The closest I can think of is Hermes as god of commerce, and possibly Hercules. Don't ask my why Hercules, but I recall reading they had a holy day dedicated to him as patron of merchants or some such. Beyond that, I'd say you'd be much better off aiming for a patron deity of the type of employment you hope to gain. For instance, if it has something to do with arts, Apollo might be helpful. If intellectual, Thoth. If words, Hermes or Odin. Food services, Vesta, Isis, or Idun. Etc. If all else fails, just appeal to your patron deities, whoever they might be.

    As for herbs for employment (or monetary gain), some of the best I think are peppermint, cinnamon, money plant (the seed pods look like silver dollars), lucky hand (orchid root). Some stones would be gold, silver, or hematite. I'd go so far as to say just any lucky coin you find in the course of your travels would do for a focal point. I keep a box of "luck money," that is, money that I find. I keep it separate from all my other money and add to it as I find more. It's mostly pennies, but it does add up. I also keep a box of silver coins that I come across with some South American "worry people" who take care of my money worries.
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    Sun, July 22, 2007 - 8:40 AM
    I'm pulling this out of "The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients" by Lexa Rosean, so take what you will.... Anyway she has a list in the back about employment herbs, for finding jobs, protecting businesses and drawing clients and businesses.These are:
    Beets: Creates more job opportunities,
    Bok Choy: Clears away bad karma and obstacles,
    Buckwheat: draws financial opportunities and money- suggestion is to make pancakes from this on the new moon visualizing the job you want as you eat them(Butter also encourages wealth),
    Cilantro: sprinkle dry around green candles during spells to attract prosperity and carry fresh sprigs of it in your pocket to job interviews for success,
    Collard Greens: eat on Tuesdays to find work during the week,
    Flax: Grind the seeds and add to your diet to bring in steady work or add the oil to your bath water to find a job
    Job's Tears: Carry 3 pearls of it in your pockets when hunting for employment or wear a strand around your neck or wrist for job success and promotion.
    Lettuce: red leaf will give you the energy to find a good job and push for it.
    Oak Moss: use the dry moss to money and luck formulas.
    Oatmeal: another to cook when looking for employment, though not the instant kind.
    Rosehips: add to spells to help find a job
    Soy: carry some seeds in your pocket for good luck.
    Swiss Chard: eat on Saturdays to gain employment or on Tuesdays to increase your earning or get an edge over the competition.
    Waffle: Eat with honey or maple syurp on a new moon to get employment that you want. Remember the butter! ^_^
    Yogurt: eat soy yogurt to solve employment matters.
    I would also add nutmeg and allspice for success and luck.

    In "Kitchen Witchery" by Marilyn F. Daniel, she lists some Gods and Spirit correspondences.
    Employment: Sun, Jupiter (the planet)
    Good luck and Fortune: Bonus Eventus, Daikoku, Fortuna, Ganesa, Jorojin, Laima, Tyche.
    Wealth and Prosperity: Daikoku, Jambhala, Kuber, Plutus, Thor

    Also a substitution for sandalwood is cedar

    Here is a recipe for an interview oil:
    5 drops Ylang Ylang
    4 drops Lavender
    2 drops rose
    Mix with a base oil and use to help make a favorable impression on possible employer. Good for any type of interviews.

    Another for job interviews:
    2 drops each sandalwood, frankincense and rosemary
    1 drop jasmine

    A recipe for success incense:
    3 parts wood aloe
    2 parts frankincense
    1 part cedar
    1 part nutmeg
    1 part cinnamon
    Burn for success in all undertakings.

    Bath Salt recipe for a heavy duty purification:
    Base bath salt recipe:
    3 parts Epsom salts
    2 parts Baking soda
    1 part Borax
    1/2 part sea salt and 1/2 part borax

    Variation #1:
    3 parts Frankincense
    3 parts sandalwood oil
    2 parts rosemary oil
    3 drops clove oil

    Variation #2
    48 drops copal oil
    48 drops cedar oil
    12 drops rosemary oil
    3 drops clove oil

    Use for heavy psychic cleansing. Rinse off your entire body in cool fresh water after your bath.

    I hope this helps you! Good luck and keep me updated on your search for employment.

    Blessed Be,

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