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(this info was borrowed from the Austin Fae's)

Ohio Radical Faeries, a gay network, are a part of a larger community of Radical Faeries extending across the USA and the World.

By "Radical" we mean going to the root and source- a deep and intensive approach to our spirituality, sexuality, politics, and any other dimension of our being. We strive to remove the veils and barriers restricting our ability to be truly alive, individually and collectively. We allow ourselves the freedom to be creative and spontaneous, to seek alternatives and grow in our individual, social and environmental consciousness. We are not into hierarchy or power over others, use a consensus process whenever possible and we seek a he artful way which is beyond the objectification of other beings.

By taking the name "Faerie" we are reclaiming a word that has been used against us. We are reclaiming our spirituality, our magick, our mystery and our power. We reclaim our heritage as masters of illusion and transformation. We the Gay people have often been the source of legends coming down to us through the ages. Sometimes more at home outside the predictable, ordered, and comfortable world of Mundania and the status quo. We have been the ones with the fiery eyes hiding in the wild places, the magickal ones, appearing and disappearing as it suits us, the sparkling and glowing and colorful ones. And, the things that go bump in the night.

We have also been the ones who maintain the social order, the in between ones, those who can entertain irreconcilable differences, capable of uniting opposing forces as one. We spring from the source that since ancient times challenged traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity, moving beyond gender into complete personhood. We have often been the bridge builders, the healers and the nurturers, the artists, the entertainers, the spiritual leaders, the activists, the innovators and the visionaries.

We are the Nature People, the lavender tribe of the Rainbow Family, in harmony with the principles of peace, justice, freedom, sustainable culture and the sacredness of the Earth. We maintain our sense of wonder about the world and its possibilities. We maintain our merriment and playfulness. We love ceremonies focusing group spirit and oneness and create fabulous productions with minimal means. We are a gentle and loving people that love to hold one another. And, we like to be pretty!

Another perspective...
The Faeries are both gay men, and men who prefer to use any other moniker that might describe them, as well as women who wish to be a part of the group, and people who choose not to be called men or women and beings who choose not to be called people. Faeries are organized as a group attempting to create community out of ritual and cooperation, except for faeries who are attempting to create community out of subversion of process and structure, as well as some faeries who wish to create chaos, often celebrating it, often not admitting it.

Many faeries are spiritual, lifting whole or part of their spirituality from any one of the world's religions or spiritualities. Some make up their own. Some make a mix. Some react against spirituality and religion as it's own evil, some find a spiritual path in reacting against spirituality.

Some Faeries just want to dress up in drag and perform in the woods, some want to dress up and not perform, some faeries want to dress up anywhere they can, some faeries don't dress particularly different than they would in any other environment.

Some faeries combine their spirituality with s*x, some don't, some are part of the faeries just to get laid. Some resent that. Some just want to drum by a campfire, and some want to camp far away from the drumming and get some sleep. This is what faeries are, except for faeries for which none of this applies.

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