Discription of the colors and symbols of the Oklevueha Native American Church

Oklevueha - is the name of the river that flows around the presently known Oklevueha Band of Seminoles of Orange Springs, Florida. The meaning of Oklevueha is river that will flow, around, under or through anything to reach its destination.

The location of this Seminole Tribal Grounds was once named Harjo Town. This Seminole community was originally discovered by Osceola. When Osceola was hired to assist the United States surveying team and while he was scouting out the tropical and dense foliage he discovered this remote location. And, of its difficult assess ability he made this a hidden sanctuary for his bands elders, woman and children.

During the Seminole Wars I and II Harjo Town supplied Osceola’s people a true Sanctuary up until it was discovered shortly before his death. Oklevueha Band of Seminoles are still residing on this ancient land and conducting their yearly Green Corn Ceremony as they have for centuries.

The green wavy type of line that flows through the circular symbol represents the Oklevueha River. The Color Green symbolizes healing.

The circular image encompassing three colors; blue, yellow and varying degrees of the color red symbolizes varies Peyote traditions.
• Blue – Represents Sky (Empowerment). The blue symbolizes a crescent moon or horse shoe that is placed in the further west center of all Half Moon and Cross, Native American Church Peyote Sacrament ceremonies.
• Yellow – Represents Earth. The yellow symbolizes the Road of Life. Thus the name Roadman is derived from his role in the Native American Church as the guide in walking the road of life.
• Red – In it’s varies degrees of color red, the color primarily represents the fire which symbolizes Jesus Christ. The radiate color of red symbolizes the power of prayer when addressed to Jesus Christ and the Sacred Prayer Pipe that is made from pipe Stone.
• The Circle itself represents the Huichole culture and their understand of life of no beginning and of no end and that all earthly activities are by the grace of the Great Spirit (God the Mother and God the Father) and that every action is a form of prayer. The Native American Church is inherently rooted in the Huichole culture.

Native American Church was first incorporated in Oklahoma, 1918.


The Native American Church is inherently rooted in the Huichole culture.

James Warren Mooney was blessed into American Native Spirituality to eventually be a Seminole Medicine Man by his maternal Grandparents James ‘Wise Eagle’ Henry and Ella ‘Screaming Panther’ Mooney in an earthen cave that was dug into the side of a small creek bed that ran into a pond of the Mooney’s farm in Washburn Missouri. He was also given the Medicine Name of ‘Flaming Eagle’ upon the completion of this ceremony, September of 1947.

James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney was blessed by Chief Little Dove Buford and her tribal council to be an Oklevueha Band of Seminoles, Sacred Pipe Carrier July 9, 1990.

James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney was blessed into the Huichole Traditions by Huichole Mara’akame Guadalupe De La Cruz of Tepic State of Nayarit, Mexico. Witness’s to this ceremonial event was Guadalupe De La Cruz two sisters, Jeffrey ‘Glowing Eagle’ Bronfman of New Mexico State and Shaun ‘Good Man’ McCausland of Utah State to name a few of the ceremonial attendees. This ceremony was conducted in the Huichole tradition upon the top of a small knoll, under the heavenly stars shining and sparkling brightly against the dark early morning sky of Smith’s Mesa, Washington County, Utah September 28, 1991. www.nierica.com/shamanism/...dalupe.html

Oklevueha EarthWalks Native American Church of Utah Inc. aka Oklevueha Native American Church was incorporated in the state of Utah April 11, 1997.

Oklevueha Native American Church and James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney was adopted into the Lakota Sioux Nation Spiritual traditions by Leslie Fool Bull, President and presiding President of the Rosebud Native American Church of South Dakota, March 20, 1998.

Oklevueha Native American Church and James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney was given a verifying blessing of the March 20, 1998 Leslie Fool Bull blessing by Richard ‘He Who Has the Foundation’ Swallow, Eagle Clan Chief and President of the Lakota Sioux Nation Native American Church of South Dakota, August 19, 2007
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