Older men do it better

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This is a tribe created for the younger women intrested in older men or older men intrested in younger women. Here we can come to chat and relate to one another on this subject. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Sex  topic
Is youth really in the mind?  topic
I want an older guy.  topic
Simon a.k.a. Mr. Man and Minx  photo flag
6013_1228001501203_1264041163_670794_...  photo flag
Only one picture?  topic
Why are older guys not seeing all these lucious...  topic
I feel soo old.......  topic
Ok whats with page 95 in decembers Latitude 38?  topic
Latitude 38  topic
EROCK_ISJ  review
EROCK_ISJ  review
Its about f-ing time!  topic
Don't know about better but...  topic
I called my girlfriend Vanilla last night  topic
My Men Will Do What You Tell Them!  topic
She ws tired of dating boys.......  topic
I've been with  topic
Faust & Madame Bovary  photo flag
IM BACK!!!  topic
Your new female is here  topic
Adios...for 2 weeks!  topic
Oops...  topic
Very Important  topic
Older men do ___(what)___ better? (besides sex)  topic

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