Oregon Pagan Awareness Network (Opan)

public - created 06/01/06
Statewide networking announcements, discussions, there is even a egroup too! Manifested in March of 2001.

Welcome to Oregon Pagan Awareness Network. This tribess sole purpose is to open lines of communication within the pagan friendly community in the state of Oregon.

Networking: Folk from all aspects of spiritual endeavor can network. Who knows, maybe circles will form, events evoke. (Magicians, Witches, Pagans, Spiritualists, Multi-0cculturalists, Self Proclaimed Others, Interfaith, Spiritual Dancers, Musical Ritualists)

It is a meeting ground for people new to areas of Oregon who are interested in becoming aquainted with the Alternative and Pagan/Occult friendly scene.

Announcments: A perfect venue to announce those events that may be of interest to folk on this tribe.

Educational: Ask questions, there is bound to be a person on this tribe to point you in a direction where you can discover your own truths on the subject.

Sharing: Share poetry, photography, answer questions and place announcements about events. Event Feedback works too!

The tribe moderation is centralized in Eugene, Oregon. Blessings. RSS Feed what is XML?

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