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Orgonite… What the hell is orgonite and why does Jeffe keep talking about this stuff and sending emails about it?

To answer that question I need to rewind back to November of 2004. I was sending and receiving email like I do every day and I was feeling kind of tired and off balance. I looked at the computer monitor and wondered just how much EMF radiation the thing was emitting and how much I was absorbing. So, I journeyed into the wonderful land of Google and started researching ways to reduce the EMF in my home. One web page led to another and another until finally, I came across some articles by a man named Don Croft. He is a student of William Reich’s work and claims to have made a fascinating discovery. Anyone who has studied Reich’s work knows he spoke much about Orgone. This is Reich’s own word for Chi or life force. Reich conducted many experiments & in the process built devices called orgone accumulators and cloud busters. Wilhelm Reich posited that an unseen energy permeates our experience. He called this energy orgone, and said that orgone energy could exist in two states: either as Dead Orgone (DOR), which is bad for living beings, or as Positive (or Putre) Orgone (POR), which is good for living beings.

Dr. Reich discovered that layers of organic (carbon-containing) material alternating with layers of inorganic (metal) material would create an effect that balanced the DOR and POR of the immediate environment. In the late 1990's other researchers (Don Croft leading the way) began creating a matrix with the same properties by mixing epoxy resin and metal shavings—the epoxy providing the organic layer. Quartz crystals were added to increase the intensity of the field generated and to create devices that, rather than merely balancing the DOR and POR, actually transformed DOR into POR.

According to my research, deadly orgone energy is found in microwave and ELF radiation from appliances, televisions, electrical wiring, cell phone and relay towers. It is also found at sites of "geopathic stress" and in places where great trauma has occurred. Pollution and smog are states of stagnant energy weighed down with DOR. When the energy is converted from deadly to positive, Nature is better able to heal and balance.

How does it work? Here is a theory posted here

Here is what it says in short…

“Organic substances attract Bio energy and soak it up like a sponge, while metallic substances tend to repel it. Basically, orgonite pulls in the Bio energy, and while the energy is inside the device, the metal particles and organic resin both push and pull on it in all directions at the same time. This puts friction on the energy. The friction is great enough at many small points within the matrix to cause the energy to shift upwards in spectrum to Ether, so that it temporarily ceases to exist as a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. When the energy comes back out of the device, it collapses back into an organized, defined state and comes into existence as bio energy / magnetism.”

So, after researching this more I decided to make my own devices and give it a try. I went to Target and bought a muffin pan, and Home Depot for the epoxy. I got the BB’s from Wal Mart (Uggh! I Know!) and the crystals from a local gem store. I prepared 6 muffin molds for the epoxy and poured away. The next day I released the devices from the muffin pan and placed them in various parts of the house, on top of our computer monitors, microwave and TV. Now, mind you Layla was not at all in a good mood that night (Grouchy as all hell!) and was getting somewhat irritated with me as I was placing them around the house. She must have thought I was losing my mind! She was very skeptical from the day I first mentioned it to her. Not more than 10 minutes after placing all of the devices, Layla emerged from the office room (mind you I placed a device on her monitor while she was checking email) and embraced me very lovingly and, well, and I will say we had a very lovely evening! Bath, wine, laughs and insights! Now, normally we are in bed by midnight. We were up till at least 3:30 am on a weeknight just buzzing and laughing and talking… Layla, looked at me and said, “hhmm, its interesting that my mood shifted like that after you placed the device on my monitor!”

Now, here is another interesting thing I have noticed. I have made several batches of orgonite since then and it seems every time I release the devices from the pan Layla and I are up later then normal & being more creative than normal as well.

Another thing that happened is that our broccoli plants in our garden did something interesting as well. After dumping the soil in the garden box (Pre Spring) I placed an orgonite device in the middle of the box. 60 days go by and in that time Layla plants 6 broccoli starts in the box. 3 weeks go by after planting and Layla is watering the garden and yells for me to come outside to look. Our eyes got really big as we could not believe our eyes. The plants closest to the device were bigger and more pest resistant!

Needless to say we were both excited, but we knew we needed to stay objective and keep our feet on the ground. This hopefully is just one of many confirmations we will experience with orgonite. I have many more accounts from others whom I have shared orgonite devices with, plus more of my own, but, I will refrain from sharing them for now so that I do not come across as a salesman. Please know I am passionate about this stuff and still learning myself, and encouraging others to at least take a peak at it and perhaps even make their own devices. I am just sharing information based on my own experiences. Again, I encourage each of you to do your own research.

Now, I’m going to take you the reader in another direction. Based on what you have read I hopefully have caught your interest and I hope you will keep reading. But, before I continue, I want to share some thoughts with you. One question that comes to mind for me over and over is, if this stuff can do all of these wonderful things, why is it not in the mainstream? Why is it not on the news? Why do I not read about it in science magazines? When I talk about it with friends, why is it so easy for them to scoff and dismiss it as something not worthy of their precious time? HHHmmm, these are all very real and valid questions coming from the logical mind and very worthy of a logical answer.

Here is what I believe. I believe all of us since birth have been conditioned to believe that if it ain’t on the TV or radio then it isn’t happening. I believe we are conditioned to believe that the complex problems of the world require complex solutions and should be left to so-called “experts”. I believe that it is difficult for people to entertain the idea that humble and simple things have power. (Like a mustard seed or epoxy resin and metal shavings) I believe that the ones who have a genuine desire to change the world and want to see peace & real change often feel powerless. I believe that most of us are completely unaware that we are being bombarded with all kinds of electronic frequencies daily.

I believe that most people have not a clue that jet planes in our skies are spraying us with who knows what?

Now, before you start labeling me as paranoid, I ask only that you become more aware of your surroundings and actually look at the sky every day, try to sense all of the electronic buzzing happening all around you and get curious about what is happening! (Take the RED PILL!!! lol!) I’m not going to espouse any conspiracy theories of my own here as I am not into spreading fear & take everything with a grain of salt, but, I do believe there is much more going on out there than we know and I for one am interested in actually getting my hands dirty and taking steps to counter what is happening & energetically improve my environment and my health.

Ok, so, where does orgonite come into play here? Ok, for those who are not aware there exists a global underground community of people who make orgonite and gift their surrounding environment with it. “Gifting” is the term used in this community to describe one’s intentions coupled with action. It is the act of boldly placing theses devices near places or objects that generate unhealthy amounts of EMF or as Dr. Reich called “ DOR”. Cell towers, nuclear power plants, sub stations, HAARP towers, television and radio transmitters on hilltops etc, etc. Energy sensitive's who work with orgonite often report that they can see a gray/orange haze surrounding most of these towers, and after placing an orgonite device near it, the area surrounding the tower will transform into a healthy blue hue, what Dr Reich described as “healthy orgone” (POR)

Now, I consider myself energy sensitive, but I cannot actually see this phenomenon happening. I have felt DOR emanating from a few of the towers I have gifted, and have yet to return to see if the area “feels” better. I will report that soon.

What I do find intriguing is that many people in the orgonite community have had almost the same exact experiences that I have had with very little variation. Things like people feeling calmer and safer in their homes, (homes with orgonite in them of course); animals more content & people feeling lighter and more energized. Plants seem to thrive around the devices as well, and for us energy sensitives, the devices seem to take on their own personalities and like to be given assignments. Once given an assignment they do not like to be moved. According to Don Croft they seem to attract elemental beings that take guardianship over the devices. Sound strange? It should, it’s strange to me too!

So, in short, I encourage each of you to do your own research on this stuff. In my view now, this stuff has tremendous potential if enough of us open up and warm up to it. Like I said above, it is easy to dismiss as nonsense, and if you have read this far, I doubt you have fully dismissed it. If you have read this far and feel inclined to be dismissive I would only ask you to ask yourself why, and see if it falls into any of the categories I mentioned above as to why I believe people find it easy to scoff at the idea that this stuff may really have potential. Keep in mind many of the great revolutionists of collective thought were scoffed at and even burned at the stake, & what did we learn later? That the world really is round……..

Much Love

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