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ORMUS~ What Is It?
The Myth, Magic & Murder of ORMUS
By H. Alfred Goolsbee

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(Important Notice*) Author’s Note

This pocketbook, entitled “ORMUS~What Is It? The Myth, Magic & Murder of ORMUS” by H. Alfred Goolsbee is made available from ORMUS™ Publications International, is the first book in a series of “ORMUS How-To Pocketbooks.”

Notice* “ORMUS~What Is It? The Myth, Magic & Murder of ORMUS” is not intended to be an exhaustive study of ORMUS. Rather, it is intended only as a brief introduction to the subject. Therefore, no attempt has been made to provide academic reference and bibliographies; however, the author asserts that wherever facts have been presented, references and bibliographies are available, upon request, to the serious enquirer. Additionally, most topics covered will be addressed in future publications by the Author wherein, the topics are discussed in greater detail and in those instances, references and bibliographies will be included in the respective works.

The Author can be contacted directly by email at:

International Telephone 81-(90)-4221-7511
Inside Japan Telephone 090-4221-7511
Table of Contents

Title Page 1
(Important Notice*) Author’s Note 2
Table of Contents 3
ORMUS- The World’s Best Kept Secret 4
ORMUS- Food of the Goddess (a scientific explanation) 5
1. ORMUS levitates. 6
2. ORMUS can disappear and reappear. 6
National Security Issues -the Impending Doom of the Energy Cartels 7
A Subject of Controversy and Mystery 8
Cure for Cancer and DNA repair by ORMUS 9
Human Consumption of ORMUS 9
Agricultural Applications of ORMUS 9

ORMUS- The World’s Best Kept Secret

ORMUS is possibly THE most interesting and coveted material found in both, the modern and ancient world.

It is also sometimes referred to as The Philosophers’ Stone, Shew~bread, Manna, Holy Communion, Bread (Biblical), White Powder Gold and a variety of other names. It is directly related to the Quest for the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.

During the past few thousand years, thousands of people have been tortured, murdered and assassinated in an effort to force them to reveal the secrets of ORMUS or to reveal the paths that lead to ORMUS; and sadly, hundreds of thousands of people have been slaughtered in attempts to control the secrets of ORMUS.

Even now, as you read this book, wars rage around the planet due to the confiscation and deliberate concealment of the knowledge of ORMUS materials and associated ORMUS technologies.

ORMUS has inspired the creation of countless Secret and Occult Societies and has given birth to Royal lineages, Empires and Dynasties. It was the subtle driving force behind the creation of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and was considered a sacred material by the ancient Egyptian Priestesses and Pharaohs, Phoenician Goddess Societies, Babylonian and Biblical Kings, as well as the Druids’ High Priestesses, to mention only a few. The Masonic Society of Free Masons was created in an effort to preserve the knowledge and applications of ORMUS.

Evidence of mankind’s knowledge of ORMUS predates human history and our written and archeological records of ORMUS take us back in time over 6,000 years. The “Holy Roman Empire” and the “Holy Roman Inquisitions” have successfully suppressed this information for over two thousand years. The majority of witch-hunts wherein people were actually tortured and burned alive at the stake were all, in one way or another, connected to the ORMUS phenomenon; and the assassinations of so-called heretical thinkers and scientists were clearly related in one way or another to the ORMUS phenomena. Fortunately, due to the unwavering perseverance of a few groups of dedicated individuals throughout history, the Truth about ORMUS has finally been revealed. Additionally, thanks to modern scientific equipment and a better understanding of “how things work,” we are now sufficiently equipped to accept the paranormal realities that ORMUS presents and indeed the message and activities of ORMUS are truly mystical, to say the least. ORMUS forces us to reconsider and redefine what we think of as normal.

Many modern researchers today, both in Universities and otherwise, believe that ORMUS is the precursor to life itself.

The Sumerian Tablets describe an alien race of super-beings who came to Earth to harvest ORMUS and subsequently created the hu-man race as well as having genetically engineered most of the domestic grains and fruits we all take for granted and consume on a daily basis. There is considerable evidence, which suggests that a “Mother Eve” did actually exist, but not at all in the manner that the Catholic Church and other fundamental Christians would have us believe. Similarly, Mary Magdalene was not, as we were all lead to believe a whore and prostitute; Mary Magdalene was, in fact, a revered Lady descended from a Royal family whose mitochondrial DNA might be traced back to a “Mother Eve” who manipulated the ancient populations of earth with ORMUS materials and thereby affected immensely the RNA-DNA paradigms of all sentient life on this planet. (More on Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail follows.)

But, “What Is It?” exactly and why has it dominated the development of mankind throughout all known history- and why was it one of the world’s best kept secrets of all time?

ORMUS- Food of the Goddess (a scientific explanation)

Hitler was obsessed with his search for ORMUS alchemical technology, as were the ancient Chinese, Mayans, Israelites and all the Royal Courts of Europe.

King Solomon manufactured it, as did Moses before him and the Egyptians and Sumerians before them. But from whom did Moses and Solomon learn the Sacred Art; where and why did those secrets remain hidden from modern man? These questions give rise to many interesting topics of investigation. Hence we have the Quest for the Holy Grail and The Search for the Lost Ark (Ark of the Covenant) and stories concerning a Philosophers’ Stone (turning lead into gold).

There is a scientific explanation for all of this.

During the past twenty-five years a great deal of research and studies have commenced in universities around the world and entire laboratories have been dedicated to the study of ORMUS materials. As a result of these studies some researchers have coined the name superatoms to describe the ORMUS particles and consequently new positions on the Periodic Table of Elements have been assigned to accommodate the re-discovery [emphasis added] of ORMUS.

The material has created such a stir that the United States Government has entered into the affair, due to so-called national security interests, and the “US Patent and Trademark Office” recently denied approval for various patents pending concerning the manufacture of ORMUS. The reason for this is astounding when viewed from a scientific standpoint. ORMUS, it appears, is a superconductor that operates (unlike other superconductors) at room temperature. ORMUS has the potential to completely revolutionize the energy industries and may prove to be the actual warp-drive (Star Gate) factor featured in so many episodes of Star Trek and Star Wars movies and other science fiction stories.

Irrespective of it’s potential as a drive for spacecraft; there are various other significant reasons why an ancient super-race would have wanted to harvest ORMUS on Earth.

One of the principal uses of ORMUS is the actual eating of the “manna” (in the Biblical texts: food provided miraculously to feed the Israelites in the wilderness); literally eating the “bread” or “white powder” that is now known as ORMUS. It has been reported that many unusual and positive results have been obtained through the ingestion of ORMUS.

It is reported that the protégée’s of the ancient Sumerian mystery schools (and later of Egypt, Babylon, Phoenicia and Druidic, etc.) prepared for years in order to be permitted to consume the “shew-bread” or “Holy Communion,” especially as in “the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.”

Consider these two factors:
1. ORMUS levitates.

It has been reported by researchers that, at certain temperatures, ORMUS will quite literally levitate. It has also been reported by researchers that, when in contact with certain materials, ORMUS brings those materials along with it when it levitates. This is a noteworthy point to bear in mind. (Generally speaking, levitation has been achieved through various types of resonance-induced conditions and electromagnetic repulsion and levitation is a common occurrence these days. However, ORMUS as a room temperature superconductor, combines other unique and valuable states and functions that other simple electromagnetic or resonance levitation procedure can not offer.)

2. ORMUS can disappear and reappear.

It has also been reported by researchers that ORMUS disappears completely, into another dimension, at certain temperatures and mysteriously returns from the other realm when temperature is raised or lowered! It has also been reported by researchers that, when in contact with certain materials, ORMUS brings those materials along with it when it disappears and reappears.

Note* ORMUS materials, unlike all other known elements, cannot be “seen” by spectroscopic equipment. In fact the only way to prove that it is what we say it is, is to convert it into it’s other forms, i.e. Precious Metals. (And again according to researchers and David Hudson’s Patents, this has been accomplished.
National Security Issues -the Impending Doom of the Energy Cartels

It has been scientifically demonstrated that ORMUS can be valence bonded to other ORMUS atoms. The resulting materials are Platinum, Gold, Rhodium, Iridium, etc. This has become a major concern to governments and banking institutions worldwide for obvious reasons. Since ORMUS can be produced from common purified ocean water and the subsequent conversion to gold and platinum has become a scientifically proven reality, enormous fortunes can and would be gained and lost.

According to reports, David Hudson spent over USD$8,000,000 to discover the process of converting ORMUS into precious metals. He also attempted to patent the processes of turning gold into ORMUS and ORMUS into gold, as well as other precious and semi-precious metals (but as previously mentioned above, there is a dispute over the patents due to National Security interests; hmmm?).

It is further reported that at temperatures of C 1,160 (Celsius), the ORMUS “melts” and when properly cooled, becomes a Golden-Rose colored glass; This Golden-Rose Glass is, in-and-of-itself, a very high-powered superconductive material. Superconductive material is so important that whenever a patent application, which includes the word superconductor, is filled in the United States, it is immediately forwarded to the U.S. Department of Defense.

During Hudson's earlier research, he tried to cause mono-atoms (a form of ORMUS) to assume a “low spin state.” (This was before he understood the importance of the “high-spin state” in ORMUS materials). He used a water-cooled copper crucible with a tungsten electrode with argon gas and when he struck the arc on the ORMUS it totally decimated the tungsten electrode!

The resultant radiant heat (BTUs) generated was estimated to have surpassed any previously known chemical energy explosion thought possible. Understandably the researchers were extremely concerned and hence, since 1982, Hudson reportedly never attempted the procedure again. It is suspected that a nuclear level energy release had occurred. Go figure!

In 1991 Scientific American reported that Berkeley Brookhaven observed that super-deformed, high-spin atoms, when subjected to external magnetic fields sufficient to affect the nuclear quadripole moment, would cause the nucleus to emit gamma radiation without fissioning! The physicists doing the testing at Berkeley Brookhaven were mesmerized by their findings and had in fact confirmed Hudson's experiments regarding ORMUS.

A Subject of Controversy and Mystery

All the Indiana Jones movies are concerned with ORMUS although it is never actually named as such. ORMUS is directly correlated to the Ark of the Covenant, the Philosophers’ Stone and even the Holy Sacrament shared at the Last Supper between Jesus Christ and His disciples.

Many of the Dan Brown novels are concerned with ORMUS although it is never actually named as such.

The Catholic Inquisitions had much to do with (the suppression of) ORMUS and the associated knowledge surrounding it and even the BIBLE itself (especially including the missing portions) is a historical allegory of the story of ORMUS itself throughout the ages.

The Buddha can also be linked directly to the migration of ORMUS culture; and in particular, ORMUS also helps to explain much about the thousands of red-haired, blue and green eyed (sometimes 7 foot tall) Tocharian Mummies found in Chinese desserts near Taxila (an ancient seat of learning) located to the north of the land of the long-lived Hunza Society and west of the Tibet and Himalayan Mountains. Hence, the sacred Tibetan cultures can also be directly linked to ORMUS.

In Muslim history “The Prince of Bees” and his colleague were very much concerned with ORMUS (whether their descendents and followers knew it or not is uncertain) but there definitely appears to be an Arabic connection in the preservation of the knowledge.

Cure for Cancer and DNA repair by ORMUS

It has been proven in laboratory tests that ORMUS appears to be a cure for various forms of cancer and many other diseases related to RNA-DNA malfunction (see: It has also been reported by researchers that ORMUS can repair corrupted DNA data and may be able to reverse or suspend the aging process in certain instances.

Human Consumption of ORMUS

During the past 10 to 15 years (although ORMUS is not officially sanctioned by the Food & Drug Administration, either one way or the other) thousands of people around the world have begun consuming ORMUS and are reporting many beneficial effects. Unfortunately most of the claims are not substantiated by scientific process; however, the first medical data taken from a live human subject is being collected and studied in Japan at the time of the writing of the booklet. The writer is performing an OCEAN ORMUS FAST in Okinawa Prefecture. The associated metabolic processes and DNA data is being collected and recorded by a qualified medical doctor who specializes in anti-aging sciences.
(As described at

Agricultural Applications of ORMUS

It has also been reported by researchers that ORMUS can increase agricultural production enormously. Photos showing ORMUS crops include corn plants that are twice the height of an average American farmer, walnuts and oranges that are huge in comparison to those grown without ORMUS.


To be continued~ <};o)
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