The Academy, Vancouver Washington

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The first url is a picture of the inside of the chapel part of the academy, the second is what it looks like when approaching the front from outside. There used to be a website for the Vancouver Ghosthunter Alliance, who have since changed their name to Southwest Washington Paranormal Research, but every time I try to get the link up, it disappears. So I can't get the really good pictures they took of the inside during one of their investigations. But I can at least tell you my story.

Before I knew the place was haunted, or its history, I actually attended a school of sorts(more like a daycare run by a bunch of liberal hippies, lol) in the building in the summer of 1973. It was built in the 1850s and run by nuns at first as a hospital then a school for girls, which included a music program. Now it's a church, a restaurant where my old dayroom used to be(that was disorienting when I came back to visit after over 30 years, I'll tell you), and several offices on the upstairs floors. The old bell tower is still there, and people have seen the ghost of a nun up there. A lot of it is still as I remember it at least from the 70s, especially the run down brick parts in the back. You can still see the weird graphitti back there behind the restaurant that says "Arise!". The huge original caving in laundry room(the size of a horse corral) and brick smoke stack is still there too. Even when I was a kid and didn't know about ghosts, I felt so strange there. Not bad, just eerie. Part of it was the age and different architecture of the building, but part of it was the atmosphere and presences that went with it. I never had an experience there but I always felt I was being watched. One time me and this other girl found these old pink and blue ballroom dresses with hoops skirts made for girls our age in one of the many closets lining the halls. We put them on and danced circles around the huge wooden room that is now McKenzie's restaurant. That was the biggest thrill for me, especially since I was already in ballet class and knew some moves, lol. If the ghosts were watching, I'm sure they got a kick out of us. This place also has a big basement(more like a dungeon) under the restaurant. I know what it looks like because we all did tie dye(I told you we had a bunch of hippies watching us;) in big vats down there. Now they keep the supplies for the restaurant there as well as odds and ends from the last century and a half. Even without the ghosts, this place is amazing enough with the history alone. The ghosts haunting it are supposed to be former students, nuns, and a caretaker who died of a heart attack on the stairs leading to the basement. Now the ghosts seem to interact mostly with the restaurant staff, especially if they have to go down the basement to get supplies. In 2003 I went there to look around and eat in the restaurant. I talked to the manager who is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He told me about a funny incident about one of his employees having to go downstairs. When he started turning around to go back up, he heard a voice whisper, "Use more pepper." Ha! That's the first time I've ever heard of a ghost giving cooking instructions! The only bad presence I've felt in there is in one of the bathrooms I sensed an angry little girl. I couldn't stay in there long because I felt unwelcome. I literally felt like she was glaring at me from one of the walls, or behind it. Perhaps the disgruntled ghost of the girl who's dress I borrowed years ago, who knows? Next time I'm in town in a couple years, I'll talk to the manager again because he told me I was welcome to look around the basement if I felt brave enough, lol. I didn't last time, so you know I'll have to take him up on his offer.
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