Church of Nomenus confidential report

moderated - created 09/30/06
The Church of Nomenus is a tax exempt 501 C-3 California based church originally created by Gay men to be a Gay men's spiritual circle. Land was purchased at Wolf Creek in Southern Oregon to host Radical Faerie gatherings. After years of debate over what a Gay male spirituality centered Church means, a few powerfully ambitious profiteers took advantage of an open process which had been based on concepts of consensus process and subject/subject consciousness. These profiteers closed the Church doors on long time members, and today publish enemies lists in official minutes mailed out to institutions and the larger faerie community, publishing heresay as fact against individuals who have been involved with the Radical Faerie community.
Those heretics named by Nomenus officers are allowed no voice today in the Church of Nomenus, which continues to raise money in the Faerie community as a tax-exempt non-profit organization.
Those today who control who can be a member of the Church of Nomenus, directly profit from the use of " church" lands.
This tribe is a heart and healing Circle for those caught on the wrong side of the tracks at the Nomenus Wolf Creek Radical Faerie sanctuary at Wolf Creek, Oregon. Be nice, be clever.
To join this tribe, simply post me a request. Membership here is open to all interested.
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