Men who love the smell of womens panties

moderated - created 11/27/05
Do you enjoy smelling womens panties, how about using them to jack off to??

Could the be your wifes, girlfriends, or a stranger who meets you in a discreet area?

Tell your stories, tell you adventures, tell you fantasies (maybe the will come true)

Women and men invited to join....who knows if this is not your fetish beofre it may become RSS Feed what is XML?

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SF Bay Area
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My panties  topic
Long distance love kept alive by my panties ;-)  topic
Lizzie's Pussy  photo flag
This resonate with anyone?  topic
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The beutiful smell of panties  topic
Where do you get your panties from ladies?  topic
Panties  topic
Sticky panties  topic
Welcome  topic
A noon time adventure in a local movie theater  topic
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Sues videos  review

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