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My name is Shannon Herbert of San Francisco, CA. For the last 11 months I have had my home broken into, have been constantly stalked, harassed, and kidnapped by SFPD, SFFD and tortured and falsely imprisoned at San Francisco General Hospital. My phone has been tapped and call have been rerouted/intercepted (by at least one city agency), mail tampered with, friends and family threatened, etc.

I also have strong reason to believe there is a foreign object implanted in my body, of some sort, that causes my a great deal of pain. Fear of this constant assault, that primarily stems from my cranium, causing permanent and irreversible damage consumes me. (I think some tools been implanted similar to what is known as a clicker used in zoo animals for behavior shaping and submission.) I don't know exactly what instrument may have been used on me but the link below lends one possibility.

<Welcome to the new millennia! Where hi-tech fascist rule. Let’s take a look at this new aged, new world order. It’s members are a few deranged selfish Whites, a few Asians who protect their investments, a gang of sadistic narcissistic greedy Jews, and a couple of sellout Blacks. All with a kung-fu grip on our dollar and information. Excuse my polarizing description, just want to keep true to form. Isn’t that what fascism is all about, to polarize and marginalize? The odd thing is I never gave much thought to these sorts of things until I got roped in. Now look at me! I’m in with the “in-crowd”!…

Begging for someone to show me the door.

An implant in one‘s head may sound cool to the less scrupulous populous who didn’t really think about it. And I want to believe many of us support things we don’t clearly understand. But I ask you to imagine…
Imagine you were an inventor and you had the next big idea to change the world or a least make you a couple of million or own a company that require patents, there goes your idea. It was farmed and sold to the highest bidder; too bad they beat you to the punch. Or suppose your in the adult entertainment industry now people around the world can enjoy your services without giving you a dime, or if you’re a man, now everybody can know what it’s like to sleep with your wife. A bunch of sick peep-in-Toms can study your every thought, how you talk to your closest friends, or bathe you daughter. Or if you’re a artist or writer (like myself), there goes your next book or movie deal, or article. A news or media organization already twittered in and got the scoop! Or if you want to design, or open a specialty shop, or boutique. Sorry, someone else opened that exact shop across the street from where you were going to close the deal just two weeks earlier.
Suppose you don’t like being on the in-crowd any more, and wanted to speak out, would your health be in danger? My new crowd takes no issue with letting me know I’m on borrowed time, a twitch here, a poke there. Still sound like a good idea?

There’s a reason why we have a constitution. To deny one eventually all will be denied, eventually. I don’t believe in hurting others, I am not a traitor to my country, and I’m not a child molester, why was this done to me. I’m dying to hear anyone attempt to justify this rape. You still someone’s thoughts and try to implant new ones, or crush the essence of who one is that is a rape of the highest order, my Dear Sirs.>

I believe works written by me in my home and on my pcs have been made public and plagiarized, and that the primary reason for the overt harassment is to intimate and extort me. It is also my belief that many across this country are aware of my exploitation and the hate crimes that have be committed against me, Shannon Herbert of San Francisco, yet nothing has been done nor even acknowledged. For the last 9 months I have been moving from one friend's house to another, after realizing my own house was no longer safe to live in. After having break-ins, thefts, persons walking on my roof when at home, visible gas through my vent, vandalized with dog feces, and rodents released in my home made it impossible to stay. Almost every single hour of every day I feel an electric current in my skull, ranging from vibrations to jolts that jerk me out of sleep. At times this torture is more than I can bear. I constantly wear a pot on my head when alone and when I'm with friends (who can't possibly understand) but it doesn't help. I've been complaining about this for almost a year now and am pist to read when newspapers are so responsive to the hellish conditions and treatment of others in foreign lands (and rightfully so) but give no mention to American Citizen on our on damn soil.

I know for a fact that I had cameras in my home. I know for a fact that the San Francisco Psychiatric establishments were involved. I know for a fact that many in San Francisco participated in my terrorizing and harassment. I know for a fact that media has played a role as well. I don't know who the person is in the following link, but his analysis of other incidents is telling.

I am not delusional nor am I a liar. I have been to the FBI (twice), Police Dept., IA, Office of Citizens Complaints where I made a tape recorded statement. I’ve been to other city agencies including the ACLU where I was told they don‘t help individuals who aren‘t apart of an organization (which is a lie), and met with a woman from SF Women Against Rape, where she made references to human trafficking (As if! Good Luck to any body who wants to traffic me anywhere; well, the Sheriff’s Dept. didn’t need much luck so I stand corrected. As an adult entertainer I had always listed myself as “independent“, I guess listening and understanding aren‘t sex and human rights offender‘s strong suit; pity.) I told the woman from SFWAR that I didn’t want to be apart of anyone’s anything. I didn’t want to be apart of anything that had to do with pimps, thugs, gangs, exploiters, devil worshipers and nor did I want to sign up for the clan; in short, I didn’t not want to “pal around with terrorist”. I’ve even contact the FCC, FTC, NAACP and others all to no avail.

I am willing to take a lie detector test any time anywhere (from a relevant and reputable giver) and am willing to sit and speak with any journalist.

I have left my name, number and email with a number of human rights websites and have not received one response. I'm guessing my communications are still being blocked.

My main purpose for writing is for closure and justice. I hope to obtain an attorney who is familiar with such cases and can refer me to a specialist where I can receive care for I fear the medical institutions in San Francisco.

Reward - When justice prevails, I will be very grateful and more than happy to help any persons who were instrumental in helping me.

My phone been disconnected since my last plea for help. Doesn’t matter, because I wasn’t receiving any messages anyway. My father’s address in 1450 Divisadero St. #108, S.F., CA 94115. The stalkers never had a problem finding me so hopefully the good guys won’t either.

Thank you,
Shannon Herbert

P.S. Since I think plagiarism was involved I attached some random writings below (complete with spelling errors and all). Due to rigorous harassment I never had a chance to finish. Keep in mind there were written March 08.

Great Nations aren't built on the pursuit of power.

Nor can a band of power seeking bandits hope to sustain one.

Great Nations are built on the shoulders of those who act for the greatest for "The People" of their Nations.

Shannon Herbert

To answer a question posed to me asking if funerals remind me of my own mortality, the answer is no, they don't. Instead of funerals reminding me of my own mortality they tend to remind me of what a fucked up world we really live in.
All too often, I forget.
Acts of kindness (intended or not), nature's beauty, and justice have a tendency to make me think, maybe earth isn't hell after all and maybe we create a hell privately in our own minds; and the term "last days" was created to put fear in the minds of followers and couldn't possibly signify an end of humanity.
And then, I attend a funeral of someone who was murdered in vain and I am consumed doubt.
At these times I feel as though fate has taken it's powerful hand and snatched me up by the back of the neck, only to force me back down to the earth. On hands and bent knees my chin pinned to collar bone.
~I'm starting to learn even our thoughts are choices.
To choose despair is to accept defeat. Immobility caused by fear allows hopelessness to devour the spirit. Ultimately, conquering our very being. I think the saddest thing is many of us who live in despair don't know it. And their residency was a choice.
I admit there are times I forgot my wallowing in despair was done so by choice. I'm familiar with how to invite despair in and ask it to stay for a spell. I've even given up my seat to the visitor who came to keep me company. I'm sure we all know how comforting negative thoughts can be? Juicy little negative thoughts...
They comfort us because are tender and juicy and are our own. If we are the fortunate ones to be one blessed with, just a shred, more of intellect than your peers, oh, there's no limit to how much comfort these little, tender morsels can provide. No limit to how much joy can be had as we watch it grow, and grow, and grow. Like Jack and his magical beanstalk, negative thoughts don't cost much for they are cheap, but with the creativity a shred of intellect can afford the possibilities for their growth are boundless. The fruits born on It's ripened vines are nothing short of ~ infectious.
Our youth isn't expected to recognize this visitor, are they? Who could have warned any of us, It, who was our trusted friend in our loneliest hour, who came bearing juicy ripened fruits, who provided comfort and educated us with It's own brand of powerful knowledge...Was nothing more than a just a negative thought?
Would we have believed our mind was unhealthy and suffering from infection?
Thankfully, the older I get the less disparity wants to linger. I think reason being is I chose to Live ~ True a long time ago; long before I knew what despair was.
Long before I chose to become mortal.
Before I knew my name.
Long before I learned of Despair, recognize It when he was present and call by name.
Before I was able to see It was there not to give or feed but had come get and feast.
Before I knew It's only power was that, that was given by me and others who choose to buy into his myth.
"The Deceiver" who wants me only when I am ignorant and unconfident.
Confidence is an even exchange for bliss, isn't it? Bliss is a luxury, how valued one must be to be given such a gift?
Living a blissful existence is far better than running the risk of being "killed" by exhaustion true confidence requires one to earn.
Hell, I can't honestly say if I could choose bliss that I wouldn't.

But, I can't. Knowing my name won't allow me to, not for very long away.
Hopefully time will grant me the wisdom to learn how to make the best use of my anger. Yes, anger...
See; when we're forced to the ground on all fours by Fate, were being called upon to make a choice. Our world is demanding change. A demand that will not be ignored.
When you are on your hands and knees trying to lift your heads, Fate's karmic hand forces our chin back down into our chest until all you can see is one-third of the forked road that lay before you. In this moment, Fate is daring you, shouting "Look, if you can? Can you see?"
"If you can. If you are no longer blinded by bliss...If you are no longer paralyzed by fear...Then you must choose."
After all this, you're exhausted. You doubt if you'll be able to stand, let alone carry this weight the universe has now placed upon you. The weight of choice.
~ You fight to lift your head. As you fight to rise to your feet. As you fight to stand. You Stand. You stand there with eyes wide open. Then you begin to walk. Every step becoming lighter and lighter. You no longer doubt. You realize a decision has been made and you now are on your path.
The road is our future. Your choice: Despair or Anger.
Despair- can't offer bliss because you are no longer ignorant. However, despair can allow you to be comfortable; as long as you remain on ~ hands and knees.

You won't be alone for there are many like you who are fearful, miserable and would love for you to join in their company.
Despair exonerates men from responsibility. After all it's the world that's fucked up; hey, their just trying to get buy.
Anger- well, not so many people can walk this path. It takes the strength buried deep within you never knew existed. And the pay, well, it may not be so hot. The job often if unrecognized and therefore thankless.
"Genocide, is that a new weed killer?"
Not many want to be burdened with unpopular ideals that don't involve juicy tid-bids and no money, to boot. So from time to time you may be Alone.
Anger constantly needs to be fueled. If you don't have enough wood set aside to keep the embers burning brightly your fire may burn out.
Those who have chosen despair are forever on the look out and keeping a watchful eye on you. Waiting, for your fires to burn low enough for them to freeze you out. That's their time to shine! Not-Men love to get brownie points by calling recognition to our fallen brave.
And if your not smart, not righteous you just may fall on the double-edged sword Anger arms you with.
Anger is a powerful emotion. Thought often misplaced, it does have merit. Don't let fear disarm you of it.
Without emotion the Arts wouldn't exist. Without anger change would have never been.
If your cause is in defense of freedom, have faith. Your sword can stir the passion of every man who believes in humanity.
Equality is worth getting angry for. Freedom to live and let live, to love, to teach, to earn is the Birth Right of All. Freedom is always threatened because small men will always exist.
The right not to walk in despair worth fighting for. Freedom is worth Dying for.
To cower in despair is not an option for those of us who choose to LIVE Strong. No matter what lifestyle you choose for yourself, live it boldly.
LIVE it courageously. LIVE without Fear.

Hello and thank you for reading the above.
My name is Stacy Harris. I am an adult entertainer in San Francisco who has recently been the target of a vigorous campaign of sexual harassment.
This harassment involves threats against my friends and family, home invasions to place video/web cams for movie making and pod casting, computer hacking, wire taping, car tracking and a list of other criminal assaults against me; that directly violate the basic inalienable rights that "all" American Citizens possess.
American ~ My mother passed away in my youth from breast cancer; of which, the Bay Area has had the highest rate of for many years.? My father fought for this country and is a retiree of the local phone company. I was born in San Francisco and raised here as well as in Daly City.
I grew up with tv shows that included The Muppets, Joquoc Cousto, Wild Wild World of Animals and Star Trek.
~These shows broadened my mind and helped me find keys that unlocked my own imagination.
I grew up with great athletes like Mary Lou Reton, Dorothy Hamil, Reggie Jackson, Greg Louganis, Sugar Ray, Jackie Joyner, Michael, Magic, and Larry. While eating cereal that bore their images their box, they encouraged my generation to strive.
~There's no limit to how far we go. We held the power t me know I could be whoever I wanted to be.
Even if all I want to be is a noted companion.
I grew up with idols like Michael and Janet Jackson, Elton, Bono, Madonna and many other great entertainers. These people showed my generation the power of the one who gave from sheer talent. How beautiful it was to see them perform; boldly sharing with us what was within them, naturally.
~They taught me the power of being able to freely express. The right to just "be".

I grew up in a time when we were afraid of the Russian. That fear gelled us in some was. We respected each other and listened to what our neighbor had to say. Not the voice of some shameless spin doctor.
We feared being engulfed be "Big Brother" and the limitless possibilities of his serpent, The Computer. Now I see that fear wasn't without merit.
I am a liberal because I believe in Liberty. I believe in Rights. As an adult, citizen, I believe even I, who others may think to be a poor, black, dumb, whore; also have the right to also just "be".
{ By the way, I'm a good, honest, appreciative person who cares about the well being of others.
I don't give a damn about what some idiot, violator who doesn't respect the rights and privacy of others may think of me. I don't lie, cheat nor steal. I know who I am. I know my name. }
Our city is becoming over ran by groups of cowardice, no-talent thieves who's only ability is to reek havoc by spreading hate and hacking into the systems of others so they can steal and plagiarize what they're incapable of creating. They take your own personal property that you paid for (your pc) and use it against you.
This criminal activity is true terrorism. Those who demonstrate this behavior are the true terrorist.
These technological terrorist are operating openly and freely, right here, on US soil.
They are rampant right here in the Bay Area. This is behavior that should have never been tolerated and should be stamped out immediately.
Or there will be no limit to the forms of technological intrusions that we ourselves are allowing to be Armed and Aimed at Us.
Am I an American? Your goddamn right I am! I was born in one of the beautiful, liberal cities in the nation. That's why I can not accept a life of despair. That why I stand.

I discretely offer companionship to those who seek my company; I do not solicit, out of respect for those who do not.
I do not openly use or buy drugs. Nor do I advocate drugs being sold in the open; be it a narcotic on a street corner or a psychological pharmaceutical displayed on ads, drug use is a private matter that should not be paraded publicly.
I don't feel I need to explain myself, however, I do feel I need to say as a reminder that this country is based a inalienable rights. The Right to Privacy being one of them. Yes this is a nation of laws, but laws were created to protect the preservation of those rights, not vice versa. What we do behind closed doors and in the privacy of our own homes, alone or among other consenting adults, is no one else's business.
With gossipers being allowed to pass for journalist and our news reduced to content that
rivals the tabloids, there's no wonder why interest in the personal habits of others is at an all time high. Hell, your personal business is a business itself that is bought and sold everyday without you knowledge or consent.
My situation is just an extreme of one's personal business being offered wholesale and without my knowledge or consent. My problem that, "couldn't possibly happen to you" today will inevitably be yours tomorrow if you don't stand.
Even as I write to you now I can hear the movement of someone on my roof. This could be dismissed as paranoia but those of you who may have seen footage or heard pod cast of me in my home know this to be true.
One could argue my harassment is accepted because I a adult entertainer, and women in my industry are vulnerable to all sorts of trouble. And this may be true. Having said that, I ask, exactly when did the vulnerable lose their right to be protected?
The further we head into the 21st century the more obvious it is to me that the clock seems to be turning backwards. The 1900's were filled with many hard fought battles for the progress of a civilized society. Are men who find me attractive no longer required to act with civility toward me because I am a companion?
Are women who choose to enter the adult entertainment industry less deserving of being protected against rape, violence, or home invasion?
I read a powerful blog about pedophilia and it's acceptance in an unhealthy society. It was an intriguing argument of how popularity influenced morality and provided links to other articles of alarming crimes and their massive organizations.
I didn't include a link because the author clearly had issues against homosexuals, otherwise, I would have.
I figured I have enough enemies of my own without contributing to the spread of homosexual rhetoric. The last thing I need is for the pink mafia to think I ain't down with their struggle and go on the warpath. lol For the record, I'm all for the Rights of Gay and believe in their struggle to gain equality.
After all, Equality ~ Our Rights ~ Laws that were put in place to preserve our ideal Government is the entire premises of almost all my views.
( Human rights around the world, bad service and shitty people are the premises for the others. lol)
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the raw deal African American have suffered through in this country. For our suffering was profound can not be compared to any other's. I would not be fit to write another page if I wrote of my love for America and gave no mention of the segregation and bigotry that nearly destroyed my people is still very much alive today and running rampant in the Bay Area.
Take Barry Bonds, for example, one of the greatest baseball player to ever play the game. He restored our interest for the game and brought us excitement every time he stepped on the field. We were lucky to have such a great player to play for our local team. He should have been honored in San Francisco for giving us memories of historic events of records being broken that your sons and daughters will remember for the rest of their lives. But instead, racism wouldn't allow any of his accomplishments to be acknowledged. All there is, is distain whenever his name is mentioned.
Those of sound mind and at least some knowledge of baseball and steroids wouldn't dare offer steroids use as a reason, no one who wanted to be taken seriously anyway. We all know there are players who use steroids religiously who couldn't hit a ball out the park to save their lives. Barry could. He hit balls out the parks so often people rode kayaks to the games, expecting a ball to fly their way. His talent was present before the alleged drug use and was present after. He continued to set records without it. To deny that would be a shame not only against him but our Nation. Don't.
Majority's rule is Barry Bonds is an arrogant. And it was his own cockiness that caused him to be hated.
The first few times I heard this I would ask the questions to the one who said it, in my mind, "Who are you to say he's too arrogant? What did he say to make you think he had a bad attitude?" and "So what if he has an arrogant attitude, when did star athletes get a bad rap for being cocky?"
I would think of how all the cocky men I had come across. A few doctors and maybe a couple of scientist and one or two others who had noted professions. The rest of the arrogant bunch, were, for reasons that remain a mystery. Another mystery was why is Barry is always judge personally, as if the one who sat in judgment had spent time with the man in his home and away from the spotlight; instead of, being judged for his professional accomplishments?
No offense to anyone but Mark Maguire doesn't strike me as a smiling push over. Actually, I bet he's a bad ass who wouldn't have a second thought about putting someone in their place if he felt the situation called for it. He may be a cute bad ass, but a bad ass none the less. What do you think Jose Conseco, or Larry Bird or Charles Barkley would have said if you told them you didn't like them because their attitudes sucked? It's my guess they would have gave mention to something else that could suck and that they preferred to get it from your mother.
Pardon the last bit of brashness. I threw it in to drive home my point; and to put a smile on the face of those who think debunking man and robbing him of his glory because he didn't feel the need to sell himself to the crowd by showing how grateful he was every time the cameras were on them. Barry Bond wasn't treated very well here in the Bay Area. And we also found it necessary to have him investigated and then indicted.
With all the pillaging and mismanagement of this nation's resources. With our young men and women slaughtering and being slaughtered while a gallon of gas and oil company profits are at an all time high, indicting of Barry Bonds is a joke.
Well, it would be if so many of us weren't all too willing to accept injustice as our nations hallmark. It would be laughable if there was still such a thing as a democratic party.
One may question, if I believe the Bay Area is so racist and Blacks have been treated so wrong here, why do I love America? Why don't I leave the Bay?
My answer is...
Despite all the evil in the world, damn it I want to LIVE!
Our system isn't the problem. The Integrity that is lacking in today's system, is the problem.

The absence of "checks and balance" in our system is the problem.
Americans buying into the myth that business and government are one in the same, is the problem; when in fact, the very purpose of our government is to protect it's citizens against the enslavement Big Business ultimately brings.
Our system is ideal. There were many great battles to make it so, they should not be forgotten.
Despite all this corruption, and violence, and bigotry, that now threatens to destroy out nation; great men like George Washington, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy reminds us that as long as there's air in our lungs and the fight in our hearts, there will always be a tomorrow. Tomorrow brings a new day. A
New Day is worth fighting for.
I was born here, San Francisco is my home. My home is worth fighting for! And I ain't go’in nowhere!
If you don't like it, chances are you probably aren't from here. I invite you ~ to stick around; stay for a spell. Benefit from our culture.
Hopefully, with time you'll realize San Francisco's greatness stems from our diversity.
My advice to you is soak it up now so you can give it back later. Our nation is in desperate of great people. Our world needs to be made a better place for you and for me.
If you are just another one of the many who are affiliated with the growing number of hate groups that have infiltrated and now flood our city, then pray your visit is a short one.
San Francisco greatness didn't fall off a boat. Like our great nation, many great battles had to be fought here in pursuit of it. Whether the battles were that of many who shouted out loud in protest or a quiet act known only to the believer, we fought.
San Franciscans use to be fighters.
We knew our own names and we knew how to take a stand. We had our own minds and we marched to the beat of our own drums. We were proud to be who we were and we showed it.
There is something happening in our city, a shift occurring. I won't pretend to know what. I only say, if one iota of what I think has been happening, actually is...Then I pray we still know how to fight. Native or Not if you found this place fit to call home then I trust you share our ideology.
Now back to my problem ~
I believe I have the right to be an adult entertainer, and to be so, independently and without interference or harassment. As an Adult American Citizen it is my core belief that I, and I alone, govern my own heart, mind, and body.
Because I am an adult entertainer with limited resources, I believe others feel I will continue to be a victim. If this is the case, then they're wrong.
I intend to stand.
I have complained to local law enforcement agencies such as the Daly City Police Dept., San Francisco Police Dept., and the FBI to no avail. I'm guessing they can only do so much with my limited information.
If you have any information about this matter please contact me. If you are a civil rights activist or attorney and would like to help, please contact me.
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