Pegging 101

public - created 08/09/07
Curious about Pegging? Welcome to Pegging 101...a place to talk about Sensual Pegging
Please Respect the Rules:
1. No Personal Ads. Period.
2. As much as possible, please limit your stories and discussions to sensual pegging without BDSM, humiliation, degradation or feminization. I realize the lines can blur, but this tribe is primarily for lovers of relatively non-kinky sensual pegging - NOT the porn kind!
3. Please do not copy pics from commercial sites with the website mark on them - they will be deleted. Would prefer pictures of you and yours. Video links are fine. Please no gaping assholes and overly explicit photos. No photos of "slaves" and "masters", FemDom bitches, etc. Tone it down, people!
4. No humiliation, degradation, CBT, needle play, etc. Other groups who welcome that: Tribes - New to BDSM (uncensored), FetLife (where you can find anything that turns your crank) and Reddit/BDSM.

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