Equipment Advice for Newbies!! Please Contribute

topic posted Tue, July 31, 2012 - 1:22 AM by  Ruby
Starting this thread for Steve - a new member, but it's for everyone who wanders in looking for advice about buying equipment. I'd love for all you members to tell us what you started with and whether you liked it or not, and what you would recommend with hindsight.

Here's my favorite for beginners: Spareparts Joque harness with a Vixen Creations Mistress dildo (with or without vibe).

I recommend the flare based dildo instead of a double-ended dildo because a woman who is new to pegging is still learning about positions, how to move, have enough strength, endurance and grace to actually fuck her partner. I see double-ended dildos as varsity pegging equipment. The Joque will accomodate both so you can move up to that after a while.

I recommend a 6" x 1.25" dildo because anything less that 6" can fall out too easily limiting thrusting and positions. I wouldn't go bigger than a 1.25" unless you've had a lot of anal play and penetration already and like something thicker.
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  • Our first harness - about twenty years ago - was purchased from a local porn shop. It was competely worthless. It had the wimpiest elastic straps you could imagine and the dong was too large for a beginner. Not only was it a waste of money, it was discouraging. As far as we knew, it was all that was available.

    Many years later, armed with information from the (now existent) internet, we made much better choices.
    We ended up buying the Stormy Leather Terra Firma Harness which tuned out to be excellent.

    The one we bought adjusts with buckles, but is now available with dee rings, which would probably be better in my opinion. The reasons we like it so much are that the staps connect directly to the o-ring with the leather pad completely behind the dildo base (a matter of preference), quality leather construction, and two straps in the back. This harness is rock-solid.

    To go with it, we purchased the Leo dildo from Vixen Creations.

    It's got a flared base and is made of silicone, which is superior to other materials.

    Lately, we've been using Gun Oil (brand) silicone lube. It's more slippery and longer lasting than anything we've used so far, but is not compatible with silicone toys. Bummer! I'm currently looking for a water-based lube that I like as much. Trial and error.
  • Our first and only set up so far is a Feeldoe more. We found it difficult for her to control so I bought a double ring harness made for a flared dildo and cut a hole in it to make the Feeldoe fit. It keeps it snug against her so she gets good stimulation from the vibe.

    I don't recommened the "more" model for a beginner as the business end of it's rather large at 8x1.75

    The thing we like the most about the Feeldoe is both partners get stimulation and with a harness, it works great.

    Happy pegging, Best friends.
  • Sadly the website I ordered our harness from is down for maintenance at the moment and should be back soon. I ordered a strap on harness with two attachments from Neither of us knew what was good at the time but it fit the budget so we figured we could at least try it and have more of an idea of if we really were comfortable with using a strap on. It has the belt around the waste and then a single strap that goes under between the legs and loops through two steel rings in back. The lower strap is hell to get through those rings without help. My fiance says he doesn't mind because it gives him a reason to touch me and be that close and it builds anticipation. We've only used the smaller of the attachments so far. It's about 1.25" to 1.5" in diameter and I'd guess 5-5 1/2" long. The other is larger (2.25" diameter and close to 7" long) and his ass is so tight that the smaller gives trouble if he isn't really relaxed and ready so we're not moving on to it yet.
  • The equipment I started out with -
    Aslan vinyl harness
    Vixen Creations Mistress Dildo

    In fact that's exactly what I am wearing in the photo...

    I like both of the pieces of equipment but now that I have the Joque I rarely use the Aslan harness. The Spare Parts Joque is just so much more comfortable and easy to clean, too.
    • Bob
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      we started out with a cheap leather harness with elastic bands around the legs and waist.
      since then we bought another better one with d-ring adustable straps (not sure which it is)
      but, my wife doesn't like it for some reason. She really likes the cheaper one??

      We have tried many dildos. We have quite the collection.
      all different sizes by length, thickness, hardness..etc.
      we have however, settled on the "fabcock".
      For us it is the perfect shape and size and appearance.

      It is not silicone. (although it should be)
      I like the softness of it when I orgasm.
      It isn't quite as rigid and allows more me.
      It is firm enough for penetration but molds to you as you warm things up.
      my wife (and I) like the realistic appearance.
      she loves to watch it go in and out missionary.

      And, btw, Strap-On Emporium is a very good place to shop.
      We've had excellent results with ordering and delivery of items.


  • When you buy lube, buy a few different kinds. Don't be cheap on it. Buy different kinds just in case you or your partner has a reaction to one kind, or you just don't like it. I'd even say buy water, silicone, ect so you can be sure to have something for all occasions LOL. Just in case.

    Even if you only buy once kind, one type, buy at least TWO. The first time you over do it, after that you start to love it and want it all the time. It sucks to squeeze the bottle and have nothing come out when an ass is in the air.
    • I bought trial sizes until I found the one I really love. Less waste of money.
      • So my wife just had our first pegging sessions this weekend. The first one was pretty akward, it got a little messy and we where both pretty unsure about what we where doing. She was a good sport about the whole thing though. We tried again but my ass was closed up tighter than fort knox. The moment had passed so we just had some good old vannila sex. We had a good laugh about everything and decidied to give it a go again in a couple of days.

        Today I made sure I was absolutely clean and ready to go so to avoid any more "incidents" This one was much better. She called me into the bedroom where I found her wearing nothing but a skinny black thong and a 7 inch cock. In the 18 years we've been together it was the hottest I've ever seen her look. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. She started me off with a smaller dildo to get me loosened up. After about ten minutes of that she bent me over and went to work with the big one. She worked it like a pro. Starting nice and slow to ease it in until I was begging for her to go hard. She pounded me good and hard until I deposited about gallon of come all over the bedspread. It was without a doubt the most intense orgasim I've ever had in my life, but for her not so much.

        She told me the role reversal was fun and seeing me convulse with pleasure was a mental turn on. But she would like some sort of physical sensation while she is doing me.

        The good news for me is she seems to like it and is more than willing to make this a regular practice. I've always been very concerned about how sex is for her. I really want her to get some physical pleasure when she fucks me. I know a lot people here recomend the feeldoe. I don't think that's an option for us, she doesnt like inserting foreign objects iinto her vagina. I guess our best option would be a harness that has a built in vibrator. Could anybody make any recommendations?
  • I've found with the strapless dildos I really prefer the shape of the Feeldoe to the others because its more tapered and slips easily into me. My partner prefers the larger bulb and the shape of the Fun Factory toys. They give her more stimulation and they're easier for her to control. So if you've tried the Feeldoe and your partner doesn't like it try the Share. It takes me a little longer to get ready for the Share but that part is just as fun! :)

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