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I want to know what it feels like for you to be pegged. My husband doesn't do a very good job of explaining it to me. I enjoy doing it but I want to understand what it feels like. So, how does it feel? I posted this question on another tribe but got no answers. Hopefully you guys will help me out. Thanks!

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    Sun, April 20, 2008 - 12:53 PM
    Well to say the least it feels fantastic. Personally I like the feeling of it slipping past m rectum and prostate. There is an additional sensation of being filled with something. If it didn't dry up so quickly I would be very happy to just leave it up there and squeeze it every now and then. I personally seem to be very sensitive back there and I can feel every millimeter of my wife's toy when she's pegging me, the head, every vein, etc. It's like a very good massage in just the right spot but with the added bonus of having real sexual stimulation.

    I suppose I can sum it up with, it is a very internal sensation. Like nothing most guys will ever feel. The pleasure is *different* but very good. I hope this helps, I'm still trying to figure it out my self to be honest (still very green in this area but loving it). Hopefully more, more experienced guys will chime in.
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    Sat, April 26, 2008 - 3:56 AM
    Well, let me try to describe how it feels. My wife pegs me. We usually start in the hot tub, glass of wine etc. and I get very relaxed. Usually the strap on (or large hand dildo) is already on the night stand by the bed. There is a pillow placed in the center of the bed and I "assume the doggie position". I hear her preparing the strap-on, opening the lube container, etc. At this point the anxiousness and excitement are driving me crazy. I then feel coldness of the lube as she applies it to my rectal opening. At this point, I reach back with both hands and spread my hole as wide as I can. Then I feel the head as it makes first contact with me. She likes to hold the head there for a few seconds, then slowly but VERY firmly inserts until it is all the way in. I experience a feeling of fullness as it enters. She waits a few seconds to allow my canal to adjust to the girth. And then it happens !!! She fucks slow and deep at first, making sure to make full contact with her "cock" head against my prostate. As my orgasm starts to build, she is fucking at a faster pace but still firm and deep. I usually am moaning pretty good at this point. As my release nears, I am usually pushing to "fuck back" onto her and then I explode into orgasm , as the orgasm ripples through by prostate and rectum. I usually do not ejacualte but have on several occasisons. After the first wave subsides (she leaves the cock inside me through the orgasm), she starts a slow deliberate fucking again. I usually have 2-3 orgasms this way. Afterwards, I lick her pussy dry and we fuck. As I was writing this, I remembered a session about six months ago. It went as described above, but after I came in her pussy, she had me lay on my back, lift my legs --- she lubed me good then proceeded to peg me again with a rather large hand dildo (I think it is the Intruder from Adam and Eve). I had mind-shattering orgasms from that. All in all, pegging is a wonderful experience and I like to get it as much as I can. I hope this helps
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    Sat, July 12, 2008 - 5:53 AM
    Absolutely the best. A good deep penetration to massage my prostrate goes through me like having 4 pairs of hands giving me a massage. If I masturbate while getting pegged, the orgasms are unbeatable. Some people may call this a guy being feminized if so then
    I love being feminine. I find it that relaxing.
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    Sun, July 13, 2008 - 4:04 AM
    Very briefly,

    It is a very good way to train a man into understanding the importance of foreplay. I need to be kissed and fondled before I can even take a finger, then two, etc.

    It is nice to have her in control. She actually runs the show, instead of my blind thrusting ;->

    At some point, the tingly fullness changes to a voracious desire to swallow up her device with my body. She says I'm like an animal at that point, and doesn't imagine there isn't any toy I can't take. I think that about describes it.

    Fairly hazy description, but it is a question of trust and complete relaxation.

    Very nice.
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      Sat, November 15, 2008 - 5:39 AM
      Your comment about foreplay is 100% spot on.

      If I try to have wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am pegging sex, it is 50/50 whether it will be erotic and enjoyable or just filling and uncomfortable.

      Regardless, that feeling of being filled is there, the foreplay just makes me more able to give up the control and have my body trust her thrusts.

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    Re: peggin question for men

    Sun, August 31, 2008 - 1:16 PM
    Physically it feels as though you are on the brink of orgasm the entire time you are receiving. But that is not what it is all about. It is the mental aspect of seeing your girl taking what she wants. Too often women are not seen as being the aggressor in the bedroom. Having them in this role is hot.
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    Sun, September 14, 2008 - 5:17 AM

    Have you every had a gentle partner and had anal sex with them. When men are pegged they are feeling pretty much the same. I feel have been pegged and actually fucked by a cock. I will tell you the there is no better feeling in my cock to be filled with something as big as me in my ass. Honestly I feel like I am the extension in my ass I am feeling everything, from the sensation of being stretched open to the pleasure of knowing my ass is being treated to a special feeling. it does hurt even me a little each time you get entered but once you settle the pain part you are feeling your overstretched nerves being stimulated and pressed against. once that member hits the prostate in me I feel drunk, relaxed, tired, excited, and damn turned on to the point my cock is huge and throbbing red. If the right movement and dpeth is maintained while drilling away at my back door I will be excited and pleased. While being in this much extascy I will have cummed myself with absolutely no touching.

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    Thu, November 13, 2008 - 10:28 AM
    Hmmm, how to word an experience, I'll try.
    Neither my wife nor I are into the Dom thing, so we have a very mutual sex life. She enjoys the occasional chance to "love me" instead of me making love to her. While lovingly engaging in passionate embrace.... touching and kissing, she will do something like nibble my ear and kiss my neck softly, and whisper that she wants to be in control this time. As we are fully into the moment and her gentle nibble sends tingles down my spine I passionately return her kisses and tell her that it sounds good. She goes through the "toy box" and selects something she likes and puts it on. She gets a bit of lube on her fingers and begins to gently caress my nipples with her lips as she begins to "feel" me up, softly probing my opening. I am very sensitive at this point and it is hard to concentrate on relaxing as I can feel her tongue flicking my nipple slowly and a finger begins to enter me. I can feel the texture of her finger as it slides in, little bits at a time. I find myself closing my eyes and "seeing" her fingers as I can feel every detail of her movements. As I begin to relax more and the lube finds it's way, she will try another finger to see if I am ready for her. She then smiles and hovers over me with her hair shadowing my face and kisses me deeply while very slowly pulling her fingers out of me. I kiss her back very strongly as the sensations are driving me wild, and my dick is harder than ever and slightly dripping. She draws back and lifts my legs (if that's the position this time). She takes her lubed up toy (strapped on) and slowly pushes into me. I find myself immersed in the feeling and roll my head back into the pillow with a slight moan, I feel my body stretch to take the toy. A bit sensitive at first, but the feeling of fullness and the pressure against the prostate is very addicting. She inches it in slowly, watching me with a smile (devious grin perhaps), then when it's most of the way in, she will lean over and we will kiss for a bit while my body accepts it. It can be hard to hold off an orgasm at this point, the pressure against the prostate inside, and her body pressure on my hard cock as she strains to lean over and kiss me while keeping the toy immersed within me. She will ask me if I am ready for more, and I am so into it at this point that I would go insane if she just pulled out and quit.The anxiety and anticipation of the moment is overwhelming and I set aside my inhibitions about what it is that I am really doing here, and eagerly ask her to continue. Sometimes she will take a lubed hand and stroke me, but other times she will thrust at various paces and angles until she gets the reactions from me she wants. I try to tell her what feels good so that she can find the right spot. I can feel the toy moving, pushing, pulling, the pressure on the good spots. It kind of gets numbish, so I don't feel as much after a bit, but with the right spot I feel a tense pressure inside, building...she has found the right angle for the prostate. That feeling can (not always) build up to the point where I orgasm ssoooooo hard, and she never even touches my dick. Other times, the spot is elusive and I can't even help her find it by "riding" her toy with her on the bottom and me kneeling over her so we can still kiss and she can thrust her hips and make love to me. For those times, she will stroke me until I orgasm while fucking me, or she will pull out, put my dick inside her and ride me to an orgasm anyway.
    I hope this helps and apologize if it's too wordy. Just hard to really describe without the whole picture.
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      Thu, November 13, 2008 - 6:18 PM
      <<I hope this helps and apologize if it's too wordy. Just hard to really describe without the whole picture. >>

      It did help, it wasn't too wordy, and thanks for the picture.
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    Sun, November 30, 2008 - 10:54 AM
    I can only speak for myself but, when my wife pushes against the opening of my asshole with her cock, I am overwhelmed by the flooding of ALL my senses. Each one is sent to the stratosphere of euphoric overload. And just when I think I can't possibly feel anything more, she eases into my ass until her entire length is sheathed inside me, and I reach a new level of pleasure. Now comes the pumping of my ass. Think of it like Niagra Falls, all that water cascading over the edge time and time again. Now imagine that waterfall, that constant beat of her cock, cascading inside, rather than outside. There is nowhere for it to release to. It keeps building and building until it cannot be harnessed any longer, it must be free. My first orgasm literally hit the ceiling. It was that intense. I hope maybe I have described a feeling that cannot be described for you Macy.
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      Sun, December 28, 2008 - 10:07 PM
      Its not only about the penetration. A woman wearing a strapon looks really hot. just watching my wife put the feeldoe in and wiggle it around and and play with it in front of me is a major turn on.
      I know that it turns her on and that turns me on, and just the look on her face as she slips it in is almost enough to make me cum. The feeling being penetrated is pretty good, but the experience shared with a super turned on woman I love is what really makes it.
      Just knowing that she is enjoying it so much that she is so wet that it runs down her thighs makes me want to cum and hold off to enjoy it longer at the same time.
      Its easy to tell when she is going to cum as starts really going, and watching her orgasm while fucking my ass makes me cum every time with or without her jerking me off. My orgasms are always earth shattering with a really relaxing feeling after. I like her to leave it in for a while and move slowly and listen to the squelchy noises her pussy makes on her end of the feeldoe.

      In other words, just getting bent over and rammed or using a dildo on myself when I masturbate would be less than satisfactory. But a shared experience with a gentle loving way turned on partner who looks super sexy with a blue cock sticking out of in her shaved pussy eagerly fucking my gets me turned on to the point the feeling of her cock sliding in and out of my ass feels better than the best blowjob ever.
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    Re: peggin question for men

    Tue, December 30, 2008 - 2:38 PM
    I hope I can explain. This is my first post in, so bear with me.

    I get very turned on by just the sight of my wife wearing her strap on. We play role reversal games at times and the strap on just takes us to new heights. I'm generally very firm and erect before she fully penetrates me. Most guys may not want to admit this, but I generally loose my erection after being penetrated. This used to worry my wife as she thought I wasn't enjoying it. I don't know if it makes sense, but, I was very much enjoying it, but, still lost the erection. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but, being slow, tender and taking her time makes all the difference. After I've gotten used to her being inside of me, I'm ready for her to do her thing. The action of her strap on sliding in and out of my body is an incredible feeling. It generates a heat that drives me nuts. I'll generally re-gain my erection after we get into it a bit. Of course being a man I don't know how a woman feels whenever a man is fucking her. I'd venture to guess it may be close to the same feeling. Some of the things that turn me on about it is:

    Seeing her through the mirror grab me by the hips.
    Seeing her bowed over the top of me.
    Hearing her breathe hard behind me as she's pegging me.
    Hearing her whipser things like "she's fucking me good" or "take that black cock slut" into my ears.
    Feeling her rubber cock penetrate deeper into me until her pelvis grinds into me.

    Whenever I finally orgasm, it is the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I think it's from massaging the prostrate. It's completely draining both physically and mentally.'s GOOD.

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