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I've READ about these types of orgasm, and it seems that they are possible. Of course, I enjoy anal play and with my G/F have expanded into the world of pegging. She thoroughly enjoys giving as much as receiving. She is very multiorgasmic but, has never told me about having one of these. In one of our recent pegging sessions, I am not sure if it was my level of relaxation or our actual physical positioning but I can almost swear that I had a string of assgasms way before even touching myself and eventually ejaculating. Soo, has anyone experienced this or have more details??? I would like to become more experienced in this way of reaching orgasm, as it seems that if what I felt was real, then I might be multi-ass-gasmic too!!
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  • The last time I pegged my husband (we finally got a good harness for our Feeldoe) I was able to get the rhythm a little better. So I was going at him and he orgasm'd. I started looking for his cum, but there wasn't any. Apparently he had had an anal orgasm! We were then able to continue other forms of sex and he later ejaculated.
    He said the anal orgasm was intense as a normal one, but it didn't explode - it just stayed in a ball. (if that makes sense guys) I was very happy to have been able to pleasure him this way and we both look forward to doing this again. I really hope to get the rhythm down a little better, maybe try a better position. Also, my legs were giving out (I have a new found respect for you guys!)

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      How long did you peg him ?
      • I dont think she pegged me for more than 10 minutes, that includes some position changes. Of course at that point in time there has been a alot of four play.

        We found a harness with a soft pocket that would hold a mini vibe. We just unsnapped and removed the pocket peice and reattached the ring that fits the feeldoe. worked great. Its a four point harness.
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      Thanks for posting your experience. By the way what harness did you get for your Feeldoe?? We're thinking of getting a Feeldoe and we have thought of getting a harness also.
      • sorry for the late reply.

        We got one like this,
        we just unsnapped and removed the pouch and reattached the ring, and then we slid the feeldoe through. worked great. We actually went to a store in town so we could make sure it would work.
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    It can be trained. There is a fairly good guide coming with Aneros products you can actually get it from their website without buying any of those. Basically I started to get them after I have trained the breathing technique. They come now and then during solo as well as pegging sessions. It's not luck it's training! Enjoy :)

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