Our First Time...and *I* Came Too Soon! >.<

topic posted Mon, August 2, 2010 - 5:49 PM by  Sierra
Share/Save/Bookmark I've posted an introduction to myself on the pegstand...which may explain a little more about this....and I have a little story to tell. My boyfriend and I just had our first pegging experience. was just as I expected...except for one small fo-pah on my part...I came too early.
Here's the whole story. We've prepared long and hard for this...both of us did a little research, I taught him how to properly and comfortably take insertions (finger, small toy, plug), he even tried out the Share solo one night in the shower so he'd get past the "size" anxiety. So the night finally came...we sat down for a couple of drinks, then proceeded with fun foreplay while I inserted his plug. We played around for a bit, then I put on (or in?) the Share with a pair of tight panties for stability. We started with the rear entry position on the bed...nice and slow at first. But only about 5 minutes into a nice rhythum, I came. I was....mortified! And then I cried (I'm one of those who cried when mad or frusterated). My boyfriend assured me repetedly that he loves me, that he was happy to see I enjoyed it so much, and that we're not normal (we always joke about being offkilter and loving every minute of it). I suppose I was embarassed that I came so soon. I mean, the Share does give vaginal stimulation, but hardly gets my clit. I guessing it was greatly due to the physolocigal excitement...which then I felt (as best as I can describe it) as sort of guilty that I came off of this quicker than I ever had from sex (besides deliberate not-really-fulfilling masturbation). So, we continued, trying different positions: face to face, bend over the bed, and finally him riding on top. After his attempt at some ill-timed dirty talk (wished he would have waited another time since we never do that) we never finished. I was upset that I had finished early, and he never did. After a break, and normal (yet highly fulfilling) sex, we talked and he said he could have came within the first few minutes, but held off on it because he wanted me to experience more than that.
I guess I dunno how I feel now. I'm trying to evaluate. I really enjoyed fulfilling my long-time fantasy with someone who I truly love. I enjoyed the whole role reversal, emotionally and physically. I love the closeness we have now. And it was comical how he complained about his hips being sore and the front of my legs being shaky as well... we plan on doing this again...I just wonder why I feel a little akward now. I certainly have more respect for what little pimply teenage boys go through...the performance anxiety, the premature release...etc.
I guess I want to ask: Has anyone ever came so soon like me? Has anyone had mixed emotions after the fact (especially being the one who wanted it to bein with)? Any other comments, suggestions, and questions welcome as well.
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    Fri, August 6, 2010 - 10:32 AM
    You are very fortunate to be able to orgasm with the Share so easily - first, be grateful for that. No embarrassment necessary - instead how hot it is that you came so quickly! That's awesome! Most women don't orgasm during pegging, even with the Share, which gets mixed reviews. With practice I'm sure you'll work out the timing. Sounds like this time the pure excitement of fulfilling your fantasy pushed you over the edge unexpectedly. The cool thing is that you have just added one more fun thing to your repertoire of bedroom activities!

    You mention that your boyfriend said he could have come within the first few minutes but held off...but you don't say whether he was stimulating himself or not. Few men can come from pegging alone so if he is one of them you are truly an unusual couple. Keep in mind that some men stay hard during pegging, some don''s not an indicator of whether they are enjoying themselves, it's just the way that particular man's equipment works.

    I have gained a real appreciation of the effort it takes for a man to do a woman...only after I started pegging. The hip action is learned, not natural. It also takes time to build up those muscles. Practice, practice, practice. I heard one woman relate that her boyfriend told her afterward, "You F*** like a girl!" Hula hooping or belly dancing helps develop that motion.

    Sounds like you had a good first experience, just keep on practicing.

    I love the vulnerability of a man who is being pegged. I love watching him receive it...nothing like it.

    Ruby Ryder
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      Fri, August 6, 2010 - 5:36 PM
      Hey Ruby, thanks for the input! As for him not finishing, I had reached around at first but trying to sync a clumsy hip motion with smooth hand stroking seemed nearly impossible! If only it was as easy as a flick of a clit...but hey, as you said, practice....and practice makes perfect! I plan on surprising him this weekend when he gets home from work with a bottle of wine, a pair of heels, and a raging (pink) hard-on.. looking forward to it! :-)
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    Fri, February 4, 2011 - 8:42 PM
    Grateful to hear you were at least open minded to learned male performance anxiety.But dildos dont go limp.Just pick up where you left off.And continue.Simultaneous mutual orgasms don't happen every time with penile/vaginal either.

    Just keep exploring and practicing :)

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